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Example sentences for "exiguous"

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exigencies; exigency; exigent; exigible; exigua; exile; exiled; exiles; exilian; exilic
  1. Oliver" that soothed my infant griefs, and for which I blush to say that my venerated ancestor received from Goodman Hancock the painfully exiguous sum of no pounds, no shillings, and sixpence.

  2. She looked at no one in particular; her hair dusty with exiguous pollens curled down over her narrow shoulders, ruffled over her forehead, with stems of yellow flowers twisted into it.

  3. It could not be made to penetrate the exiguous oven of the little gas-stove, but we bribed the janitress to cook it for us.

  4. Opposite me, within an exiguous front yard, a very fat man sat on a rickety chair, the back resting against the wall, and gave me an uncomfortable sense of impending collapse of the spindly legs.

  5. The incident is recorded in this place as illustrating better than any mere verbal description the exiguous nature of the main passages of the Cheshire Cheese.

  6. Down in the thirsty wilderness of the rest-camps the few troops in reserve lay restless under occasional olive-trees, or huddled under the exiguous shelter of ground-sheets stretched over their scratchings in the earth.

  7. In most cases the taps were buttons requiring continuous pressure, and then yielding only an exiguous supply; a kettle took nearly a minute to fill, so that while one tenant drew service others stood waiting.

  8. Thus it came about that, from the exiguous material supplied by Paul, Miss Winwood, not doubting his gentle birth and breeding, constructed for him a wholly fictitious set of antecedents.

  9. From his earliest memories they were the first to be fed, clothed and bedded; to his own share fell the exiguous scraps.

  10. Ah, the mother of--," repeats the exiguous voice.

  11. Allah have mercy on his soul," sighs an exiguous voice within; "pray for him, pray for him.

  12. Liosha joined us, accompanied by a porter, carrying their exiguous baggage.

  13. For the fuel wherewith to cook the exiguous supplies of this uncertain food, the family is wholly dependent upon what the children can scratch together.

  14. The object is by no means to get the cart and animals on with the minimum of trouble, but with the maximum of difficulty, for this is the way by which hordes of impecunious rascals get such an exiguous living as they have.

  15. The theatre of those days was innocent of stage upholstery, the exiguous decorations being confined to some hangings of faded tapestry on the stage and a few tallow candles with tin reflectors.

  16. Beyond these somewhat exiguous forms no policy was even suggested to the local authorities with regard to the structural arrangements of the workhouse.

  17. We can extract from these exiguous provisions nothing in the nature of a policy imposed by Parliament on the Central Authority.

  18. Even so, with our exiguous profit on eight copies duly sold, our state is more gracious than that of more deserving men.

  19. The building is something between a palace and a barrack, with a hall of marble, a staircase of alabaster, a winter garden full of birds and fountains, and a band which deafens you while you eat your refined but exiguous dinner.

  20. He had made the money which provided a tolerably costly upbringing for his children, but his own education I gathered had been of a much more exiguous character.

  21. But thereupon occurred an influx of extraneous vermin (foxes and wild-cats) from adjacent wilds, and Nature restored her former exiguous balance of life.

  22. A job to the 3rd Division on our right and another in pursuit of an errant officer, and then a sweaty and exiguous lunch--it was a sweltering noon--seated on a blistering pavement.

  23. Often the Signal Office gives you the most exiguous information.

  24. One of us spent all his spare time at this café in silent adoration--of the piano, for his French was exiguous in the extreme.

  25. It is a full-blooded judgment which, though it sounds a trifle exiguous to describe our manifold heroic efforts, is a sort of perpetual epithet.

  26. We got up, had a cheery and exiguous breakfast to distant, intermittent firing, then did a little work on our bicycles.

  27. Very sleepily indeed we rode along an exiguous path by the side of the cobbles.

  28. He took over the position of War Minister with very clearly defined conceptions of what must be done to expand the exiguous fighting forces of his country in face of the tremendous emergency with which it stood suddenly confronted.

  29. But so exiguous an expeditionary force could not have maintained itself in that isolated situation in face of swelling hostile numbers.

  30. His request was granted, and for the next three years Huxley lived in London with his brother, on the exiguous income of an assistant-surgeon, and devoted himself to research.

  31. Diving suddenly into the recesses of something, she produced an exiguous round silver box.

  32. She arrived punctually at eight o'clock next Sunday, carrying an exiguous green linen bag, which contained her dresses.

  33. Poor Lord Guilford was much annoyed; he was blessed with a most exiguous sense of humour, and could see nothing amusing in so preposterous a suggestion.

  34. The material to work upon is consequently of an exiguous nature, until we reach the later days of freedom of the Press and publicity of debates.

  35. He saw them climb out again and sit sunning themselves on the grey ledge like a pair of sea-birds, and Nance's exiguous white garment no longer fluttered in the breeze.

  36. He pondered these matters as he ate, spinning out his exiguous meal to its uttermost crumb to make it as satisfying as possible.

  37. The difference between him and Mr. Swinnerton is that he has taken the trouble to make the best he can of his theme, which is exiguous and yet sufficient.

  38. Other two Boroughs must be in doubt as to whether their very exiguous libraries, possessed of neither service nor system--neither use nor ornament--will place them out of reach of attack.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "exiguous" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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