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  1. There the giants were keeping in bondage a Brahman girl, who fell in love with Undala Padmanna.

  2. Except for a few irresistible volumes of facetiousness, the reading public very obediently followed the indications of authority in these matters, just as it had followed authority and sustained the Giants in the great Victorian days.

  3. The Giants of the Victorian age had passed.

  4. Stretching away until earth and sky meet, is an imperial domain, covered with noble trees which were giants when Adam was a baby, many festooned with English ivy and flowering trumpet creepers almost to the stars.

  5. And sure enough in stalked an army of giants from one side, who were met by an army of dwarfs from the other, the latter on stilts.

  6. So they began again, using coal scuttles and tongs, and the din was so fearful, and the giants and the dwarfs got so mixed up that a railway train filled with Shadows of the Past rushed on and sent both armies flying.

  7. Gods been building again Since they watched the aimless Giants pile up the wall of the plain, The house for none to dwell in?

  8. O beautiful Asgard, could it be indeed that these Giants would one day overthrow you?

  9. I gave you my name as Skyrmir and I did all I might do to prevent your entering our City, for the Giants dreaded a contest of strength with Asa Thor.

  10. Four Giants held fast the wolf when she alighted.

  11. The mead was brewed, the feast was spread, and the greatest banquet that ever the Kings of the Giants gave to the Dwellers in Asgard was eaten in gladness.

  12. Giants who was friendly to them, and Ægir could not give them full entertainment.

  13. In Jötunheim a cock crew, Fialar, the crimson cock, and at his crowing the Giants aroused themselves.

  14. He summoned his two ravens, Hugin and Munin, his two ravens that flew through the earth and through the Realm of the Giants and that knew all things that were past and all things that were to come.

  15. The Giants threw too far and the Dwarfs could not throw far enough, while the Asyniur and the Vana threw far and wide of the mark.

  16. And Agnar heard of Asgard and of the Dwellers in Asgard and of how they protected Midgard, the World of Men, from the Giants of Jötunheim.

  17. Far back in the early days, when the Gods had come to their holy hill and before Asgard was built, three women of the Giants had come amongst the Æsir.

  18. And Thrym's mother was going from one guest to another, vaunting that her son was getting one of the beauteous Dwellers in Asgard for his bride, Freya, whom so many of the Giants had tried to win.

  19. Oh," said the Giants to Thrym's mother, "we are not so sorry that we failed to win a bride from Asgard.

  20. The Gods had made their way up to the top of a high mountain and there they decided to build a great City for themselves that the Giants could never overthrow.

  21. From him shall spring heroes who will fill Valhalla, my own hall in Asgard, with heroes against the day of our strife with the Giants and with Surtur of the Flaming Sword.

  22. The size and the girth of the bride did not surprise the huge Giants who were in the wedding company.

  23. Volcanoes on such a huge scale as these two Armenian giants could scarcely be expected to rise save on the margins of a great depression, whether subsidence may have been the cause or the effect.

  24. Here a group of stately forms resembling the giants of a forest, there a number of insignificant eminences representing the small fry.

  25. But the battle to the strong Is not given, When the Judge of Right and Wrong Sits in heaven; And the God of David still Guides the pebble with His will; There are giants yet to kill-- Wrongs unshriven!

  26. There have been giants in the earth, in nearly every age, if not in every clime--giants mentally, and giants physically.

  27. There have been and still are, on the earth, giants of other descriptions.

  28. If gigantic size, in this case, were the general rule, what we now call giants would, of course, cease to be regarded as such.

  29. Be it so, for we will not quarrel about names; though a difficulty might be found in making the required distinction between giants and monsters; for is not every giant a monster?

  30. There were giants in the earth in those days," hence appears to be applicable to the world since the flood, as well as to that which was before it.

  31. Bearslayer answered that the hour was near, When giants in the world would have no place; To Pakols, therefore, he would show the course!

  32. We travel night and day, No North Wind's Daughter find, And reach a northern bay, Where snow three giants grind.

  33. We travel night and day, The Daughter seeking twice- And reach a northern bay, Where giants forge pure ice.

  34. Then Kangars gave this answer back: Ten times he had upon the Earth Loosed giants and his demon pack, But all had been of little worth.

