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disproportionably; disproportionate; disproportionately; disproportioned; disprove; disproves; disproving; disputable; disputant; disputants
  1. General Jackson alone remained for the rest of his life unsilenced, obstinately reiterating a charge disproved by his own witnesses.

  2. Rous was a dishonest and unscrupulous writer, and this particular statement is disproved by documentary evidence.

  3. He also had the run of all official documents, and he is said to have made away with numerous original papers, which may be presumed to have disproved his assertions.

  4. Their assertions are disproved by Polydore Virgil, by the writer of the letter at Bruges, and by the accounts which show the date of Henry's death to have been May 23 or 24.

  5. That the crew was not organized and exercised at the guns, as far as his time and opportunity permitted, is disproved by incidental mention in the courts martial that followed, as well as by the execution done.

  6. This accusation has been disproved by later writers in so far as the early life of Perugino is concerned.

  7. To impute to him a power of restraining a man of Lord Sedley's rank was a futile charge, disproved by its impossibility.

  8. Mr. Benjamin's conclusion, therefore, was not only illogical, but was completely disproved by plain historical facts.

  9. He was answered by Mr. Boutwell of Massachusetts, who most effectively disproved the charge.

  10. The cry of ruin to the country he compared with similar fears for England on the part of her economists, and showed how, in every case, they had been disproved by the rising power and growing wealth of that kingdom.

  11. Evolution Disproved is not only a strong book from the scientific and argumentative viewpoint, but is also unique in many ways.

  12. I have, for a third of a century, made Evolution a study, but Evolution Disproved really refutes the fallacy more completely than any other that I have seen.

  13. The evolution theory, especially as applied to man, likewise is disproved by mathematics.

  14. And any guess that they can make, out of harmony with the Scripture statement, can be disproved by cold mathematics.

  15. The erroneous guesses by evolutionists may be checked up and disproved by mathematical problems.

  16. Every theory to which mathematics can be applied will be proved or disproved by this acid test.

  17. Evolution Disproved is a sober, fully sustained and very remarkable book vindicating its title.

  18. If the reply is, Authority, we are confronted by the difficulty that many beliefs backed by authority have been finally disproved and are universally abandoned.

  19. There is the attitude of the man who denies that it exists; but he must be also a metaphysician, for its existence can only be disproved by metaphysical arguments.

  20. If that were its meaning the Malthusian fallacy could be disproved by merely pointing out that poverty exists both in thinly populated and in thickly populated countries.

  21. Elsewhere in these pages I have stated the reasons why Christian morality brands the act of artificial birth control as intrinsically a sin, a malum in se, and those reasons have never been disproved by Lord Dawson or by anyone.

  22. In cases where the existence of land once reported has since been disproved no record at all is shown 1837.

  23. Experience had disproved this assertion through Mendelssohn and other persons; but a German professor cannot be mistaken.

  24. The priests do not take up the people's mockery, for they know that it is based upon a falsehood; but they scoff at His miracles, which they assume to be disproved by His crucifixion.

  25. They unite the two grounds of condemnation in the names 'the Christ, the King of Israel,' and think that both are disproved by His hanging there.

  26. The theory of Spontaneous Generation contains nothing impossible or improbable; is, on the contrary, a necessary logical assumption not to be disproved by the mere result of experiment under conditions of the laboratory.

  27. That idea is disproved also by the esoteric and hidden nature of the beliefs, and by the usual, though not universal, absence of prayer.

  28. It is disproved that general belief (as distinguished from local legend) in any age regards gods as mortal.

  29. Pasteur that the occurrence of abiogenesis in the microscopic world was disproved as much as its occurrence in the macroscopic world.

  30. The view that the modern Albano occupies the site of Alba Longa was commonly held in the 15th and 16th centuries, but was disproved by P.

  31. During his official visit to Rome, he gave public lectures, in which he successively proved and disproved with equal ease the existence of justice.

  32. Great discoveries in Cappadocia, Assyria and Egypt were then only at their beginning, and any statement was liable to be quickly disproved by the appearance of new evidence.

  33. Capello and Ivens confined their attention to the south-west Congo basin, where they disproved the existence of Lake Aquilunda, which had figured on the maps of that region since the 16th century.

  34. In a criminal process it signifies the acquittal of an accused person on the ground that the evidence has either disproved or failed to prove the charge brought against him.

  35. The traditional account of its foundation by the Lombard League has been disproved by F.

  36. Some say it was in his despair at Fra Bartolommeo having taken the vows, but this is disproved by his having at that time finished the Last Judgment, and taken pupils in Val Fonda.

  37. Even this much-spoken-of neglect of his own family seems disproved by his will, which, after a very little more than her own dot left to his wife, makes his brother and niece heirs of all his estate.

  38. But not only are the Gospels not contradicted by contemporaneous writers; they are also not impeached or disproved by later scientific research and historical investigation.

  39. This fact, therefore, unless disproved by experiment, remains, whatever the explanation may be.

  40. The former disproved by Mr. Darwin, the latter true.

  41. Disproved by every horse, or monkey, or mule.

  42. The first view seems to me to be disproved by the fact that male as well as female qualities are transmitted by the egg-cell, while the sperm-cell also transmits female qualities.

  43. But the occurrence of such a result is disproved by the facts of heredity.

  44. Such an idea is disproved by a recently discovered fact.

  45. Moreover the ceaseless activity of research brings to light new facts every day, and I am far from maintaining that my theory may not be disproved by some of these.

  46. This is at least a possible explanation which we may retain until it has been either confirmed or disproved by fresh observations,—an explanation which is moreover supported by the well-known process of budding in the eggs of lower animals.

  47. The theory of the continuity of the germ-plasm seems to me to be still less disproved or even rendered improbable by the facts of the alternation of generations.

  48. Now one of the few military axioms which have not so far been disproved in the course of this war is the one which lays down that second lieutenants must not argue with colonels.

  49. Theory after theory has been disproved by the devastating power of the high explosive and the giant gun.

  50. This may have been built in the same way, but it can neither be proved nor disproved from the ruins.

  51. The argument that the Jews at this period could not have been called "twelve" tribes when only two had returned from the captivity, is disproved by the fact that the phrase is unquestionably used in this meaning in Acts xxvi.

  52. The question is still involved in some obscurity, but St. Luke's accuracy has not been in the least disproved by the controversy.

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