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Example sentences for "crumbly"

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  1. The gravestone is so overgrown with grass and weeds, so covered with unsightly lichens, and so crumbly with time and foul weather, that it is questionable whether anybody will ever be at the trouble of deciphering it again.

  2. Moreover, they had dug an immense pit in the churchyard, long and broad, and fifteen feet deep, two thirds of which profundity were discolored by human decay, and mixed up with crumbly bones.

  3. We descended the mountain rapidly, ten yards at a jump, down the crumbly pumice slopes of the Val de Bove, to Giarre, where one of the steamers of the squadron was to take us on board; and while we waited for her we took a delicious sea bath.

  4. The last cone, all of crumbly pumice stone, and at a very acute angle, is tolerably tiring.

  5. Yet coming out of that place, out of that brown crumbly darkness, what was not the interest of the wet grey sky!

  6. Parmesan, Romano, Pecorino, Pecorino Romano Parmesan when young, soft and slightly crumbly is eaten on bread.

  7. It smells so much like a ripe banana we often eat them together, plain or with the crumbly formaggio lightly forked into the fruit, split lengthwise.

  8. We had cheese knives, scoops, graters, scrapers and a regulation wire saw, but for this line of crumbly Britishers fingers were best.

  9. They even examined the ground beyond the beach, a rough slope composed of the same sort of dark rock flakes, partly decomposed into crumbly soil.

  10. Birch bark and the dry, crumbly center of a dead tree trunk made good tinder, however.

  11. A piece of the ragged, gray, lichen-scarred bark had been sliced away, and on the bare, crumbly wood had been cut a transverse groove with an arrow point.

  12. I see a vision of a mountain range of cookies with currants on them--crumbly cookies.

  13. After each avalanche the wave which it caused returned on the crumbly bank with tremendous force, and caused the fall of other masses by undermining them.

  14. Its current therefore, poured forth freely from its mouth, carrying with it a long line of floating trees and patches of grass which had been torn from its crumbly banks in the lower part of its course.

  15. The Oxford people, however, are tired of this crumbly stone, and when repairs are necessary, they use a more durable material, which does not well assort with the antiquity into which it is intruded.

  16. I watched a man tearing down the brick wall of a house that did not appear very old; but it surprised me to see how crumbly the brick-work was, one stroke of his pick often loosening several bricks in a row.

  17. Rub the mixture until crumbly and then spread as directed.

  18. Rub between the tips of the fingers until crumbly and then spread on the top of the peaches and bake in a moderate oven for thirty minutes.

  19. It should be of the same color and consistency throughout, easily cut and adherent and not crumbly when molded into shapes.

  20. All varieties of puffball with a pure white interior are harmless, if eaten before becoming crumbly and powdery.

  21. The gravestone is so overgrown with grass and weeds, so covered with unsightly lichens, and crumbly with time and foul weather, that it is questionable whether anybody will ever be at the trouble of deciphering it again.

  22. The family owned a crumbly brick house and a coachman named Joseph in a coat of many colours, and a horse so old that he claimed to belong to the order of the Perissodactyla, and had toes instead of hoofs.

  23. Pilkins conducted them to the crumbly red brick house of the Von der Ruyslings.

  24. So there was nothing left for him but to leave the crumbly red brick house, and be off with his abhorred millions.

  25. It was full of what looked like black, crumbly soil and zillions of small, red wiggly worms, not at all like the huge nightcrawlers I used to snatch from the lawn after dark to take fishing the next morning.

  26. Though brown and crumbly and good-smelling and well decomposed, it may only have partially rotted.

  27. The other extreme is overworking, and this produces a dry crumbly mass, with no flavor.

  28. Excessive working makes crumbly butter, spoils the grain and injures the flavor.

  29. Early that morning, the river had bitten out a chunk of crumbly clay bank and took a cabin in along with it, and there was a hard job saving a couple of women and a whole shoal of young ones.

  30. The mash feed which is prepared for the ducklings is mixed with water until it has a consistency a little wetter than crumbly but not exactly sticky.

  31. In fact, the consistency should be between crumbly and sticky, but should never be sloppy.

  32. The crumbly silt had been trampled all round the dead horse.

  33. But if you choose you can add baking-powder; it makes a much more crumbly crust.

  34. If you add fruit you need more butter, say two table-spoonfuls, or it will be crumbly and dry.

  35. It was so hard as to be unbiteable, and so crumbly it scattered all over the floor; while with one hand occupied holding the glass of milk, and the other the cake, she could not pick up the crumbs, or break the piece.

  36. It was so crumbly I couldn't eat it without its falling all about; and the chair is so high my feet don't touch, so they all ran off my lap.

  37. It was fervor, not fret, Crumbly said, that had made Planetary Promotions, Inc.

  38. The reply to the message was signed by Crumbly himself.

  39. Crumbly said worry was fatal in the promotion business.

  40. His assignment was an easy one, Crumbly had assured him.

  41. And Gard, in nearing the Little Sark cutting, always kept carefully to the right-hand side of the path, though it was somewhat crumbly there and had fallen away down the slope towards Grande Grève.

  42. Down this side, I think," he said, and they swung the lantern over the Grande Grève slope below the bit of crumbly pathway.

  43. If the humidity becomes too low, the surface becomes dry, hard and cracks open, the friable crumbly texture is injured, and there is considerable loss in weight.

  44. Some show crumbly texture, well distributed mold, as in Roquefort, with flavor approaching that cheese; in others the texture is waxy rather than crumbly, a condition correlated regularly with different character in the flavor.

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