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Example sentences for "authenticating"

Lexicographically close words:
auteurs; authentic; authentically; authenticate; authenticated; authentication; authenticity; authentick; author; authore
  1. There are numerous documents and state papers authenticating his acts, his privileges, and his dignities.

  2. At their request, he wrote letters to the Great Khan, authenticating the causes of their failure to fulfil the wishes of the Khan in the matter of obtaining the missionaries whom he desired.

  3. At the door of a schoolmaster was the not very tempting sign of a boy receiving a good birching.

  4. The Extravagant Youth, or an Emblem of Prodigality," with a woodcut representing a youth jumping into the mouth of a large horn.

  5. Might not an evil being, who was possessed of the highest intelligence like Satan, perform such actions as would be equivalent to miracles, for the purpose of authenticating falsehoods?

  6. The very conception of a miracle as a supernatural occurrence, brought about for the purpose of authenticating a revelation, distinguishes such an action from one which involves only a simple exhibition of power.

  7. These contrasts, not found in any other historical character, are a self-authenticating feature of the words of Jesus.

  8. The Passion narrative in Mark: views of Bousset 41 Self-authenticating contrasts in the Character of Christ 43 IV.

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