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  1. My arrowheads and my turquoise specimens.

  2. A few bits of broken pottery, some arrowheads and a foot of crumbling wall were not the things that would bring him fame as an explorer.

  3. We can give you any number of arrowheads and baskets and stuff.

  4. The girls dismounted and grouped about her, all except Kit, who had picked up arrowheads since babyhood.

  5. We used to find bits of pottery and arrowheads and even some Indian ornaments made of silver.

  6. He returned at noon with arrowheads and a stone axe but there was no sign of ruins.

  7. Why, we don't even find arrowheads in this part of the country.

  8. One set was distinguished from another by the order of the paint stripes on them, by the kind of feathers used, by the mode in which the arrowheads were made, etc.

  9. Elsewhere in the village he turns up arrowheads abundantly, and Hawthorne mentions that Thoreau initiated him into the mystery of finding them.

  10. If the memorabilia of his house could find their proper Xenophon, the want of antecedent arrowheads upon the premises would not prove very disastrous to the interest of the history.

  11. The others are iron spearheads, arrowheads both of bronze and iron, and leaden slingshot, two of which are marked with a thunderbolt and the Greek name Zoilos.

  12. A bundle of six bronze arrowheads of broad leaf shape, found in a grave at Enkomi in Cyprus, has rusted together as the arrows lay in the quiver, remains of which and of the wooden shafts can still be seen (No.

  13. Mycenaean arrowheads from the same site are of more primitive design (No.

  14. The Roman period is represented by six iron arrowheads from Xanten (Castra Vetera) on the Rhine.

  15. Some of the arrowheads have already been described, the Mycenaean from Rhodes (No.

  16. Simpson's statement, quoted above, that stones for arrowheads were brought by the Nunatanmiun from the Ku'wuk River.

  17. Catlin describes another process of making arrowheads which required two workmen.

  18. Lippert[227] says that "the different modes of fashioning flint arrowheads show us that we must not think of the earliest art as all tied to a single tradition, and carried away from this.

  19. As to arrowheads, "there are a dozen or more authentic reports by eye-witnesses of the manufacture of arrowheads in as many different ways.

  20. Occasionally one sees arrowheads with square shoulders that act as barbs.

  21. A number of instances are known in which these arrowheads penetrated several inches into bone, and it was no unusual thing that they attained sufficient penetrative force to drive them through both coverings of the skull.

  22. Three of these arrowheads that have come under the immediate observation of the author are not sharp at all, but rather blunt.

  23. Spearpoints of much coarser make and larger in size than the arrowheads were also found in the graves, and a rare knife, made of chalcedony, showed that the ancient, like the modern Hopi, prized a sharp cutting instrument.

  24. But the arrowheads were made by men, and there was nothing to prevent Neolithic men from taking scraps of bone or slabs of rock and carving them--had they dared.

  25. They left no good arrowheads behind them.

  26. In Cornwall, the stone hatchets and arrowheads not only guard the house from thunder, but also act as magical barometers, changing colour with the changes of the weather, as if in sympathy with the temper of the thunder-god.

  27. Flint arrowheads of the stone age are less often taken for thunderbolts, no doubt because they are so much smaller that they look quite too insignificant for the weapons of an angry god.

  28. Still, I have known even arrowheads regarded as thunderbolts, and preserved superstitiously under that belief.

  29. We know that they did not know the horse until a hundred and fifty years ago, at most, and, in fact, one may say that the Stone Age represented by these arrowheads only ended in Patagonia a half-century ago.

  30. When describing to me the customs of the natives, he was good enough to promise me a few arrowheads collected in the course of his expedition.

  31. A little later she climbed the bluff to the corn-field, making a diligent search for Indian arrowheads all the way.

  32. I have myself found hundreds of arrowheads made of the same material.

  33. While the batteau was coming over to take us off, I picked up some fragments of arrowheads on the shore, and one broken stone chisel, which were greater novelties to the Indians than to me.

  34. It was a piece of hornstone, which I told him his tribe had probably brought here centuries before to make arrowheads of.

  35. Tehuelche exclamation of surprise) 83 Indian Toldo 85 Arrowheads and knife, found near Colohuapi, Chubut (now in collection of Mr. E.

  36. He had learned to make fire with sticks; he knew the lost art of chipping arrowheads from flint and obsidian; he was the fisherman and the hunter.

  37. In a little bag he carried extra arrowheads and sinews, so that in a pinch he could mend his arrows.

  38. Although all men were more or less expert in flaking arrowheads and knives, the better grades of bows, arrows, and arrow points were made by the older, more expert specialists of the tribe.

  39. From time to time ranchers or sheep herders reported that their flocks had been molested, that signs of Indians had been found or that arrowheads were discovered in their sheep.

  40. To make arrowheads properly one should smear his face with mud and sit out in the hot sun in a quiet secluded spot.

  41. But he also found fresh bones of bison, horse, and wolf, showing that these and the arrowheads had simply sunk to the level of the older deposit.

  42. Koch reported finding charcoal and arrowheads so associated with mastodon bones that he inferred the animal to have been destroyed by fire and arrows after it became mired.

  43. How easily a mistake may be made is shown by the report sent to the United States National Museum of many arrowheads associated with mastodon bones in a spring at Afton, Indian Territory.

  44. This spring was investigated, and a few mastodon bones and flint arrowheads were found, but the latter were in a stratum just above the bones, although this was overlooked by the first diggers.

  45. One of the hunters gave John one of the arrowheads used for shooting small birds; it was no bigger than his least fingernail and made of a red stone like jasper.

  46. In this collection were five arrowheads of emerald or something very like that stone.

  47. Today unfinished or broken arrowheads and spear points are occasionally found in the quarry.

  48. With the flint obtained here they fashioned arrowheads and spear points to kill buffalo or to protect their homes against enemy tribesmen.

  49. First glimpsed as any town comes into sight is the row of wedge-shaped cupolas, like arrowheads in profile, topping the almost square red, green, or maroon shafts.

  50. In other cases, as in the drawing of a large bison in the cavern of Niaux, the seat of life and the vulnerable parts are indicated by spear--or arrowheads incised on the body.

  51. We find it mentioned in the thirteenth century as a place where the best arrowheads were made,--the Earl of Richmond owing his success at the battle of Bosworth partly to their superior length, sharpness, and finish.

  52. The same arrowheads were found equally efficient against French armour on the fields of Crecy and Agincourt.

  53. Thus the makers of swords, tools, bits, and nails, congregated at Birmingham; and the makers of knives and arrowheads at Sheffield.

  54. The common English arrowheads manufactured at Sheffield were long celebrated for their excellent temper, as Sheffield iron and steel plates are now.

  55. These would have served as either arrowheads or small javelin heads, or possibly were intended for ceremonial purposes only.

  56. The months went by and there were tranquil hours in the cave as, at night, the weapons were shaped, and Lightfoot boasted of the arrowheads she had learned to make so well.

  57. They were found in the most ancient sepulchers of the Cyclades, in company with stone weapons, principally arrowheads of obsidian from Milo, and with polished pottery without paintings.

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