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Example sentences for "getaway"

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gestured; gestures; gesturing; get; getai; gete; geten; gethan; gether; gethered
  1. Together they would find Bill and make a clean getaway in the amphibian.

  2. We're all ready for a quick getaway if need be.

  3. How are we goin' to make our getaway tonight with them two lads down and out upstairs?

  4. You can make your getaway as quick as you like.

  5. It was Goldberg, making his getaway to Canada.

  6. I'll bet he's making his getaway into the hills mighty immediate," chuckled Baker.

  7. Jack Flatray had met O'Connor at his own office and the two had come down to the station on the off chance that MacQueen might try to make his getaway from Mesa in some disguise.

  8. He drew a watch from his pocket and glanced at it "In less than fifteen minutes Mike and our two friends who are making their getaway will come in that door Henderson just went out of.

  9. It don't stand to reason he was making his getaway without that paper.

  10. That gives him the other hour or two he needs to make his getaway with the loot.

  11. We believed we were entitled to a speedy getaway for home.

  12. Dis blame getaway biz," he said, "bane purty tough on fallar.

  13. It is now twelve-thirty, and the man who enters the house ought to hear all that's going on and be able to make a getaway in at least three hours and a half, probably a lot sooner.

  14. Garry thanked fortune that he had not obeyed an impulse to hasten to the cellar and make his getaway while the Russian was being let out.

  15. They've made their getaway in fine style by this time.

  16. Making her getaway without a doubt when I turned on the lights.

  17. Jules, for instance: if he saw you making a getaway and knew it might mean a term in a French prison for him.

  18. He can have an automobile close and make a quick getaway by jumping into it.

  19. We are to put the derailer on the track, send the train into the ditch and, during the confusion, rob the mail car and make our getaway in the machine.

  20. Then you and Ferral had better get aboard and make a getaway to the place where Jerrold and Carl have the other air ship.

  21. Before you get back, I'll have a man buy the Hawk, and I and my friends will make a quick getaway to parts unknown.

  22. No, Missy, I'll pull 'em along for a few miles while you-all make your getaway afore I drop off.

  23. Let her think I'll make my getaway to the northward.

  24. Now the hold-ups didn't know whether they'd have to make a quick getaway or not.

  25. I reckon I'm a bad citizen, sir, but I hope he makes his getaway before Applegate shows up.

  26. Well I run Chiquito off right under their noses and we had a little gun play and made my getaway and I reckon I will stay a spell and work here.

  27. It's tucked away in my kimono and I'm so busy with the getaway I don't want to cough up until we're with the rest of the push.

  28. If I'm pinched now, it means an easy getaway for Jurgens, Whistler, and Bangs.

  29. He's got the loot and is trying to make a getaway with it.

  30. The birds have flown, Dick, Made their getaway through the alley late this afternoon, probably just after it got dark.

  31. According to Blackwell's story, you caught him with the goods at the time of the robbery, and in making his getaway he left the loot with you.

  32. To escape the tyranny on Terra in the year 2500, a group of scientists make a last-minute getaway under fire and take off for another planet in another solar system.

  33. The big gray knew very well what was in progress, was tensing now for a swift getaway leap.

  34. You want to remember," went on the trader threateningly, "that any time we want to put a bullet in you, we can make our getaway easy enough.

  35. If worst came to worst, McFann and he could make their getaway alone, first putting the girl where she would never tell what she knew about them.

  36. Only you mustn't get rattled and try to make your getaway out the wrong door or the front window--that spoils things.

  37. At least, until I can make a getaway for keeps.

  38. In the darkness "Slim" could do the job, make his getaway along with Dave, and be safe from any chance of identification.

  39. We made our getaway all right," said Dave.

  40. Ned, I think we'd better make our getaway while the going's good!

  41. All at once I seemed to comprehend that the thief was saving us a lot of troublesome delay, and I just let him make his getaway without raising a holler!

  42. They make a getaway about as graceful as a cow tryin' the fox trot.

  43. Just one of her old tricks--a speedy packin' up and a casual getaway for Jamaica.

  44. Well, they make their getaway at Yuma after Struve has killed a guard.

  45. When you attacked Tom Peake you dropped that rifle, and in your getaway hadn't time to pick it up again.

  46. We don't aim to let a prisoner make his getaway once we get our hands on him.

  47. Then, when I make my getaway he tries first off to shut my mouth by putting me out of business.

  48. One of the cleverest getaway schemes you ever heard of, and my own idea.

  49. Still, the lifelong training of the detective kept me estimating the possibilities of a getaway from the roof--if Clayte could have reached it.

  50. Still seems to me that an outside man posted on the roof to help in the getaway is more likely.

  51. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "getaway" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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