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  1. The combustion is due to a very volatile essence.

  2. Through the head the smoke flue is carried, and the products of combustion escape from the top of the helmet.

  3. The sudden combustion of the composition produces very vivid flashes of lightning.

  4. We are thus forced to look to other sources for the supply of the sun's heat, since neither the heat of incandescence nor the heat of combustion will suffice.

  5. From each square foot in the surface of the sun emerges a quantity of heat as great as could be produced by the daily combustion of sixteen tons of coal.

  6. The essential features are a large combustion space, large areas of heated brickwork radiating to the fuel bed, and draft sufficient for high combustion rates.

  7. The weight of the sample is limited to approximately one gram since the calorimeter is proportioned for the combustion of about this weight when under an oxygen pressure of about 25 atmospheres.

  8. With the ultimate analysis of the fuel known, in connection with Table 31, the theoretical amount of air required for combustion may be readily calculated.

  9. It is not safe, therefore, to assume without question from a high CO{2} reading that the combustion is correspondingly good, and the question of excess air alone should be distinguished from that of good combustion.

  10. The element of space for the proper mixture of the gases with the air, and of time in which combustion is to take place, should be taken care of by sufficiently large combustion chambers.

  11. The combustion must be completed before the gases come into contact with the heating surfaces or otherwise the flame will be extinguished, possibly to ignite later in the flue connection or in the stack.

  12. There is a point, however, in any furnace above which the combustion will be so poor as to actually reduce the furnace temperature and, therefore, the proportion of heat absorbed through radiation by a given amount of exposed heating surface.

  13. It follows, therefore, that great latitude in the manner or rapidity of combustion may be taken without affecting the quantity of heat generated.

  14. The combustion rate with cord wood is, therefore, higher and the grate surface may be considerably reduced.

  15. A large combustion space is required and the best results are obtained where a furnace of the reverberatory type is used, giving the gases a long travel before meeting the tube surfaces.

  16. It is almost as easy to work combustion tube as to deal with lead and soda glass if the oxy-hydrogen flame be employed.

  17. It is often necessary to construct apparatus of what is known as hard glass or combustion tube.

  18. What is sold as Jena combustion tube should be preferred when this is the case.

  19. Ordinary combustion tube can be used, but I find that the glass tube (Verbrennungsroehr) made by Schott & Co.

  20. The explosions Joe had seen looked as if they'd centered in the fire basket--technically the combustion area--behind the compressor and before the drive vanes.

  21. Boyle was apparently impressed with the similarity of the light giving process in glowing coal and shining wood as he draws a comparison between the two which brings out the fundamental similarity of combustion processes.

  22. About the same time Lavoisier overthrew the phlogiston doctrine and showed that in the combustion of organic substances water and CO{2} are formed.

  23. The semi-explosion of flame is but for an instant, though constantly renewed, and its explosive impulse cannot carry its light products of combustion very far through stationary and resistant air.

  24. I never saw an ordinary domestic fire of coals produce any noticeable ventilating suction, without the use of a blower, urging the combustion to fury, and I presume nobody else ever did.

  25. From the collision of flint and steel are from the combustion of the steel 229 Gunpowder described by Bacon.

  26. This is the brown powder most generally used at present and with satisfactory results; but the abstraction of its moisture increases its rapidity of combustion to a dangerous degree, besides which the underburned charcoal is itself unstable.

  27. The first departure in gunpowder from the old-time constituents of black powder just mentioned was for the purpose of obtaining less pressure and slower combustion than could be produced by mere granulating or caking.

  28. The internal combustion engine that powers the B-29 is a simple device in fundamental principle, isn't it?

  29. Perhaps some deadly gas, from the combustion chambers.

  30. Immediately the spray of oil bursts into flame and the hot gases of combustion drive the piston down.

  31. The combustion chamber is made of a piece of brass tubing driven over the end of the smaller tube on the spout.

  32. Instead of forcing a small stream of gasoline into a heated burner it converts the gasoline into gas in the chamber and blows a small jet of it through a very small hole into the combustion chamber.

