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  1. After being lost again in April, 1918, Hollebeke was finally recaptured by the Allies in October.

  2. Cross Ploegsteert Wood, leaving the road to Petit-Pont Farm on the left.

  3. The British then attacked the second German lines.

  4. Young horses are particularly liable to it, and horses that are cow-hocked, whose hocks and legs resemble those of the cow, the hocks being turned inwards, and legs forming a considerable angle outwards.

  5. This is intelligible enough; for in hocks so formed, the annular ligament must be continually on the stretch, in order to confine the tendon.

  6. You will notice, however, that the caps of her hocks are so swollen and calloused by the action of the swingle-tree as to make them permanently disfigured.

  7. His hocks are all out of shape, and his legs are stuck into his hoofs on nearly the same principle that you stick a post into the ground.

  8. Then the hocks will obtain a leverage, by which they can propel the mass forward, and give the shoulders a freedom that people would not expect.

  9. The shoulders of the horse, if I may use the comparison, resemble the wings of a wind-mill; the impulse given by the hocks replaces the motive force.

  10. In fact, since it is the hocks which propel the mass forward, it suffices to destroy their motion to stop the bound.

  11. This may prevent the examiner from mistaking rough hocks for spavin enlargements or "a pair" of spavins for rough hocks.

  12. The hocks of both limbs should be compared, and the general conformations of the other joints as well.

  13. Note the relation of the enlargement to the tendon, and the freedom of the hocks from bog spavin.

  14. Hard work may cause the hocks to "fill" when followed by a brief period of rest.

  15. Crooked hind limbs, small hocks and quarters that are heavily muscled are predisposing factors.

  16. If even this can not be accomplished, it may now be possible to extract the whole mass with both hocks and stifles fully bent.

  17. In dragging upon the fetus apply strong traction only while the mother is straining, and drag downward toward the hocks as well as backward.

  18. To attempt this, traction may be made on the rope around the hocks and on a sharp hook (Pl.

  19. This is an exaggeration of the condition last described, only the hocks and stifles are fully extended and the whole limb carried forward beneath the belly.

  20. If there are twins the natural position of the second is that of the hind feet, the heels and hocks turned upward toward the cow's tail.

  21. Then in the intervals between the pains the hocks are pushed forcibly back into the womb.

  22. When both hocks have been lodged above the brim of the pelvis the further procedure is as described under the last heading.

  23. The first or upper thighs were very long and strong, curving sharply out to hocks that were well let down, and without a hint of turn inward or outward.

  24. Finn's hocks were curved like an Arab stallion's, springy as a cat's.

  25. At last, after passing his hand down the hocks of the Lady Iseult, he asked that they might both be run, quickly as possible, while led.

  26. The worst Effect of the Pillars is the Hazard you run of entirely ruining the Hocks of your Horse, if you don't distinguish very exactly between those Parts and the Haunches.

  27. From the hocks to the fetlocks the leg should descend perpendicularly, neither bent under him nor back of him.

  28. From the stifles to the hocks are found the lower thighs, and these should be long and strong.

  29. The hocks should be prominent, clearly defined, and free from all puffiness or swelling.

  30. On the only occasion last year when our ponies sank to their hocks in one soft patch, they were unable to get their loads on at all.

  31. They know perfectly well that the swingle trees and traces are hanging about their hocks and hate it.

  32. The ponies sank lower than their hocks frequently and the soft patches of snow left by the blizzard lay in sandy heaps, making great friction for the runners.

  33. In passing I mention that there are practically no places where ponies sink to their hocks as described by Shackleton.

  34. The hocks turning inward; hocks that turn in, like those of a cow.

  35. Sparkling saumur, or the newly-introduced sparkling sauternes, and the cheaper hocks and moselles, will do equally well at a greatly reduced cost.

  36. For some years the great anxiety of manufacturers of sparkling hocks was to render their wines as much as possible like champagne, which was only to be accomplished by disguising their true flavour and dosing them largely with syrup.

  37. We tasted here several sparkling hocks distinguished by their high flavour and refinement, with sparkling moselles vintaged in the best localities and equally excellent in quality.

  38. Herr Michael Oppmann, who has succeeded to the establishment founded by his father, prepares several varieties of white sparkling Franconian wine, with two kinds of red, and also sparkling hocks and moselles.

  39. The process pursued in the manufacture of sparkling hocks is the same as that followed with regard to champagnes.

  40. The drier varieties of sparkling hocks and moselles shipped by Messrs.

  41. Germany, that of Matheus Müller, who enjoys a high reputation in England both for his still and sparkling hocks and moselles.

  42. The hocks are sprung in and turned a little.

  43. The curby hocks sometimes found in the larger type of South Wales are unknown to him.

  44. I want you to know that the mountain pony's hocks are a feature not to be passed lightly by.

  45. His hocks do send him along," as one admirer said.

  46. The desperate personage, on the hocks of that snuffing out, would have been earnestly lynched.

  47. They were to be dragged at the hocks of a brace of cow-ponies until such time as they renounced their iniquitous mission, and promised respect to Dodge's appetites and needs.

  48. Hard at the hocks of the flying battalion came Mr. Masterson.

  49. Oh, why, oh, why did they not have holly-hocks up this garden walk instead of by the chicken yard fence?

  50. But what I cannot bear Is my poor Bet, my piebald Talking Mare, Gone curby in her hocks from standing up.

  51. He looked at the hocks and found them swollen and inflamed, and his experience told him that it had been done by hobbles.

  52. On the hocks of two drinks, folks gets that ornery Enright has it freighted back to Tucson in alarm, fearin' for the peace of the camp.

  53. Some very clever and agile horses can manage to shuffle off to a great distance, and they have been known to leap the tall fences of a paddock with their hocks thus coupled together.

  54. His goodly shoulders and grand hind-quarters showed the strength of the horse, and his flat hocks and springy though strong-thewed pasterns spoke of his swiftness as plainly as his broad chest did of his powers of endurance.

  55. Their haunches and hocks were notched and scored with the marks of teeth, while their tails were a series of round balls, like certain old-fashioned bell-ropes, the result of days of suffering.

  56. Hocks of a certain conformation seems to possess a greater liability to curb than others.

  57. A bad habit of rubbing or striking the partitions of their stalls with their hocks prevails among some horses, with the result of an injury which shows itself on the upper points of those bones, the summit of the os calcis.

  58. The oiled hand introduced can recognize the outline of the buttocks, with the tail and anus in the center and the sharp points of the hocks beneath.

  59. A horse whose hocks have a somewhat puffy look and whose skin on the front of the hock is loose and flabby, justly subjects himself to a suspicion of addictedness to this bad habit, but a little watching will soon establish the truth.

  60. If the mare is roomy, a rope may be passed around each thigh and the body pushed upward and forward, so as to bring the hocks and heels upward.

  61. Notwithstanding all precautions, hocks will be capped in the future as in the past, and the study of their treatment will always be in order.

  62. The argument advanced by some that because these bony deposits are frequently found on both hocks they are not spavins is fallacious.

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