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Example sentences for "carmine"

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  1. According to the legend, Galgano Guidotti came hither in 1180, and on Monte Siepi, above the Merse, struck his sword into the rock.

  2. The church of San Pietro and San Paolo, near the gate, deserves a visit for a most beautiful little Madonna and Child by Matteo di Giovanni, over the high altar.

  3. The present church and convent of Santa Maria del Carmine were built early in the sixteenth century, possibly from Peruzzi's designs; the cloisters are particularly graceful.

  4. Male: Rosy-red or carmine all over, save for grayish of nape and black of scapulars, wings, and tail.

  5. Adult female: Like male but carmine nuchal patch reduced or wanting; throat-patch reduced by white of chin.

  6. Hæmatoxylin and carmine preparations may be mounted either in glycerine or balsam.

  7. Hæmatoxylin and carmine are prepared in various ways, but are best purchased ready for use, all dealers in microscopic supplies having them in stock.

  8. Readily distinguished among the large, stipitate Pezizæ by the deep rose-red or carmine disk and the whitish, tomentose exterior.

  9. Though small it attracts the eye by its deep carmine in striking contrast with the somber carpeting.

  10. If you lay on a solid touch of vermilion, and, after it is quite dry, strike a little very wet carmine quickly over it, you will obtain a much more brilliant red than by mixing the carmine and vermilion.

  11. Violet carmine is a noble colour for laying broken shadows with, to be worked into afterwards with other colours.

  12. Drop some powdered chalk or carmine in the water just above the siphon, watch the siphons for several minutes, and note what happens.

  13. If powdered carmine be placed in the water with some paramecia, it can be seen in the food balls a half hour or so later.

  14. For pink almonds, add a little carmine to the sugar just before putting in the almonds for the last coating.

  15. Use a little carmine color if deeper shade is wanted.

  16. A little carmine may be used to heighten the color of red fruits.

  17. The worst of it was that a bottle of carmine had landed last in the wreck and, bustin', flew over everything.

  18. As the import of Miss Worth's proposition filtered into her comprehension, an efflux of joy and gratitude bubbled up from the girl's heart and tinged her dimples with carmine and overspread her cheeks.

  19. A little mouth with curved carmine lips that turned upward at the corners flanked by dimples.

  20. Her cheeks and lips glowed with a carmine quite unknown among the fair but pale damosels of Bensonville, which is situated in a low alluvial location, surrounded by flat plains, the whole being somewhat damp and malarial.

  21. A bright red is best got from pale vermilion, with a little carmine added; dark vermilion, when mixed with the varnish, produces a dull color.

  22. And in another place: Frequenti carmine tuam in ore omnium Heloissam ponebas: me plateæ omnes, me domus singulæ resonabant.

  23. Carmine appears as Canto the auctioneer; Puff figures as the Baron de Groningen, who is travelling to purchase pictures for the Elector of Bavaria.

  24. It took considerable time to do this, so that the 2 cent carmine did not make its appearance until the 20th August, according to a correspondent of Mekeel's Weekly Stamp News.

  25. Instead of acid violet indigo carmine may be used; in this case, however, as the dyestuff runs up slowly and difficultly, work at 170 deg.

  26. Prepare a hot bath, to which add as much indigo carmine as to bring the color of the bath pretty near the shade to be produced.

  27. Bear in mind, that the indigo carmine dyes up slowly and requires a high temperature.

  28. A less fast color is obtained with archil, indigo carmine and picric acid.

  29. As the indigo carmine is slow to dye up and requires boiling heat or a temperature near it, dye first the feathers blue with indigo carmine, then let the bath cool down to 170 deg.

  30. The trouble with all colors into whose compositions indigo carmine enters is, that this dyestuff requires a comparatively high temperature to run up, preferably a boiling bath, which, however, is decidedly objectionable with ostrich feathers.

  31. To avoid any possible injury to the feathers by the high temperature necessary for indigo carmine to run up, in its stead a solution of alkaline blue or of acid Victoria blue.

  32. The feathers being scoured and rinsed clean, prepare a boiling bath with so much sulphuric acid as to give a feebly sour taste, and add fast aniline brown, turmeric, and indigo carmine or cloth-blue S.

  33. We believed, but I do not know whether this could be the fact, that carmine of this superlative quality was sold at a guinea a cake.

  34. It is readily recognized by the pure carmine disk and whitish tomentose exterior.

  35. It is easily identified by the beautiful carmine color of the pileus and the pore surface, the latter being a shade darker than the former, as will be seen in Figure 338.

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