  35. The author of the Caliph Vathek, in the notes to that tale, justly observes, that it is more than probable that Don Quixote's mistake of the wind-mills for giants was suggested to Cervantes by this simile.

  36. That emperor, who sways The realm of sorrow, at mid breast from th' ice Stood forth; and I in stature am more like A giant, than the giants are in his arms.

  37. With such a grace, The giants that attempted to scale heaven When they lay dead on the Phlegren plain Mars did appear to Jove.

  38. Great was his prowess, when the giants brought Fear on the gods: those arms, which then he piled, Now moves he never.

  39. Certainly, when every allowance is made for pardonable or unintentional exaggeration, it must be conceded that there were giants in those days.

  40. Giants in the conception and accomplishment of deeds of lofty daring.

  41. Odin, who is desirous to collect a great many heroes in Valhalla, to be able to meet the giants in a day when the final contest must come, sends down to every battle-field to make choice of those who shall be slain.

  42. The name means "round eye," and these giants were so called because they had but one eye, and that placed in the middle of the forehead.

  43. At another time the giants attempted to climb up into heaven, and for that purpose took up the mountain Ossa and piled it on Pelion.

  44. The first is his hammer, Miolnir, which both the Frost and the Mountain giants know to their cost, when they see it hurled against them in the air, for it has split many a skull of their fathers and kindred.

  45. Heimdall is the watchman of the gods, and is therefore placed on the borders of heaven to prevent the giants from forcing their way over the bridge Bifrost (the rainbow.

  46. Here amid icebergs Rule I the nations; This is my hammer, Miolner the mighty; Giants and sorcerers Cannot withstand it!

  47. Nimrod's tower was the attempt of the Giants against Heaven.

  48. There were also a great many Frost giants and giants of the mountain present.

  49. They are carved in high relief; the giants with muscles strained and distended, their bodies writhing in the contortions of effort and suffering; the gods, no longer calm and restrained, but themselves overcome with the ardor of battle.

  50. We have already spoken of the war which the giants waged against the gods, and of its result.

  51. While this war lasted the giants proved a formidable enemy.

  52. She said nothing, though the tears welled slowly into her eyes; and Owen went on reading, finding still further evidences of his wife's lack of acquaintance with the giants of literature as he read.

  53. There were more giants in Cornwall than in any other part of the land.

  54. In the Guildhall, which is the Council Hall of London, are many statues of great and famous men, and here are also two great wooden giants called Gog and Magog; they are the City's giants.

  55. Now there was a great fight between the Britons and the Cornish giants, and all the giants were killed but Goemagot.

  56. However, respecting the capacity of the giants for music, but little is recorded.

  57. It was, Afzelius says, a common practice with giants in Sweden to hurl stones at the churches, but they never hit them.

  58. We must venture upon His promises, just as Israel ought to have ventured upon the promises of Him who had redeemed them, although He tried their will and power to do so by the terrors of the wilderness and by the giants of Canaan.

  59. Shall we not follow Him into "the rest," though a "Jordan rolls between" and though cities of giants seem to frown upon us even on the other side?

  60. I had seen no women among these giants of the island.

  61. Glora gestured, "The giants are on their island.

  62. Slaves, because the giants are four times as large.

  63. I show you what giants do when you make dem angry!

  64. The people now were giants twice our height!

  65. The first group are called Hantous; they are giants and dead Begous (i.

  66. The mounds have sometimes been made by giants and afterwards inhabited by dwarfs, as in the case of the Nine-hills, already alluded to.

  67. The association of giants and dwarfs in certain places, even the confusion of the two races, seems somewhat difficult of explanation by this theory.

  68. Again, the giants marry; their wives are fairies, so are their daughters.

  69. The Cyclopes, the giants with one eye in the middle of their foreheads, were his workmen.

  70. The giants tried to get into the sky by piling up the mountains one upon another.

  71. Some of the giants were crushed under mountains or drowned in the sea.

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