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  1. The Flamingo is resident in the United States only in the vicinity of Cape Sable, Florida, where flocks of sometimes a thousand of these rosy vermillion creatures are seen.

  2. The very fine specimen we present in BIRDS represents the Flamingo feeding, the upper surface of the unique bill, which is abruptly bent in the middle, facing the ground.

  3. The old story of the Flamingo bestriding its nest in an ungainly attitude while sitting is an absurd fiction.

  4. And then, in a darker nook, erect and motionless upon one leg, a pink flamingo stood.

  5. The pink flamingo was there, but as I approached, nearer this time, he gave signs of uneasiness and at last clumsily took wing for some other sanctuary where his solitude might be untroubled by strange beings.

  6. Come," said she at length, "come and taste flamingo stew, and tell me how you like it.

  7. Flamingo Marsh was quickly crossed, and the magnificent country beyond lay extended in all its beauty and fertility before our eyes.

  8. Our first place of abode we called Tentholm; the islet in the bay, Shark's Island; and the reedy swamp, Flamingo Marsh.

  9. The fowls gathered round us to pick up the crumbs, and the tame flamingo joined them, while Master Knips skipped about from one to the other, chattering and mimicking our gestures continually.

  10. I say, John, I see your flamingo with the broken leg.

  11. The tongue of a flamingo is a thick, fleshy organ filling the whole cavity of the mandibles, and furnished with a series of flexible bony spikes, or hooks, nearly half an inch long and curving inwards.

  12. In the New World the mystery of the nesting habits of the flamingo (Phoenicopterus ruber) was solved just three years later, and in a precisely similar sense.

  13. The flamingo city "in being" above described was the first seen by ornithologists, and the observations we were enabled to make settled at last the position and mode of incubation of the flamingo.

  14. The sucking in and squirting out of the water is managed by the cheeks, or rather by the cheek, for a flamingo has only one cheek, and that is situated under the chin.

  15. The beautiful flamingo is a bird of feeble intellect, delicate appetite, and genteel tastes.

  16. Vitelius, when he wishes to relieve himself, uses ivory fingers to thrust down his throat; others serve themselves with flamingo feathers steeped in olive oil or in a decoction of wild thyme.

  17. But as to what I said touching Nero's verses, that I use them after feasting as Vitelius does flamingo feathers, is not true.

  18. The chief of the birds of the shore and river-bank, the Flamingo (Phoenicopterus), may merit admiration on account of his dazzling scarlet plumage and handsome bearing.

  19. Ostrich, properly so called, are much superior in dimensions to their analogues on the other side of the Atlantic, the American Flamingo and the Nandou.

  20. The flamingo closed one eye, and drew up one leg in an attitude of graceful and maidenly coyness.

  21. I want," he continued, "to marry the Flamingo Princess.

  22. The Prince thanked the whale warmly for his kindness, and after taking a most affecting leave of the Flamingo Princess, he set off for the central plain of Pongolia.

  23. The Flamingo Princess waited long and anxiously for his return; but he never came.

  24. Because I have four legs," answered the Prince sadly; "and it is against the law for a flamingo to marry any one with more than two.

  25. Its back was made of narrow purple cushions, framed and supported by ivory rods; white ostrich feathers and the red plumage of the flamingo nodded from the knobs of the ivory.

  26. In fact, on any other kind of a nest, the flamingo might not know what to do with its legs.

  27. Sometimes two of them will reach across the narrow alley that separates the residence of Mrs. Flamingo Smith from Mrs. Flamingo Jones, take each other playfully by the bill and hold together for a while.

  28. After the conical-tower nest is made, the mud piled up and patted into shape with her bill and feet, Mother Flamingo lays one or two eggs--and then she goes to setting.

  29. These spines serve as fences to prevent the escape of the minute creatures which the flamingo scoops up with its bill.

  30. Sarasara The flamingo is an amusing bird to watch.

  31. When flying, the flamingo seems to keep his head moving steadily forward at an even pace, although the ropelike neck undulates with the slow beating of the wings.

  32. Although there were thousands and thousands of birds, we could find no flamingo nests, either old or new, search as we would.

  33. Indeed all the members of Flamingo Fire have today a decided impression that the sound of his voice was the first notice they had of his approach.

  34. Flamingo Camp Fire rode in an omnibus to the principal hotel in the town, the Crandell house, and were assigned to rooms on the second floor.

