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Example sentences for "disputes"

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disputations; disputatious; dispute; disputed; disputers; disputeth; disputing; disputings; dispyse; disqualification
  1. Should disputes arise among your people involving individual honour, you must be judge of this, as much as of charges touching their life and property.

  2. This impediment was suggested by Cardinal Farnese in anticipation of his election, which took place as Paul III.

  3. The rampart-wall should be three paces wide at base, supporting an earthern rampart of fifteen or twenty paces wide, with barbicans.

  4. The House of Lords, in particular, though still retaining all its nominal dignity and keeping up all its stately forms, was a mere shred of its former self.

  5. This is not positively asserted, but it seems to be implied.

  6. What hope there might yet be in a great Scottish success!

  7. John Goodwin of Coleman Street: he names you expressly, and professes to censure the letter of Zeeland.

  8. The Reverend Bishop of Salisbury has a work on the Fundamentals of Faith, which is now at press, designed for the composing of these disputes of the Christian world; doubtless to the great good of the Church.

  9. Gradually the great mass of the commoners were driven into a condition of exhaustion and pauperism, as a result of the continuous wars of conquest and the disputes of their rulers, for which they had to bear the heaviest burdens.

  10. You see, no wise man disputes with his "gum architect," who has too many methods of avenging himself if defeated in a controversy.

  11. If, then, acting is to embrace these as well as the admirable performance of Mr Irving in Hamlet, disputes concerning the status of the actor as an artist must often arise.

  12. It has, however, been productive of great inconveniences; it has prevented our acting with vigor in our disputes with the Dutch and French.

  13. They would lead him into disputes and set him up in opposition to other people.

  14. The little Church, without temples, revenues or dignities, was even more distracted by internal disputes than the great Church, which retained possession of cathedrals, tithes and peerages.

  15. He had done, he said, with strife, and should henceforth vent his feelings not in disputes but in hymns.

  16. Many of those points which had occasioned the most violent disputes between our Sovereigns and their Parliaments had been finally decided by the Bill of Rights.

  17. Whereupon there had been such bitter disputes and he had seized every pretext to render her life so miserable that she had found it best no longer to count upon him.

  18. Then, too, there would be no end of disputes and carking anxieties if she attempted to save her furniture from their clutches.

  19. The parties began to quarrel on the very day of the marriage, and continued their disputes almost to the close of the unhappy connection.

  20. The river divided them, forming a barrier against disputes and fights; for the Tartars could not remain in peace at the side of the Cossacks.

  21. The militia drank from morning till night; walking along the streets, they raised quarrels and disputes with officers of foreign levy.

  22. The nobility and magnates, involved in endless disputes among themselves, employed the Cossacks.

  23. I am acquainted with the Tartars, for while in the Lubni domains life passed in endless disputes with them.

  24. Theological disputes are rarely wanting in rancor, no matter how minute may be the points at issue.

  25. Robert Stephen's edition of the Latin Bible, with the notes of Fran├žois Vatable, had involved that printer in endless disputes with the Sorbonne, which accused him of having hereticated the comments of the thoroughly orthodox editor.

  26. In his will he made the Roman people the heir to his kingdom, probably with the feeling that otherwise disputes over the succession would end in Roman interference and conquest.

  27. The duty of this officer was to preside over the trial of disputes arising between Roman citizens and foreigners.

  28. Come," he said, "it is time we departed; on occasions like these who can tell what quarrels or disputes may break out?

  29. Brother Assaragoa, You told us Yesterday, that all Disputes with you being now at an end, you desired to confirm all former Treaties between Virginia and us, and to make our Chain of Union as bright as the Sun.

  30. She knew little of Ravenswood, or the disputes which had existed betwixt her father and his, and perhaps could in her gentleness of mind hardly have comprehended the angry and bitter passions which they had engendered.

  31. If you are as weary of your lives as I am, I will find time and place to pledge mine against one or both; at present, I have no leisure for the disputes of triflers.

  32. France, had united France again with Spain, and detached it from England, and had quieted or lulled numerous disputes within the Church itself.

  33. Lethington and Knox had one of their usual disputes over this manifesto; the Secretary drew up another.

  34. The situation is that analysed by Thomas Luber, a Professor of Medicine at Heidelberg, well or ill known in Scottish ecclesiastical disputes by his Graecised name, Erastus.

  35. In dealing with these pestilent disputes and perilous opinions Timothy, both for his own sake and for that of his hearers, is to remember, and to remind them, in Whose presence he is speaking.

  36. He left the sovereign priesthood to his brother Simon, who, wisely abstaining from all interference in the disputes which embroiled Egypt and Syria, directed his whole attention to the improvement of the Jewish kingdom.

  37. But these unseemly disputes were soon drowned amid the shouts of a more formidable warfare waged against Palestine by the Mamlouk sovereign of Egypt, the sanguinary and bigoted Bibars.

  38. An ancient rivalry between the members of the Greek and those of the Roman communion continues to imbitter their disputes in regard to their respective privileges and procedure.

  39. Browne stood aloof from the disputes of his time, and in his very subjects there is a calm and meditative remoteness from the daily interests of men.

  40. It reflected city life, the disputes of faction, and the personal quarrels of authors.

  41. I wonder what interest there can be in such heated disputes about vulgarized issues!

  42. There were no other disputes about him until he had attained his third year, for then his excellent health, which had caused so much happiness, was nothing in comparison with the good instincts which commenced to develop.

  43. During the disputes between the Governor and the Archbishop, the Moors were ravaging our towns, and for the space of eight months committed horrible atrocities.

  44. Immediately on this Salicala retired to Jolo, where his attention became sufficiently occupied, in disputes respecting the succession to the throne.

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