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Example sentences for "dumped"

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dummed; dummies; dummodo; dummy; dump; dumping; dumpling; dumplings; dumps; dumpy
  1. See, the frost-cart dumped beside our door, and look ye!

  2. Didst deem to fret me that thee dumped the twain aneath the stack?

  3. Your engine and all that collateral has been dumped into the lake--sayin' nothin' about how it happened.

  4. It's too bad to see that property dumped that way, tho.

  5. The port bunkers were filled direct from the dock by similar baskets of coal dumped into the port coal-chutes.

  6. It's all dumped right here in the West Indies.

  7. Kennedy dumped the two chemicals into a pan in the middle of the main office, about three-fifths saltpeter and two-fifths sulphur, I should say.

  8. All the material, all the tools and machinery, were to be carried to the opposite side of the earth and dumped on the edge of the chasm.

  9. The rock they hew out must be taken away and dumped in remote, abandoned workings, where it is not likely to be found or understood.

  10. The caches of firewood, he reported, had not been noticed, and by the end of the day another 1200 tons of coal had been dumped against the stack, completely enclosing them.

  11. A quarter of a ton of coal was being dumped there while we talked with the people.

  12. The trimming consisted in levelling out the dirt as it was dumped from the carts, so that the scow might be evenly loaded.

  13. Upon this he dumped the garrulous Denton, then left him, singing cheerfully a hymn of doubtful wording for self-edification.

  14. Lamont laughed cynically, and dumped the great body on the heap of clothes which stood for a bed.

  15. It went along on the shingle at the foot of the cliff, and having dumped its contents on the beach the three Indian servants began to build a funeral pile, a little longer than it was wide.

  16. He thought that by overturning the manure the body lying on top of it would fall into the ditch and be buried beneath it, and he dumped the cart.

  17. But I got dumped on the game for about 2,000 miles of coast line, and that, too, by people who didn't have to count themselves because they were so many at the game.

  18. Well, one day Kelley was dumped from a horse he was riding when the track was slippery and broke his leg.

  19. I knew that my two pals hadn't dumped me, because hadn't I played $2,000 of their money?

  20. Just now Don Luis is having fine ore brought over the hills from another mine and dumped into El Sombrero.

  21. Then he dumped the trunk, noiselessly, to the floor.

  22. For Davis found himself dumped down on the Serengetti desert and left there.

  23. I dumped about five grains on his tongue, and was about to proffer him the water with which to wash it down--when he inhaled sharply!

  24. Then we dumped in our few potatoes and a single guinea fowl that F.

  25. A few seconds later, however, I was dumped down on the wooden floor of what was evidently a cart.

  26. All material was carried out in cars and dumped into a hopper discharging into a large pipe.

  27. The culled scallops are first put in buckets and later transferred either to bushel bags or dumped into the cockpit of the boat.

  28. The quahauger then takes firm hold of the cross-piece at the end of the handle, and works the rake back to the stern of the boat, where it is hauled in and the contents dumped on the culling board or picked out of the net.

  29. On these benches the scallops are dumped from the baskets or bags, and pass through the hands of the openers.

  30. They pried off the lid with their shovels, got out the body and dumped it rudely on the ground.

  31. An hour and a half later he dumped three kegs of ice and brine on the back veranda, and was turning away, cheered by the near hope of his long-postponed supper when Annie hailed him from the kitchen window.

  32. He dumped his passenger's box upon the back veranda with a thud, and drove on to the stables where he unhitched poor patient little Trixy in a most unsympathetic fashion.

  33. From here it was baled by means of the ever-useful Maconachie tin into an equally useful biscuit tin, which was afterwards dumped on the enemy's side of the parapet.

  34. Occasionally a stir would be noticed on her decks and a horse that had succumbed to mal-de-mer would be unceremoniously dumped overboard.

  35. In this manner train-load after train-load is taken from the sides of the mountain each day and hauled away and dumped either into a valley or into the sea at Colon.

  36. Then the pigs were dumped overboard and compelled to swim for land, where they were caught.

  37. The great valleys in the locality would be entirely filled with the earth, and thousands of car-loads were to be hauled to Colon and dumped into the Atlantic.

  38. Carol was dumped off on to the floor and her father was half-way down the stairs before she caught her breath.

  39. The low honk of the car sounded outside, and the twins dumped a miscellaneous assortment of toilet articles into the battered suit-case and the tattered hand-bag.

  40. My room ransacked, Billy's room turned topsyturvy, bureau drawers dumped out on the floor and all that sort of thing.

  41. The boatman dumped them aboard with easy nonchalance, while Miss Chalmers shivered in solicitude.

  42. They reached the horses, dumped the precious burdens into the saddlebags, and mounted.

  43. The crowd saw the tall man draw his right foot back, balance, lift a trifle on his toes, and then a balled fist shot up, caught the broad-faced man under the chin and dumped him in a crumpled heap half a dozen feet away.

  44. The heap in the canvas sack diminished, shrank--he dumped the remainder of the contents into his pocket.

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