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Example sentences for "cleat"

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  1. The first thing he lit upon was the cleat to which the awning rope is fastened in summer.

  2. Below the cleat were scratches, some long and deep, some wide, zigzag scrapes.

  3. This cleat was secure, but on the sill were more scratches, several long deep ones, and on the stone ledge that same round, circular mark.

  4. Fastening the rope about the body, Harland swung it from the cleat to the floor below, where in the darkness it would have been invisible at a distance of ten feet.

  5. The cleat outside the window was loosened, and between its base and the wood were a few torn threads of rope that had caught in the head of the upper screw.

  6. With a strong rope thrown over the cleat he could easily have swung himself to the story below, stood on the stone ledge which his feet scratched, and pushed up the window which Ford had probably left slightly raised.

  7. Babbitts nodded: "Lowering himself by a rope fastened to the upper cleat which his weight loosened.

  8. These cleats may be of iron or wood, a sketch of a wooden cleat being shown at Fig.

  9. A strong cleat 18 or 20 inches long fastened to under side of top across the grain with four or five screws will help to prevent warping, but is not absolutely necessary.

  10. Another type is that known as the cleat escalator.

  11. Priscilla gave the main sheet a turn round a cleat and stretched forward, holding the tiller with her left hand.

  12. The long legs are attached by screws to a cleat which itself is screwed to the underside of the top of the board, as shown.

  13. The long legs are attached to a cleat by 1-1/2" No.

  14. The shorter legs are attached by screws to a cleat which itself is screwed to the underside of the board, 4-1/2" from the large end.

  15. It will be noticed that the short cleat has its end even with the left-hand edge, thus leaving a space of an inch at the right.

  16. The wood button, shown on the drawing for the Size A ironing board (Plate 22), is attached to this cleat and prevents the board from collapsing.

  17. Substitute for Cleats on Boards The necessity for using more than one cleat for fastening two boards together may be done away with by using the device shown in the sketch.

  18. The board can be held in place by a cleat and a few short pieces of rope, the cleat being placed across the board back of the brace.

  19. By rigging the stick up in this manner it will be securely held, and planing may be done with the grain with greater ease and accuracy than when the end of the stick is butted up against a cleat nailed to the bench top.

  20. This cleat is, in turn, screwed to the under side of the circular tripod head.

  21. The center cleat prevents the boards from buckling while the sides are tightly held by these simple flat fasteners.

  22. If this hook is unfastened the wooden support falls down and the box of nests slips off the cleat into your arms.

  23. A cleat nailed to the inside wall of the loft, near the door, serves as a rest for one end of the pigeon-nests.

  24. There it are, hanging right over y'r heads in the galley, on the same cleat where poor Sam Jedfoot left it afore he met his fate!

  25. The captain tossed a rope to each, directing them to tie the ropes about their waists, making the lines fast to a cleat on the after end of the raised deck cabin.

  26. I climbed the steps to the poop, exchanged a word with Captain Toynbee, the only member of the party to be seen on the poop, and by his direction made towards a cleat not far from the wheel.

  27. Footnote: The cleat is a T-shaped mass of metal employed for the fastening of ropes.

  28. Then, leading the line through the fair lead at the bow, he tied it securely to a cleat on the deck.

  29. Then he tied it down to a wing-shaped cleat on the cabin roof near the cockpit.

  30. He was down the cleat ladder and up the stairs and into the operating room in a jiffy.

  31. The young railroader started down the cleat ladder, when Grizzly came out of the operating room.

  32. He braced his metal-shod feet on the deck and seized a ring cleat beside the control panel.

  33. He locked both hands on the cleat and closed his eyes in concentration.

  34. Since George was so touchy about his rocking the narrow boat with his clumsy movements, Buster had gone out to the beamy Comfort, and fastened one of his stout lines to a cleat he found handy.

  35. This may be done either in a tail vise or by a handscrew, or by clamping the bench-hook firmly in the vise in such a way that the cleat of the bench-hook overhangs the piece.

  36. It is beveled at the lower end so as to rest snugly against a cleat nailed down at the proper place on the floor.

  37. The cable to which this was bent was made fast to a cleat on the lower deck, and as the lad made his way there by an outside stairway he heard some one walking on the deck he had just quitted.

  38. In that case I'll only have to take a few turns around a cleat and we'll be all right.

  39. He became a cleat on the slow-moving escalator of promotion, waiting on the death and retirement of seniors or the expansion of the army.

  40. He nails cleat after cleat upon the pole, and step by step mounts toward the top.

  41. If so, lay it a few inches larger than your building, set your house on it, and nail down a narrow cleat all around inside close to the wall; an upright bolt dropping into the floor in the centre of each side, will be well also.

  42. There should be no middle cleat on the inside of the gable.

  43. Josh, when the speed boat started to move backwards out of her muddy berth; he had almost plunged over again, and saved himself by a quick clutch at a cleat near by.

  44. Presently Jack was working away, having attached the painter of the boat to a cleat at the bow of the Comfort.

  45. Presently he returned, and the painter of the race boat was made fast to a cleat on the quarter of the Isabel.

  46. Make fast the boat to that cleat on the quarter, Cyd," said Dan, as he hauled aft the sheets, and put his helm down.

  47. Then he paid off to the wind, and we slacked off the sheet with the help of a turn of its fall round the great cleat of the backstay.

  48. The sheet had fouled the great cleat which was bolted to the deck beams amidships aft for the backstay, and that was easily cleared.

  49. One of them seemed to come right aft and look over the stern, and then stooped to the cleat where the painter had been fast.

  50. There was no sea beyond a harmless ripple as yet, and we dropped aft to where a cleat was set for the boats on her quarter, and made fast.

  51. Captain Brand occupied himself with opening the loop of the silk rope which fell from the ceiling, and securing the end firmly on the stout cleat at the wall.

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