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Example sentences for "bailiwick"

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  1. When reading the titles and the dependencies of the masters and the inhabitants of Tortosa, we may fancy we read the lease of a bailiwick or a farm, made before a notary.

  2. Two towns or two boroughs, instead of one, had the same religious rights in each bailiwick or seneschalty of the kingdom.

  3. For administrative purposes Guernsey is united with Alderney, Sark, Herm and the adjacent islets to form the bailiwick of Guernsey, separate from Jersey.

  4. William Warwyn held a certain bailiwick here by the service of being a forester in fee.

  5. Flory held the bailiwick of the Lee, and John Preston that of Blakeney.

  6. William de Staunton held the bailiwick there, and Reginald Abbenhall the woods.

  7. A bailiwick in the Forest, with lands in Lee-Walton and Lee in Herefordshire, were held in tail, remainder to Richard Curle, by Thomas de Brugg and Elizabeth his wife.

  8. The bailiwick of Dean Magna was granted to Walter Wither.

  9. John de Abbenhall held a certain bailiwick of the King by the service of guarding it with bows and arrows.

  10. John Juge succeeded to the bailiwick of the Lee, but was unlawfully deprived of it by John Talbot, who held the castle on Penyard as well as Goodrich.

  11. We shall not attempt to narrate the disgusting and horrible scene; but on that day, the bar of Tryon county lost a distinguished member, and that bailiwick a faithful officer.

  12. In the German Protestant Order of Malta (formerly Bailiwick of Brandenburg) the Commendatores place the shield of their arms upon the Cross of Malta.

  13. Who is this Mule, that he should represent the majesty of the bailiwick of Grelot?

  14. My good Pioche--Monsieur Pioche, citizen of the bailiwick of Grelot--do not go on your knees to one whose only aim is to be the servant of our citizens.

  15. Bailiwick Ostrokamenskaya, district of Dankoff: “The question of subdivision is brought up for discussion in only three communities.

  16. As an example we may quote the village Speshnevo, bailiwick (volost) Hrushchefskaya, Dankoff district.

  17. The correctness of this explanation is strikingly proved by the figures for the adjacent bailiwick Znamenskaya, Dankoff.

  18. The example of the quarries in the bailiwick Ostrokamenskaya, District of Dankoff, can be used to make the matter plain.

  19. The community of former serfs of Mr. Balk, village and bailiwick Karpofka, district of Ranenburg: The arrears amount to 67.

  20. This plan should become, by your influence, the text of all the bailiwick memorials.

  21. Malouet had said in his speech to the assembly of the three orders in the bailiwick of Riom.

  22. There was no longer any motive for occupying the bailiwick of Bergdorf when there were no Prussians in that quarter.

  23. Marshal Bernadotte replied to me on the 16th of November, and said, "I hasten to inform you that I have given orders for the evacuation of the bailiwick of Bergdorf and all the Hamburg territory.

  24. In the bailiwick of Evreux "the game has just destroyed everything up to the very houses.

  25. It alone bears the expenses of the assembly of the bailiwick at the time of the election of deputies to the National Assembly.

  26. In the bailiwick of Pont-l'Evèque in 1789 four instances are cited "of recent assassinations committed by the game-keepers of Mme.

  27. In the bailiwick of Domfront, "the inhabitants of more than ten parishes are obliged to watch all night for more than six months of the year to secure their crops.

  28. The Bernese, to the number of five thousand men, entered it immediately, and summoned the inhabitants of the Hasli and of the bailiwick of Interlaken to assemble on the 4th November in the plain that surrounds the convent.

  29. Magan at this time was the High Sheriff of Cork, in whose bailiwick Jones was tracked and caught.

  30. In 1429 the English occupied the bailiwick of Chaumont and garrisoned several fortresses in Bassigny.

  31. Indeed the inhabitants of the bailiwick of Tournai, jealously guarding the liberties and privileges accorded to them by the King of France, would not have separated themselves from the Crown on any consideration.

  32. The northern half of the village, in which the monastery was situated, was subject to the provost of Montéclaire and Andelot and was in the bailiwick of Chaumont in Champagne.

  33. Now these two bailiffs kept their bailiwick in peace many years, until they were said to be remiss in keeping the King's justice.

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