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Example sentences for "hams"

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  1. Bought skin-bruised hams and claimed that the bruise was his private and particular brand, stamped in the skin, showing that they were a fancy article, packed expressly for his fancy family trade.

  2. That night I took what was left of Toby to a store keeper at the Crossing, who I knew would be able to gaze on his hams without bursting into tears, and got a pretty fair price for him.

  3. Bacon and hams for seven to eight cents per pound, the finest cured I ever tasted.

  4. He saw the blaze of the fire, Kloo-kooch cooking, and Grey Beaver squatting on his hams and mumbling a chunk of raw tallow.

  5. He came upon one of the man-animals, Grey Beaver, who was squatting on his hams and doing something with sticks and dry moss spread before him on the ground.

  6. Rubbed in thoroughly they serve as a capital insect protector, and the hams can be hung up in the smoke-house or wood-chamber without any danger of molestation.

  7. After the meat has been well cured by pickle and smoke, take some clean ashes from bits of coal; moisten them with a little water so that they will form a paste, or else just wet the hams a little, and rub on the dry ashes.

  8. There was an open cupboard with dishes, and a sort of pantry with a half glass door, through which he could see boxes and barrels, hams and dried beef, and other commissary stores.

  9. There a long table stood, and on it parts of the head and hams of a boar; and at the far end of the table a plump and sturdy man was seated in shirt-sleeves feasting himself on the boar's meat.

  10. For me I am but dog's meat: when I have eaten hams I curl up and sleep; but then you see, master, I know I shall wake in the morning.

  11. Sinai, who threw away the hams the travellers were carrying for provisions, and declared that their camels should not be defiled with the unclean beast!

  12. What was their horror and wrath to hear the next night that the Bedawin were seen cooking and eating their hams at midnight, when they thought no one would see them!

  13. I always told poor Sarah as I did think she salted her hams too much; but, there!

  14. He then went to Hams Fork, a tributary of the Green River, and encountered a Shoshone encampment with the Fitzpatrick party (p.

  15. Our soldiers needed the hams and the barreled pork, so shortly more hogs came to market.

  16. At that time farmers salted and smoked hams and brought them to town, with furs, pelts and bags of wheat.

  17. Did the hams of old Virginny find no favour in thine eyes?

  18. My breath cut short with ecstatic delight, and my knees trembled as I formed the resolution of changing hams with my hopeful comrade.

  19. I hung the two hams up as they were, and was cured of my itching eye; but no man can tell how things will come round to the advantage of an acute and clever fellow.

  20. There was a delicious shoulder of bacon hanging up on the farmer's brace, among many meaner hams and pieces of wretched dried flesh.

  21. Sitting down on her hams as before, she seized on her two implements, and began to blow and stir for about the space of a minute, testifying great impatience to see how her spell proceeded.

  22. And 'twas hard for me to bear this when I reflected on the fleshpots of Egypt, that is, on the Westphalian hams and sausages of Lippstadt.

  23. We taken out the hams and the wine and kilt chickens for them.

  24. More elaborate theatricals took place at Hams Hall, the house of Sir Charles Adderley (afterwards Lord Norton), who married my father's eldest sister.

  25. They would go to the smokehouse and get hams and lard.

  26. When the Yankee soldiers come through old mistress run and hide in the cellar but the Yankees went down in the collar too and took all the hams and honey and brandied peaches she had.

  27. The joints of venison were hung up on a pole outside what they now called their hut, one or two hams being suspended from the rafters over the fire, to be smoked.

  28. The first time, he returned with the hams and a considerable portion of the rest of the flesh of a bear.

  29. He set to work and soon had a fire going, and then went up to the rocks and came down again with the bear's hams and about half his hide.

  30. Next morning, when we went down, we found one pig dead, with his hams ready baked, and his back bone drove through his forehead six inches.

  31. Then very deftly John tied the hams together and threw them across Jack's saddle, fastening them to the cinch rings, put the shoulders and sirloins on his own horse, and they mounted and rode off down the mountain.

  32. The arts of agriculture and horticulture will produce hams ready roasted, natural pies, baked with all sorts of cookies.

  33. I cannot possibly at this distance begin a new courtship of regalia; for I suppose all those hams were to be converted into watches and toys.

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