  33. No solution occurs without oxygen, as well as no combustion is possible without water.

  34. In the process of combustion both elements are unipolar in the air, thus moieties; but in chemism two elements unite so as to constitute a Whole.

  35. All chemism takes place only in water; not only because the particles can move therein, but because chemism is a process of combustion of the elements themselves.

  36. A something that has not originally suffered combustion is a contradiction.

  37. The final result of electrical tension is combustion of air.

  38. The processes of combustion upon the planet are all secondary, are imitations of the primary combustion in matter, in the elements.

  39. Water and salt fall into one position, but transcend each other, even as the process of combustion invades the province of chemism.

  40. The same agent, which creates the air solicits also its two principles unto combustion in the water; and the same act, which separates the oxygen gas out of the air as water, separates also the carbon from it to constitute earth.

  41. The internal combination of both these primary or elemental bodies, or the product of this aerial combustion is next of all water.

  42. The earth-element is the highest result of combustion in creation, the highest fixation of æther.

  43. Out of little more than idle curiosity, he compared the ratios of the rough quantitative estimate found spectrographically with the more accurate but impossible answer of the combustion micro-analysis.

  44. Ferber redid the combustion analysis in slightly less than twice the time it would have taken only one of them.

  45. The chief peculiarity of this type of engine consists in the boiler, which is fitted with a combustion chamber stocked with perforated bricks, the tubes being only 5 ft.

  46. The shouldered chimney would be sufficient to suck in the quantity of air necessary for a good combustion if we could at will increase its dimensions in the direction of the diameter or height.

  47. Professor Storer also describes some experiments he made in burning sulphur in the burrows, with special expedients for insuring more rapid and perfect combustion of the sulphur; these promised fairly well.

  48. As combustion is combination with oxygen, combustion or burning takes place more readily in contact with this liquid oxygen than it does in the air.

  49. Combustion is defined: “To burn, or burning.

  50. The above illustration is given simply to show what a necessary factor air is to produce combustion even in a limited degree.

  51. He had observed that, in the combustion of hydrogen gas with common air, the water was slightly tinged with acid, but that this was not the case when pure oxygen gas was used.

  52. He showed that all the activities of life are really the product of energy liberated solely through destructive processes, amounting, broadly speaking, to combustion occurring in the ultimate cells of the organism.

  53. In oxygen the combustion is more rapid and the heat more intense; in air it is slower, the temperature is not so high, but it continues longer.

  54. When this is not the case--that is, when the disengaged caloric is not sufficient for keeping up the necessary temperature--the combustion ceases.

  55. To restore the original combustible substance, it was necessary to heat the residue of the combustion with something that burned easily, so that the freed phlogiston might again combine with the ashes.

  56. When this degree is once produced, combustion commences, and the caloric which is disengaged by the decomposition of the oxygen gas keeps up the temperature which is necessary for continuing combustion.

  57. Several years after discovering oxygen Priestley thus summarized its properties: "It is this ingredient in the atmospheric air that enables it to support combustion and animal life.

  58. This method consists in passing the products of combustion of a furnace from a clear fire in a hot state through a still containing the ammoniacal liquor.

  59. Air for combustion is supplied to the boilers by one of Messrs.

  60. Parnell & Simpson state that by a method of restricted combustion they are able to obtain nearly all the sulphur as such, and put it on the market on equal terms with the best Sicilian sulphur.

  61. Substances are termed low explosives or high explosives according as they are set off by combustion or detonation.

  62. Generally applied to the very rapid combustion of explosive substances which, under the influence of heat or shock, are resolved with extreme rapidity into gaseous form.

  63. It is also feasible to use flue gases for this purpose, where a good combustion is obtained, and after they have been properly treated.

  64. Combustion generally takes place through the strong affinity of some element, such as carbon in a substance for the oxygen in the atmosphere.

  65. If any one then enters the room with a lighted candle the air will inflame, while the combustion will be so sudden and of so short a duration as to occasion no danger.

  66. There is the exhaustion of the oxygen constantly occurring to support combustion and animal life; there are various other deleterious products of combustion and respiration besides carbonic acid.

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