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Example sentences for "bricklayers"

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  1. The Karmi are bricklayers and carpenters.

  2. Their bricklayers and masons are also good workmen, but labour under a great disadvantage, the want of lime.

  3. Where the computed earnings of the greater part of manufacturers, accordingly, are nearly upon a level with the day-wages of common labourers, those of masons and bricklayers are generally from one-half more to double those wages.

  4. I had a glorious case of dislocation of the shoulder last week, and nearly pulled the fellow in half with the assistance of two or three bricklayers who were building next door.

  5. The other doctor tried first, and couldn't reduce it, because he had no bricklayers at hand.

  6. A young workingman was assisting some bricklayers in an extension adjacent to the foundry of Christofle and Company.

  7. When he consented to take up again his serene march, it was the turn of the bricklayers to fold their arms.

  8. Even in our own day the masons and bricklayers of Mossoul and Bagdad are content with the same simple materials, and their structures have no great solidity in consequence.

  9. He points out that, had the Assyrian bricklayers proceeded in that fashion, each joint would be distinguishable by a rather darker tint than the rest of the wall.

  10. Assisted by this simple expedient, two bricklayers with their labourers could build the vault at a very rapid rate.

  11. It is highly likely that many times during all of these years individual bricklayers have recognized the possibility of eliminating each of these unnecessary motions.

  12. The careful selection and subsequent training of the bricklayers into first-class men, and the elimination of all men who refuse to or are unable to adopt the best methods.

  13. His bricklayers were taught his new method of bricklaying by their foreman.

  14. An analysis of the expedients used by Mr. Gilbreth in reducing the motions of his bricklayers from eighteen to five shows that this improvement has been made in three different ways: First.

  15. He teaches his bricklayers to make simple motions with both hands at the same time, where before they completed a motion with the right hand and followed it later with one from the left hand.

  16. He has entirely dispensed with certain movements which the bricklayers in the past believed were necessary, but which a careful study and trial on his part have shown to be useless.

  17. We have all been used to seeing bricklayers tap each brick after it is placed on its bed of mortar several times with the end of the handle of the trowel so as to secure the right thickness for the joint.

  18. Certainly," she said, and then she told me of 200 bricklayers who had the year before been on strike and gained every point with their employers.

  19. Couldn't the employers of the bricklayers have bribed the editors?

  20. The miners as well as the bricklayers have worked with great spirit and perseverance through the whole, during a period of 44 days.

  21. The bricklayers left off work, but, on enquiring into the cause, I learned there was no other but to have a libation upon the new arrangement of piece-work.

  22. The London bricklayers thoroughly believe that it is their interest to be inefficient: it is said that they have a rule that no bricklayer shall ever lay a brick with the right hand; they have also a rule against "chasing," i.

  23. Suppose now that the bricklayers increase their inefficiency either by a trade rule or by a combination to shorten the hours of labour.

  24. Both the carpenters and the bricklayers having been taken away, temporarily, to another 'job'.

  25. These variations probably are due to different bricklayers having worked on the building simultaneously.

  26. Although Bayley, the builder, was a carpenter, this would not preclude the possibility that he supervised bricklayers and other artisans.

  27. Bricklayers often tramp, in twos and threes, lying by night at their 'lodges,' which are scattered all over the country.

  28. The bricklayers were taught this, yet invariably used the old-time motions for picking up the bricks, in spite of the waste involved.

  29. You mean that, for instance, unemployed bricklayers and carpenters should build houses for the workmen?

  30. The bricks are piled on the scaffold between the mortar boards, leaving a clear way against the wall for the bricklayers to move along.

  31. Dem bricklayers made all de bricks out of de red clay what dey had right dar on most all de plantations, and de blacksmith he had to make all de iron bars and cranes for de chimblies and fireplaces.

  32. In order to build brick houses lime was needed by the bricklayers and plasterers for making plaster and mortar.

  33. As brick houses were not built at Jamestown until about 1625, the bricklayers who came to Virginia with the first group of colonists undoubtedly aided the carpenters.

  34. Perhaps the last addition to the jail buildings was the erection by the convict bricklayers and plasterers of a stand to hold the prison bell, and from whence to call the roll at general musters.

  35. Why, Juliet, why what am I to do with you when my father sends the carpenters and bricklayers to the house?

  36. Some of the householders in the lower part of the adjoining street shook their heads when they saw what the bricklayers were about.

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