  35. The latter, Miss Ladd, Guardian of Flamingo Camp Fire, we will hereafter designate as "one of the girls.

  36. The merriment came from eleven members of Flamingo Camp Fire, who proceeded to form an arc of a circle in front of the speaker on the hillside grass plot near the white canvas tents of the girls' camp.

  37. All the members of Flamingo Camp Fire gathered close together on the sandy beach after the departure of the two Graham girls and held a low-toned discussion of the situation.

  38. They report flocks of rosy flamingoes, three hundred or five hundred in a column, "glinting in the sunshine like a pink cloud," and muddy islets studded thick with colonies of flamingo nests.

  39. A flamingo gleam across the slanting rain announces Cardinal Sancha, behind whom acolytes uplift a thronelike chair of crimson velvet and gold.

  40. Right here is where the holiday charity work of the Flamingo Camp Fire begins," she told herself.

  41. Mr. Stanlock reported the recent occurrences to the police in detail, but what the police planned to do was not communicated in the form of hint or suggestion to the members of Flamingo Fire.

  42. The Flamingo Camp Fire arrived at the Stanlock home on Friday.

  43. It was a very determined little woman who stole out of the Stanlock residence, with the contents of the last threatening letter fresh in her memory, after the return of the members of Flamingo Camp Fire from their Sunday afternoon drive.

  44. On the day when the Flamingo Camp Fire arrived at Hollyhill, another train pulled in at the principal station several hours earlier.

  45. Helen Nash was a member of the Flamingo Camp Fire and accompanied the other members on their vacation trip to the mountain mining district.

  46. From the point of view of the writer it meant "business," a threat well calculated to work terror in her own heart and the heart of every other member of Flamingo Fire.

  47. Her father is a mine owner and has given his consent to the extending of an invitation to Flamingo Camp Fire to work among these poor families and give them relief during the Christmas holidays.

  48. But the history of Flamingo Camp Fire is by no means complete with this narrative.

  49. All of the thirteen members and the Guardian of Flamingo Camp Fire, Marion's mother, sister, and brother were present at this scene in the big living room of the Stanlock home.

  50. Marion and Helen watched her closely as she read, but the Guardian of Flamingo Fire indicated her strength of character by a stern immobility of countenance until she had finished both letters.

  51. I was as sure of Flamingo as that the sun would rise by day and set by night.

  52. It was in my bones that I'd make a pot out of it, but I thought I had lost it all when Flamingo went down.

  53. After a moment' pause she continued: "He told you all about the race which Flamingo lost, and about that letter.

  54. I say, John, I see your flamingo with the broken leg!

  55. Madame Flamingo bows, the toast is drunk with cheers, and she begins to think there is something in it after all.

  56. And Madame Flamingo confirms what she says with two very dignified nods.

  57. You may know, too, that our fashionable season is commenced by what is taking place at the house of Madame Flamingo on the one side, and the St. Cecilia on the other.

  58. Madame Ashley, having inherited of Madame Flamingo the value of a scrupulous regard for the good reputation of her house, must needs call in the watch to eject the assassin, whom she swears is concealed somewhere on the premises.

  59. Madame Flamingo has in gathering it to her fold.

  60. But Madame Flamingo and the devil, who seemed to enjoy each other's company exceedingly, got the better of the bishop, who was scrupulous of his dignity, and not a little anxious about being seen in such society.

  61. Madame Flamingo wouldn't-gentlemen, I am no doubt known to you by reputation?

  62. The mansion of Madame Flamingo differs only in sumptuousness of furniture from twenty others of similar character, dotted here and there about the little city.

  63. Madame Flamingo opens her forts, at the same time, with a grand supper, which she styles a very select entertainment, and to which she invites none but "those of the highest standing in society.

  64. The money thus got, through this long life of iniquity, was by Madame Flamingo handed over to the Prince, in exchange for his heart and the title she had been deluded to believe him capable of conferring.

  65. To the north stretched the lake of cobalt blue, with its irregular blush-tinted rim of flamingo hosts.

  66. I think that, by the bye, is better worth taking up with the authorities than the flamingo massacre.

  67. Can any one tell me if the flamingo is of any use?

  68. In certain parts of Egypt and the East roast flamingo is considered very delicate eating, and in ancient times a stew of flamingo tongues was a royal dish.

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