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Example sentences for "gibbering"

Lexicographically close words:
giantesses; giants; gib; gibber; gibbered; gibberish; gibbet; gibbeted; gibbets; gibbous
  1. Do you want us both to become gibbering idiots?

  2. Suddenly there came an icy hand upon my forehead, and an impatient, gibbering voice whispered the word "Arise!

  3. Bobbie shot the foremost of them through the brain, and the other, gibbering terribly, vanished into the shadow.

  4. He seemed desperately sleepy, and gibbering as if in a dream.

  5. Swarms of gibbering coolies manned the long sweeps, striving above all to keep their clumsy craft in safe mid-current.

  6. In the back room they began gibbering at me.

  7. It really makes travelling in Switzerland a melancholy business, with all its beauty; at every turn in the road, a gibbering and moaning idiot, and in every group of females, a disgusting array of excrescences too common even to be concealed.

  8. He continued gibbering and chuckling dementedly, to twist the bushman's head back and forth and to feed the smudge with punk-wood.

  9. I love her and she loves me, you gibbering bit of fur, and d'you think anything could stand against that.

  10. Cottage on fire, old Hickle burnt to a cinder, and the girl hauled out of bed just in time, gibbering in French or something in panic I suppose.

  11. She was hauled from her bed gibbering in French or something.

  12. At this moment we heard a gibbering noise, and saw something like a bundle of old rags roll out from beneath the stem--sheets, and whatever it was, apparently make a fruitless attempt to drive the gallinaso from its prey.

  13. And a screaming incoherence, likewise, the doings of the Fire People and the Tree People, and the gibbering councils of the horde.

  14. But as the blows and screams continue we break out into an insane gibbering of helpless rage.

  15. I told him of the terrors of that early time, of Lop-Ear and the pranks we played, of the gibbering councils, and of the Fire People and their squatting places.

  16. And taking Jill's hand he crossed the square, leaving the eunuch absolutely gibbering with relief.

  17. A gibbering response quavered out of the gloom.

  18. Why, the road was full of them; they crowded upon my heels, they peered over my shoulders; I felt them brush my elbows, and heard them gibbering at me from the shadows.

  19. Shortly after this the youngest apprentice went below, and found the ill-used lad standing on a locker, and gibbering fearfully.

  20. Dark fell, and Joe heard moaning and gibbering once more.

  21. She had only been given some pretext for locking Huldah in her room, and it was undoubtedly her horror at her own deed when she saw to what it had committed her which unsettled her brain and made her a gibbering idiot for life.

  22. Miss Thistlewaite's diamonds, and the woman who held them was gibbering like an idiot!

  23. Sheeta's great body hurtled against it before the catch engaged, and a moment later Kai Shang was gibbering and shrieking in the back of an upper berth.

  24. The Temple of the Holy Ghost was full of the squeaking, gibbering Powers of utmost, nethermost Hell.

  25. But when he realised who the fighting, tied, gibbering and obscene object really was, bells rang in the private rooms of celebrated doctors.

  26. No pale faces looked in upon her slumber; no shriek rang through her dreams; no fancy troubled her of gibbering spectre or Fury from the abyss.

  27. Then Adelina turned round swiftly, so that the gibbering monkey, which sat on her shoulder, sprang down with a screech.

  28. A gibbering monkey, which perched on her shoulder, and performed strange antics at her bidding, alternately with wild freaks of mischief of its own invention, added to the air of diablerie which made the exhibition attractive.

  29. It was but the other evening as we were seated about the fire that there came upward from the basement a gibbering squeak.

  30. It is then that you will get the gibbering of returning life.

  31. His unclean face, his tiny figure, his gibbering form, his acute but narrow soul, were all possessed by an infernal unity and clearness of purpose.

  32. And, good Murta, send for the silver bowl; for my brain is that hot that I fear me the Giaour ghosts we have sent gibbering to hell during the last few days have left the spell of their evil eyes upon me too.

  33. He sent a host of gibbering Giaour ghosts to hell while on his way to heaven.

  34. And the mad gibbering died away into the hot, green silence of the tree-tops.

  35. The tree-tops opposite were full of great apes, mowing and gibbering at them with every sign of hate.

  36. She fell at GrĂ´m's feet, gibbering breathlessly, and plainly imploring his protection.

  37. But the Lady drew him toward her, and snatched the clothes from off his shoulders and breast, and fell a-gibbering sounds mostly without meaning, but broken here and there with words.

  38. Saying this, he walked heavily out of the house, leaving Oscar with white cheeks and gibbering lips, alone in the hall.

  39. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "gibbering" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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