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Example sentences for "assassinated"

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assain; assalt; assan; assassin; assassinate; assassinates; assassinating; assassination; assassinations; assassins
  1. Count Tisza, formerly premier of Hungary, and the most reactionary of Hungarian statesmen, was assassinated toward the close of that week.

  2. In 1885 a young girl assassinated a Jewish child to obtain possession for her lover of the money of the child's father, a rich usurer.

  3. Tropmann, an Alsatian mechanic, aged 19, who assassinated a family of eight persons.

  4. At no very distant interval of time, in 575, Sigebert was assassinated by the directions of his unnatural brother.

  5. In the midst of the general rejoicing, President Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theatre, April 14.

  6. The writer grew up with an Irishman who believed that when a man got wealthy enough to keep a carriage and coachman he ought to be assassinated and all his goods given to the poor.

  7. Seven months later the usurper was assassinated in his palace by some of the Persian nobles.

  8. On his march to Rome, Maximin is assassinated by his soldiers; his son is also slain.

  9. One section is driven out of Asia by Odenathus; later he is assassinated by his nephew, Mæonius.

  10. Pertinax elected emperor by the Roman senate; he is later assassinated by the prætorians.

  11. The probability would seem to be that Hormisdas was blinded as soon as committed to prison, and that shortly afterwards he suffered the general fate of deposed sovereigns, being assassinated in his place of confinement.

  12. Sapor made an attempt to seize the throne; but there was another pretender whose partisans had more strength, and the viceroy of Armenia was treacherously assassinated in the palace of his father.

  13. He had been assassinated because he would not give them up.

  14. The most fiery of the priests wished that he should be seized in the capital, and assassinated during the hurry of the festival.

  15. Abel, assassinated by his brother, was a prophetic figure of Jesus put to death by the Jews.

  16. His overbearing ways were so resented by his comrades that a conspiracy was set on foot against him and he was assassinated by some of the most resolute of his own associates.

  17. Roule into his country, was shortly afterward assassinated while he was hunting; and the reign of his successor was a series of petty wars and commotions.

  18. The reader must be reminded, that just before Bruce landed at Masuah, Ras Michael had caused one king to be assassinated and his successor to be poisoned.

  19. Bosnia, where was assassinated the Archduke Francis Ferdinand, of Austria, was a Turkish province, west of Servia, and under the treaty of Berlin was to be administered for an undefined period by the Austrian government.

  20. The right of succession went with his death to the second brother of the then Emperor Francis Joseph, or Archduke Charles Louis, father of the assassinated Archduke Francis Ferdinand.

  21. The revolution may be said to have had its inception when a small group of men opposed to the German influence at court assassinated the monk Gregory Rasputin, who had a great influence over the Czar.

  22. Catherine was succeeded by Paul, who was assassinated by his own courtiers when he was on the point of joining Napoleon Bonaparte in his conquest of India.

  23. The brave Æ'tius was badly rewarded by the wretched emperor for his eminent services; Valentinian, yielding to his cowardly suspicions, assassinated the general with his own hand.

  24. Being awakened, she confessed to him, that she dreamt of his being assassinated in her arms.

  25. Philip, being appointed generalissimo of the Greeks, was preparing for a war with Persia, when he was assassinated (336 B.

  26. Cæsar, whose frank and fearless spirit disdained suspicion or precaution, was assassinated by a knot of rancorous, perfidious aristocrats, whom he had pardoned and promoted.

  27. Flying to Egypt, still an independent kingdom, he was assassinated by order of the government.

  28. But if this country cannot be saved without giving up that principle, I was about to say I would rather be assassinated on this spot than surrender it.

  29. If this country cannot be saved without giving up the principle of Liberty, I was about to say I would rather be assassinated on this spot than surrender it.

  30. Zequiel, on being questioned, replied that under the house there was the body of a man who had been assassinated with a poignard.

  31. In the borough of Correa, the Moors assassinated the lord of the district, and seventeen Christians, who endeavoured to compel them to embrace Christianity.

  32. On the night of July 31st Jean Leon Jaures, the famous leader of French Socialists, was assassinated while dining in a small restaurant near the Paris Bourse.

  33. The agents who had inflicted the torture were assassinated by the revolutionists.

  34. And is it then true," said Edith, "that you have been so desperately rash as to entertain communication with any of those cruel wretches who assassinated the primate?

  35. A certain San Martino, of Seville, who went in his stead, was, as will be seen, assassinated in his place at the island of Zubu.

  36. The Argonauts supplied the place of the assassinated relatives, and Jason had two sons by one of the bereaved Lemnians.

  37. A pitiable one was the catastrophe of 1820, when, with excuse of cholera, the Indians assassinated countless Chinese and many foreigners who were in Manila.

  38. He not only entrapped and mercilessly slaughtered his enemies, but had his brother assassinated and thrown into the Tiber.

  39. At Rome the liberal and enlightened Rossi, whom the pope had put at the head of affairs, was assassinated in November just as he was ready to promulgate his reforms.

  40. The sympathizers of the League then assassinated Henry the king, which left the field to Henry of Navarre.

  41. In 1610 Henry IV, like William the Silent, was assassinated just in the midst of his greatest usefulness to his country.

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