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  1. In the dumps waiting to be cleaned up were hundreds of thousands more; while in the ground were millions, millions.

  2. What mattered it to me now, this babble of dumps and dust, of claims and clean-ups?

  3. The golden valley opened out to us in a vista of green curves, and the cleft of it was packed with tents, cabins, dumps and tailing piles, all bedded in a blue haze of wood fires.

  4. Every mile the dumps grew more numerous, till some claims seemed covered with them.

  5. Every day our two dumps increased in size (for we had struck pay on the other shaft), and every day our assurance and elation increased correspondingly.

  6. Everything had to be carried to dumps by the roadside, and no matter what the burden the only authorised way of carrying it was by putting it on the end of a pole, which the "Chink" carried over his shoulder.

  7. At first rations and stores were brought up nightly by our own Transport to the "Mansion House" at Vermelles, and there transferred to small trench trams, which were taken up to forward dumps by pushing parties found by the Battalion.

  8. The younger Terran answered his fear with an attack from the old days of rough in-fighting in the Dumps of Tyr.

  9. Life on the Dumps tended to make a man a fast draw, a matter of survival for the fastest and most accurate marksman.

  10. Sheer defiance, not only of the beast he fronted, but of the Wyverns as well, brought that old rallying cry to his lips--the call used on the Dumps of Tyr to summon gang aid against outsiders.

  11. One didn't survive the Dumps of Tyr without learning how to use fists, and boots, and a list of tricks they didn't teach in any academy.

  12. The Germans were now retiring in great haste, blowing up ammunition dumps and abandoning an enormous quantity of stores of all kinds.

  13. Munition dumps were on boats, constantly moved about to prevent the enemy spotting them.

  14. The dumps are wooden bridges raised above the level of the piers upon which they are built to allow the discharge of the carts directly into the scows moored under them.

  15. To satisfy myself upon this point I made a personal inspection of the dumps along both rivers last winter and found the Italian crews at work there making their home in every instance among the refuse they picked from the scows.

  16. Two boys whom I found at the West Nineteenth Street dumps sorting bones were as bright lads as I had seen anywhere.

  17. In trench warfare, and in a deliberate attack on entrenched defences, the positions of all headquarters, medical aid posts, supply dumps and signal stations remained fixed and immovable.

  18. These were sure indications that the enemy was burning the stores which he could not hope to salve, and was destroying his ammunition dumps lest they should fall into our hands.

  19. Dumps and stores were clandestinely robbed of hessian, paint, wire nails, and battens, and some weird monstrosities were produced.

  20. The huge dumps of engineering material at Rosieres and La Flaque served all the needs of the Corps for the remainder of the war.

  21. We might form our ammunition dumps in the woods, but nothing could have been more fatal than to have built a road, for to an aviator nothing is so visible as the line of a new road.

  22. They were the lines of communication between the railheads of the broad-gauge system and the dumps and depots within the front sectors.

  23. The divisional salvage squads sorted the materials at the railhead dumps for shipment to the various depots.

  24. But somehow he felt none of the misgivings and dumps that had oppressed him the night before.

  25. It's odd that I was in dumps and you were in good spirits up to the fatal day, and now things are just reversed.

  26. Now he's sitting in the dumps under lock and key.

  27. I'll feign my kingship in the dumps With Jove himself, and then propose That homeward they direct their nose.

  28. No four walls for him to settle down into; all levelled and burnt out, the villages turned into dumps of rubbish, churches and church towers laid out in ruins.

  29. If the ammunition dumps are constantly depleted, they must be fed!

  30. Elzbieta was horrified, for she did not believe that the food out of the dumps was fit to eat.

  31. Dumps would "go up" with a pleasing regularity.

  32. The Refilling Point could not come into operation; the surviving tanks would find plentiful supplies at the dumps which my section had already made.

  33. There were dumps at Montenescourt to be collected: the material had not been required in the Arras battle.

  34. The Waldworth Syndicate will give me half a million for what's left in the ground, and I've got twice as much in the dumps and with the P.

  35. Vast fires, sending up clouds of smoke in the distance, marked where ammunition dumps and other stocks of supplies were being destroyed that they might not fall into the hands of the Americans.

