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Example sentences for "bricked"

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  1. But there was a codicil to the old lady's will which obliged us to keep this room bricked up," observed Bruce.

  2. But Emmie believed that the corridor entrance being bricked up, there was no outlet from the haunted chamber but by the door which opened on the secret stairs.

  3. Aunt Myers had the shutters closed, and the door not only locked, but actually bricked up, so that no foot might ever enter or eye look on the apartment connected in her mind with associations so painful.

  4. The open shaft was only a few feet from him; but it had been safely encircled by a high iron railing, instead of being bricked over, as it had been found of use in the proper ventilation of the pit.

  5. He could not believe that he was actually here, bricked and bound, in this infernal coffin.

  6. And when she found the old niche freshly bricked and the mortar at hand she had not needed more to assure her that here was the burial place of her rival's lover.

  7. They are to be found in most old churches, but they have commonly, as in our case, been bricked up.

  8. I have lately seen an old Norman window which had been long bricked up, in which there had evidently never been any glass[63].

  9. The bricklayer also informed me that there was no place where a Bat could have entered, in the part where he opened the vault, as the entrance was bricked up, and over the steps was a slab which fitted close.

  10. It has been bricked in for modern use, and here, as throughout the house, the iris motive prevails.

  11. With the introduction of stoves, many fireplaces were bricked in to accommodate an air-tight stove which gave more heat and saved fuel.

  12. A feature is the great, open fireplace and the bricked chimney-breast, with small closets at one side.

  13. He may have fastened the end of his tape measure to the well pump in the bricked yard, and walked round in a circle holding the other end in his hand, sticking in pegs as he walked.

  14. The well's a bricked 'un, but it'll be main wet and muddy down there.

  15. As the bricklayer bricked it up, he sang the Internationale.

  16. I was the less surprised therefore, on looking up through the hole through which I had fallen, to see no spark of daylight, and to realise that it had been quite bricked up.

  17. Yet she did set before Bel, conscientiously, the difference between the free country home and the close, bricked up city.

  18. The kitchen was in an L; there were two windows looking out upon a bricked yard.

  19. I examined it, and discovered behind the plaster an old oven which had long been disused, and was bricked up when the house was prepared for me.

  20. A loose brick removed, behind and above it, the sun flashed through fragments of emerald and ruby glass of a saint's robe, in a bricked up window.

  21. These graceful arches have been almost everywhere bricked up and replaced by square window posts, perhaps because it was easier to fit glass into a square than into an arch.

  22. All the best houses had these doors alongside of their house-doors, but they are bricked up now and quite disused, and might easily be ignored in passing through the streets.

  23. In this wall is bricked up an ancient Etruscan gate--the Porta Marzia, which came in the way of this erection.

  24. Twenty-five sacks of wheat were found by the Colonel, bricked up at the farm Poortje.

  25. Sometimes a room had been bricked up, in which a supply of grain or the family treasures were stored.

  26. At one side a huge fireplace had been bricked up, and projecting from what had been its hearth, stood a big cookstove, ornamented with polished nickel, which was quite cold.

  27. We should look nice bricked up in a vault like a wicked nun, and perhaps forgotten the way to get out.

  28. In the surrounding walls there are holes for taking out the pots, when they become unserviceable; after the pots are set, these holes are bricked up.

  29. The coals are introduced, and the coke taken out, through a hole in the side d; during the process it is bricked up, and closed with an iron door.

  30. The next day subdued and plausible workmen of all sorts awoke the house with knocking at six-thirty precisely, and the two doorways were slowly bricked up.

  31. They have taken over the shop, and I live in the house part, the other being bricked up.

  32. Several of the windows were broken and patched up with boards; and others had been bricked up to save taxes.

  33. Presently, however, the King called to them to draw him up again, for he had not been able to get out of the vault, having a few days before caused the hole to be bricked up, because his tennis balls used to fly into it and be lost.

  34. This window can still be traced, though thenceforth it was bricked up.

  35. The smoke shelf should not be bricked up but should conform to the dotted lines.

  36. He looked round raising his head with difficulty, and he could not see the sign-post, nor the familiar red-bricked farmhouse.

  37. The noise could not have been very soothing to the wounded youth, who lay in a dark room adjoining, the window, like all the rest, being bricked up outside for defence.

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