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  1. The name is also given to other friable siliceous stones applied to like uses.

  2. A friable volcanic rock or conglomerate, formed of consolidated cinders, or scoria.

  3. It is quite friable between the fingers, and falls into a singularly transparent and beautiful sand.

  4. The top is so fine and friable that it does not, in spite of the surrounding river, hold enough moisture to keep the vegetation alive during the hot spring months.

  5. While it is true that asparagus succeeds best in a sandy, rich, and friable loam, naturally underdrained and yet not too dry, there is not another vegetable which accommodates itself more readily to as varying soils and conditions.

  6. It is made of friable slate; the top is broken off.

  7. A 'slave-killer' or club, made of friable stone shown in Fig.

  8. The object made of friable stone, shown in Fig.

  9. War Implement or Slave Killer, made of Friable Stone 81 70.

  10. The cigar-shaped object made of friable stone, shown in Fig.

  11. War implement or Slave Killer, made of Friable Stone.

  12. We now come to the different kinds of tinder that fall into our second division, namely, those that are too friable to bear handling.

  13. Two pieces struck together, or one piece struck with a steel, gives a good spark; but it is a very friable mineral, and therefore not nearly so convenient as flint.

  14. There are two divisions of tinder: those that are of a sufficiently strong texture to admit of being grasped in the hand, and those that are so friable as to require a box to hold them.

  15. When no tinder-box is at hand the more friable kinds of tinder, as touch-wood, may be enveloped in a roll of rag and be used either as in fig.

  16. Keep the soil in a friable condition, and look carefully to any possible places where water can stand and freeze.

  17. The ground between the rows of growing crops should be kept in a fine, friable condition.

  18. The land must also be perfectly drained, not only to remove superfluous moisture, but to provide a deep and friable soil.

  19. The soil should be in a friable condition.

  20. In making a flower-bed, see that the ground is well drained; that the subsoil is deep; that the land is in a mellow and friable condition, and that it is fertile.

  21. The hard and impenetrable rock is there covered with a sandstone in course of formation; this is friable at some points, at others so soft that but few mummies have been entrusted to it.

  22. In the few instances in which the ground has been excavated down to the friable sandstone which over-lies the hard rock, the opening has been lined with rubble.

  23. The stone of the upper surface, which forms a hard crust to the friable strata beneath, is in many places merely the roof of caverns which have been hollowed out by the action of water as described.

  24. The surface of these table-heights is hard for a depth of about six feet, forming an upper stratum of rock which can be used for building; beneath this are marls and friable cretaceous stone, which during rains are washed away.

  25. The matter left in the pot will be blackish and friable when cold.

  26. When nothing more ascends, unlute your vessels: in the retort you will find only a very small quantity of a charred, light, friable substance.

  27. Tin readily unites with sulphur, and with it becomes a brittle and friable mass.

  28. The minerals called mountain green, and mountain blue, are true copper ores; not in the form of hard stones, like other ores, but crumbly and friable like earth.

  29. Running Mercury is sometimes found in certain earths, or grey, friable stones; but most commonly in a mineral state.

  30. By calcination they lose a considerable part of their weight, acquire a white colour, and become friable though ever so solid before; as, for instance, the very hardest marbles.

  31. The distillation being finished, there remains nothing in the retort but a very friable caput mortuum.

  32. Rock a in the figure is fine-grained limestone, b black friable shale mixed with sand, and c purer shale.

  33. Impressions of plants on friable shales, on the other hand, or those which have a tendency to peel off as they dry, will require some treatment.

  34. It is composed of granite resting on an elevated plateau of soft friable gneiss.

  35. Near the blood-current the clot is soft, red, and friable (Fig.

  36. It is quite to be understood, therefore, that its action on light friable soils should be to increase their cohesive powers, and at the same time to increase the capillary power of the soil to absorb water from the lower layers.

  37. The adhesive property of the soil--its objectionable tendency to puddle when mixed with water--is greatly lessened, and the soil is rendered very much more friable when it becomes dry.

  38. Another reason why lime renders a clay soil more friable when dry is, that lime does not undergo any shrinkage in dry weather.

  39. Certain districts, indeed, in which a layer of heavy loam underlies the porous and friable surface, are able to retain the moisture which elsewhere is absorbed.

  40. The bright colors are on the surface of the rock only, which is too friable to be preserved.

  41. Speaking of this curious formation, Mr. Langford says: "We had seen many of the capricious works wrought by erosion upon the friable rocks of Montana, but never before upon so majestic a scale.

  42. In such cases, through the fall of rain, or some other cause, the surface becomes set, and it is necessary to break the top crust into a fine friable condition before the seed can be sown with a fair prospect of success.

  43. The powdery or friable surface peat, which has been disintegrated by frost and exposure, is ordinarily useless as fuel, unless it be rendered coherent by some mode of preparation.

  44. They have a fugacious, persistent friable ring, and are liable to be confused with the Cortinarii, unless attention is paid to the spidery veil and the iron-rust tint of the spores of the latter.

  45. The volva which completely envelops the young plant is very friable and soon disappears.

  46. This soil is well drained and aerated and friable to a considerable depth, thus permitting the trees to root deeply.

  47. The hard, friable character of most of the nut shells makes their reduction to fine size particles less difficult than for tough materials, such as corncobs, or fibrous materials such as woods.

  48. In many cases natural caves were thus utilized; in other cases cavate chambers were made; that is, chambers have been excavated in the friable cinders.

  49. Here the people lived in underground houses--chambers hewn from the friable volcanic cinders.

  50. The coarse-grained friable sandstone, in which the lodges have been excavated, consists chiefly of subangular and rounded grains of quartz and feldspar with a small proportion of black particles.

  51. The rock is of such a friable nature that it will not stand atmospheric degradation very long, and there is abundant evidence of this character testifying to the recent occupancy of these cavate dwellings.

  52. Into the faces of these cliffs, in the friable and easily worked rock, many chambers have been excavated; for mile after mile the cliffs are studded with them, so that altogether there are many thousands.

  53. Such a process of filtration through finely divided earthy substances proceeds in nature, and the compounds of potassium are everywhere retained by the friable earth in considerable quantity.

  54. This property is particularly developed in that very fine and friable charcoal prepared by heating animal substances such as hides and bones.

  55. The compounds of potassium retained by the friable mass of the earth are absorbed as an aqueous solution by the roots of plants.

  56. In taking down the body the men disturbed the loose, friable earth of the slope below it, disclosing human bones already nearly uncovered by the action of water and frost.

  57. While burning the stone does not affect the ability to correct acidity, it does increase the power to make a stiff soil friable and to bind a sandy soil.

  58. Lime in this form not only is an effective agent for correcting soil acidity, but it improves the physical condition of tough and intractable clays, rendering them more friable and easy of tillage.

  59. So he scooped a hole in the friable black soil and deposited his eggs in it and crawled along to the wall.

  60. All about him where he sat, the grey rock pushed through a thin friable soil like the bones of an ill-buried skeleton.

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