  36. Enormous supply dumps were formed and camel convoys, miles long, arrived with supplies.

  37. Great dumps of ammunition had been formed by the enemy close to the guns, and these, for safety and concealment, had been placed in deep dug-outs.

  38. Supplies were also hastened to El Arish by camel convoy, and dumps were accumulated.

  39. Huge ordnance and supply dumps arose, workshops and depots were to be seen on all sides, a great bakery was installed and even a mineral-water factory.

  40. Miles of first-class macadamized roads were made, vast ordnance and supply dumps arose, and camps and depots were established for man and beast.

  41. The carriage of water in tanks upon the backs of camels, a method used by us for locally supplying troops between water dumps and the headquarters of units, proved successful here thousands of years ago.

  42. The appalling weather conditions made it impossible to get more than the bare necessities of life forward from railhead, and tons of Christmas luxuries sent from England through Egypt lay soaked and rotting in dumps at Deir Sineid.

  43. Tanks were got ready commencing on July 31, on which date the formation of supply dumps was begun.

  44. Supply dumps were then formed, and arrangements were made to carry forward one complete fill for all tanks operating by means of Supply Tanks, which were first used in this battle.

  45. Supply dumps were formed at Beaurains, Achicourt, near Roclincourt and Neuville St. Vaast.

  46. Meanwhile ammunition and supply dumps had been established at various spots close to the Wadi Ghuzze.

  47. The main dumps selected were at Havrincourt wood for the 1st Brigade, Dessart wood for the 2nd, and Villers Guislain and Gouzeaucourt for the 3rd Brigade.

  48. As the entire operation was of a very limited character an extensive system of supply dumps was not necessary, so instead each fighting tank carried forward ammunition and water for the infantry and four supply tanks were detailed to carry R.

  49. Time and toil and the worry of keeping cash enough on hand to pay the expressman who dumps his ready prints on the floor each Wednesday and refuses to budge until he has collected $3.

  50. When brains at both ends are scarce, she dumps hers into the pot; and when the poor overworked instrument falls down on any task, she takes up the job.

  51. He was also able to assemble dumps of loophole plates, prepared and portable obstacles, bombs, &c.

  52. Dumps were made at frequent intervals along the front containing all the materials required for consolidation.

  53. The whole battlefield was cleared of arms and equipment; old dumps were moved forward so as to be available for use in the consolidation of the Green line.

  54. The result was that practically every man in the supporting brigade made at least one journey daily from the dumps at the south-east corner of Mametz Wood to the forward dumps in rear of High Wood.

  55. The first pack-loads of ammunition were on their way to dumps at Hurst Park and Gournier Farm three hours after zero.

  56. There were, however, still optimists who thought that his excessive shell-fire was accounted for by the fact that the German gunners were emptying their dumps prior to withdrawing.

  57. They were, in fact, dumps of ammunition scattered broadcast about the valley of the river Agache.

  58. Moreover, every dump of field artillery ammunition was exhausted before our lines retired behind it, the Beugny and Lebucquiere dumps being worked even though continually being set on fire by the hostile shell-fire.

  59. The final preparations for the attack consisted in forming dumps of ammunition, water, rations, &c.

  60. The necessary dumps of material were also formed by the C.

  61. A greater menace came from the long dumps of our shells north of Robecq cemetery, to which some irresponsible person had set fire.

  62. Darkness was lit by those huge flashes in the sky, which denoted explosions of our dumps of shells.

  63. The first stage on the rearward journey carried us to Puchevillers, a village full of shell dumps and now bisected by a new R.

  64. During the night British machines combed enemy railway stations, trains, ammunition dumps and troops coming up on the march.

  65. For two weary months the army lay upon its weapons, consolidating, reorganizing, rebuilding railway lines and piling up great dumps of food and ridding itself of its sick and wounded.

  66. Then there were dumps to be made at convenient points, and many miles of railway line, both standard and narrow gauge, to bring the stores within reach of the fighting troops.

  67. No dumps of any kind were taken over in the area, and there was insufficient time to form all those that were necessary.

  68. Divisional Artillery, though all guns were got into action, were delayed by heavy gas shelling, and were as a result unable to complete the gun-dumps by the opening of the barrage.

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