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Example sentences for "dumpling"

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  1. Drop one dumpling with a spoon into one gallon of water (slightly salted), should it cook away, then add more flour before cooking the remainder of the mixture.

  2. When properly cooked the middle of the dumpling will be white.

  3. I'd have you to know, Mary, if you won't make young Van Dumpling the man of your choice, you shall marry him as the man of my choice.

  4. If preferred boiled, tie each dumpling loosely in a cloth, put into boiling water and cook from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

  5. Tis most extraordinary then, all this is; It beats Pinettiā€™s conjuring all to pieces: Strange I should never of a Dumpling dream!

  6. Drop well-beaten dumpling dough into the boiling meat mixture, cover and cook 10 minutes.

  7. Each cloth to be tied securely, but leaving room enough for the dumpling to swell.

  8. The dumpling had been peeled off Tom Kitten and made separately into a bag pudding, with currants in it to hide the smuts.

  9. The French land troops then took possession of the Dumpling and Beaver Tail batteries.

  10. Then the pheasant ate a half dumpling that Peach-boy gave him, and the four went on together.

  11. Here is a dumpling for you," was Peach-boy's response.

  12. Then he gave the monkey half a dumpling to eat.

  13. When the dog had eaten the dumpling they hurried on.

  14. Accordingly she gave the fat dumpling another jerk up on her arm, and repeated: 'O ho!

  15. Miss Hamilton, as a little dumpling of a man in Lincoln green is led past the stand on a fine bay horse, some one recognizing the rider as our old friend Caingey Thornton.

  16. Jizo answered: "Yes, I saw your dumpling rolling by me down the road.

  17. And Jizo said: "Yes, I saw your dumpling go by a little while ago.

  18. The road she had fallen upon sloped very much; so, after having looked for her dumpling in vain, she thought it must have rolled farther away down the slope.

  19. But Jizo said: "Don't talk about your dumpling now.

  20. The custom of setting a dumpling baked in the form of an old woman before the man who has given the last stroke at threshing is also observed in various parts of Middle Franken.

  21. Dip your dumpling cloths in hot water; wring them out and flour well inside.

  22. A pleasing idea for dumpling cloths is to crochet them in a close stitch with stout tidy cotton.

  23. Make into large balls with floured hands; put into dumpling cloths dipped into hot water and floured inside; leave room to swell, and tie the strings very tightly.

  24. Bring the corners together; enclose each dumpling in a small square cloth, tied up bag-wise, leaving room to swell.

  25. I tried to find out whether they were slices of dumpling or slices of something else, but no one could tell me that.

  26. And the other, of some incident connected with breakfast in the field, when Amily ate somebody's dumpling and laid the blame on the usual scapegoat, the cat.

  27. Last of all, suspended from its tail by a drawing pin, came a clockwork mouse, which had originally been the property of the Dumpling and was now spending its declining years as a motor-mascot.

  28. In the library the Dumpling offered Philip a share in a large slice of plum-cake.

  29. Could Dumpling unlatch a door or catch a mouse?

  30. Poor Dumpling needs the servants to wait upon him.

  31. Really, Shireen, my old friend, I can forgive Dumpling for chasing me into the apple tree last Sunday, when I think of the dull life a dog leads, and how few are his joys compared to mine.

  32. Dumpling can't do what he pleases--I can.

  33. Loose my dumpling too; And butter'd toasts and woodcocks?

  34. There did he labour one whole week, to show The wisdom of an Apple-Dumpling maker: And, lo!

  35. The cleft in the dumpling enlarged itself, and the woman spoke.

  36. At that instant it might have been supposed that a certain dumpling which has been mentioned was made of very red apples and that its covering of dough was somewhat thin in certain places.

  37. A company of players from Norwich frequently visited that nice little town, and in one of them appeared, as a supernumerary, Ann Perfrement, the pretty daughter of a small farmer of Dumpling Green, on the outskirts of the town.

  38. Then he asks, 'Have you any good dumpling soup, sweetheart?

  39. He all this time was sitting with his elbows on the table and swallowing one dumpling after another.

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