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Example sentences for "ignited"

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ignes; igni; ignibus; ignis; ignite; igniter; ignites; igniting; ignition; ignoble
  1. The war should be regarded, he said, “as the direct continuation” of the conflagration ignited in 1914.

  2. A hollow ball or shell of iron filled with powder of other explosive, ignited by means of a fuse, and thrown from the hand among enemies.

  3. The metal sinks through the ignited fuel, forming, in the hearth, a spongy mass or ball, which is lifted out by the smelters at the end of each operation, and carried to the forge hammer.

  4. Then he piled the cartridges on the top of the heap, placed the case on the windlass bitts, ignited the free end of the fuse, and rushed aft, yelling to us to throw ourselves flat upon our faces as he did so.

  5. Upon contact with the water it ignited a calcium flare and he was adrift in the uncanny illumination with a German machine gun a few hundred yards away giving him its undivided attention.

  6. Parachutes were used by observers to escape from "kite" balloons ignited by German artillery fire, and a new type is being perfected by which aviators may also escape from disabled airplanes.

  7. The doctor waved the ignited wood three or four times in the air and then applied the flames to the paper tips of the combustible cones.

  8. One of the orders was that "during the action the decks were to be continually wetted, that accidents might not happen from ignited powder.

  9. The powder is ignited by a fuse, which is set to act during flight, or on graze, when the shell is nearing the object.

  10. The mixture thus ignited expands, and acting on the full area of the piston propels it downward, the under side of the piston being at that time subject to pressure only on its annular area.

  11. In this pistol, the act of pulling back the hammer turns the breech, containing six chambers, one-sixth part of a revolution, and the priming powder is ignited by a flint hammer striking against steel.

  12. These matches were of the same size and form as the Lucifers now in general use, and they ignited readily by friction on sand-paper or other rough surface.

  13. The hammer is split at the end, so as to clasp a match, and to carry its ignited end down to the priming powder when the trigger is pulled.

  14. Notwithstanding these ingenious attempts to produce light by chemical action, the flint-and-steel retained possession of the field until a match was made that ignited by friction alone.

  15. He found the statement, however, that all data were reported on the basis of ignited soil.

  16. Sometimes, on a very still day, when there is no wind to blow it away as fast as it is produced, this gas may be ignited by a match, when the plant is growing in the open air.

  17. Securing long sticks of dead wood he ignited them both until they burned with a steady and strong flame.

  18. He ignited this with his torch, and saw it begin to burn with a steady creeping flame.

  19. I showed that it could not be ignited by a lighted cigar, nor even by a glowing coal taken from the fire.

  20. Before a mixture of gasolene vapour and air can be ignited its temperature must be raised to about 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

  21. When this is thoroughly ignited throw a number of large heavy stones into it, and as they become red hot withdraw them with twisted sticks, and throw them into the trench until the water boils actively.

  22. In the true rocket arrow the touchpaper is ignited just before the arrow is fixed in the bow, and it is shot just before the fire reaches the composition; the combustion then aids the flight rather than retards it.

  23. See also that no dry grass is allowed to stand in the vicinity of the camp, lest it should be ignited by a stray spark or a hostile native.

  24. Meantime Fraunhofer made the discovery that the spectrum of an ignited gaseous body is non-continuous, and has interrupting lines.

  25. Later, Professor John William Draper discovered that the spectrum of an ignited solid is continuous with no interrupting lines.

  26. That is the ignited stick of the rocket,” replied his father.

  27. To be sure,” said Louisa; “upon the same principle that the ignited stick appears as a fiery circle.

  28. When in use, the ignited carbon is placed in the censer, and is then covered with the incense; the heat rapidly volatilizes it in visible fumes.

  29. In the outer saucer is placed an inner one of copper, which can be taken out and filled with ignited charcoal.

  30. Kirk ignited one of his kitchen matches and she bent her head for a light.

  31. A match was proffered and the young man ignited the white tube, his hands shaking badly.

  32. The incendiary shells are charged with a certain compound which is ignited by means of a fuse during its flight.

  33. His story caused a sensation, and he led several of the wealthiest citizens to the spot, then watched them in all gravity while they ignited the gas, smelled it, tasted the soil.

  34. Lightning had wrecked a derrick and ignited the stream of oil.

  35. The growth of the anti-Masonic movement was due to the political and social conditions of the time rather than to the Morgan episode, which was merely the torch that ignited the train.

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