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Example sentences for "bailing"

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  1. Harriet and Jane were bailing water out of the boat nearly all night, Captain Baker," Miss Elting informed him.

  2. There were several barrels of water in the cockpit, so their backs were aching by the time they had finished bailing out the water.

  3. Bailing out the boat was back-breaking work, and there was so much water in the hold of the "Red Rover," that at first their bailing seemed to have no effect whatever.

  4. For answer Harriet Burrell picked up a pail and began bailing out the cockpit.

  5. At times she was nearly filled, and the men had to keep almost constantly bailing out the water.

  6. A little piggin is used for bailing the boat, and, when hoisted on a boat hook, is the signal for more lines.

  7. One day all hands were busy bailing water and guano out of the hold.

  8. There we were kept for thirty-two hours, tending to the sails and bailing out water and guano.

  9. A utensil, as a bucket or cup, used in bailing; a machine for bailing water out of a pit.

  10. A bucket or scoop used in bailing water out of a boat.

  11. Sometimes one of these following seas would fling the cutter high aloft on its crest, carrying it along like an eggshell for a little distance, and giving them a dash as it went by that would set them all bailing for dear life.

  12. The rest were to bail out the boat, for it was needful to keep bailing nearly all the time.

  13. Tom had turned to, and was bailing a great part of the time.

  14. After the third bailing the hole would fill with filtered water.

  15. After it was filled with water, they bailed it out quickly, repeating the bailing process about three times.

  16. The crew were not idle, for they had plenty to do in bailing the boat and tending the sails.

  17. The people in the cutter seemed to have suffered more than those in the launch, having been completely wetted by the seas which broke on board; only by constantly bailing had she been kept afloat.

  18. My skull is the bailing pot of that canoe," said Hongi, pointing to the largest and best one.

  19. The disturbing noise was nothing worse than the enemy bailing water from their trenches into the stream!

  20. The bailing continued for some hours, when the sound was supplemented by another.

  21. The two men, kneeling amidships, clutching a thwart and bailing with their free hands, toiled away; even Bradish had wakened to the fact that he was working for his own salvation.

  22. Mayo was obliged to kick the two men with considerable heartiness before he could stir them to bailing with the buckets.

  23. They passed the fisherman in the Hampton boat; he was bailing his craft.

  24. I was not long in bailing out the water and rowing her back to where Mark was, whose gratitude found expression in tears and hearty hand-shaking, as he crept into the boat with me.

  25. It was a miserable boat, and gave us enough to do in bailing as well as paddling it.

  26. The two latter were bailing so fast that they had no chance to row.

  27. But they seem to be in trouble, for they are bailing fast.

  28. Shore was soon reached, and then Mr. Carr and Ned, neither of whom had been able to eat much because of the necessity of bailing to keep from sinking, were given a good meal.

  29. This made a material change in the buoyancy of the vessel, and enabled the bailing to go on with greater facility.

  30. The pumping and bailing had been going on since the appearance of light, and the flour had been quite half removed from the schooner's hold.

  31. As for the yawl, while clear of the white water, it got along without receiving many seas aboard, though the men in its bottom were kept bailing without intermission.

  32. In order to avoid the temptation so to do, he exerted himself in keeping the men at their tasks, and never before had pumping and bailing been carried on with more spirit.

  33. The doubloons, for which so much pumping and bailing were then in process, were still beneath the waters of the gulf.

  34. Spike ascertained by actual measurement how much was wanted to bring the coamings of the main-hatch above the water, until which, he knew, pumping and bailing would be useless.

  35. While this melancholy duty was in the course of performance, that of pumping and bailing was continued, under the immediate personal superintendence of Mulford.

  36. Now and again, for all that, one would favour the Trouble with a quartering slap that sent a shower of spray aboard her to drench Whitaker and swash noisily round the cockpit ere the self-bailing channels could carry it off.

  37. They were bailing again and curiosity drew the owner in upon the derrick floor.

  38. By rocking the canoe, with a short, jerky motion, he got rid of some of the water and finished the bailing with his hat.

  39. As the boys stood in the water bailing out the canoe and examining its cargo, Dick said to Ned: "What did your book say about the manatee being a perfectly harmless animal?

  40. The man who was bailing sat opposite me in the middle section, and for want of space I had to hold my feet up, with one leg resting on either side of the prahu.

  41. The others agreed, and when the worst of the lightning and thunder had passed they set off once more, two rowing and the third steering the boat and bailing out the water, which came in faster than was desirable.

  42. Another downpour of rain cut off the talking, and Tom was kept busy bailing out the row-boat.

  43. We started at five o'clock in the evening in Steve's boat, the Mayflower, a leaky little craft that kept one man pretty busy bailing out the water.

  44. The self-bailing quality is secured by a water-tight deck at a level a little above the load water line with relieving tubes fitted with valves through which any water shipped runs back into the sea by gravity.

  45. Self-righting and self-bailing life-boats, patterned after those used in England and other countries, have heretofore been used at most of the Lake stations and at points on the ocean coast where they can be readily launched from ways.

  46. A distinctively American life-boat extensively used is the Beebe-McLellan self-bailing boat (fig.

  47. He and his passenger applied themselves to their paddling, bailing and steering, signalling the boat to wait; just as she started he drew near enough to leap from the dug-out to her deck.

  48. He also found an old woolen firkin, a small barrel, that he at once began making use of, bailing the water, alternately paddeling, steering and bailing.

  49. The ensuing night was employed in bailing and endeavoring to make the pumps useful, for the ballast by getting into the well, had choked and rendered them useless, and the chains had broken every time they were repaired.

  50. At this moment, when those in the water urged their messmates in the boat to continue bailing with unremitted exertion, a noise was heard close to them, and about fifteen sharks came right in amongst them.

  51. With all our care the Nell got a bad knock, and leaked so fast that one man continually bailing could barely keep the water out.

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