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Example sentences for "espousal"

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  1. The espousal of greenbackism in 1867 only reenforced that resolution.

  2. The producers' cooperation, which offered the occasion for the espousal of greenbackism, was itself preceded by a movement for consumers' cooperation.

  3. She was already guardian of the Dauphin, who after his espousal returned with his child-bride to Angers.

  4. At the priory church of St. Mary and All Saints the ceremony of the English espousal was celebrated by Cardinal Kemp, and Henry placed upon Margaret’s finger the ring which he had worn at his coronation in Paris eighteen years before.

  5. It is clear that under cover of a grand plan of Spanish conquest, La Salle had dazed the imagination of the King in memorials,[647] which may possibly have been only meant to induce the royal espousal of his more personal schemes.

  6. His espousal of Kieft’s cause had, as we have seen, alienated him from the mass of his countrymen, whose anger was now still more aroused when he selected as advisers at Hartford an Englishman resident at New Amsterdam and a Frenchman.

  7. The espousal of sexual freedom would soon be exceeded in boldness by other writers.

  8. No sooner did Winesburg, Ohio make its appearance than a number of critical labels were fixed on it: the revolt against the village, the espousal of sexual freedom, the deepening of American realism.

  9. It was in vain that students were compelled to swear that they would not carry arms; in vain were seditious gatherings and leagues for the espousal of private quarrels forbidden.

  10. Clearly, then, there was some connection between this brilliant fortune and his espousal of Josephine.

  11. For Jack had behaved like a fool, he must see that himself, in his espousal of a lost cause.

  12. The aid which the invaders could derive from the services of such a guide, were far more than counterbalanced by the influence which his defection and the espousal of his cause by the Persians would produce in Greece.

  13. But there was one apprehension which constantly enforced a limitation upon the action of the British Government, and that was the danger that an open espousal of the cause of the Confederacy would be the signal for a European conflict.

  14. The maiden there is plighted to me for espousal and I was taking her to the chaplain.

  15. Katherine laughed out merrily at the girl's strenuous espousal of her cause, and with a sense of relief to know that she had shown no feeling unworthy of a Christian Scientist.

  16. The Espousal of the Rat's Daughter," to be included in this collection; and to Mrs. T.

  17. Newton's espousal of the Emission Theory is said to have retarded scientific discovery.

  18. If the kiss were given, he provided that, in case one of the parties died before the nuptials, the other party was entitled to inherit half the espousal donations: Cod.

  19. Marysville was not apt to take kindly the Judge's rather open espousal of the stranger's cause.

  20. Shershay la fam," the Judge had remarked in explanation of his rather bald espousal of Loudon's cause.

  21. Though a stout opponent of secession, when it came and brought with it its consequences he was just as ardent in his espousal of the cause of the South as was any.

  22. Nor were his disputations directed alone against those of an opposite school of theology, but within the pale of his own people his sword was often brandished in the espousal of a view which he cherished.

  23. Harper's Weekly had been wrecked, whether or not by the espousal of the Wilson cause, and he sold it to Norman Hapgood who buried it in due course.

  24. The same violence of his likes and dislikes is shown in his attitude toward the British and his espousal of the Irish cause.

  25. Kimberly's post-partum depression was no doubt exacerbated by those two months of shared motherhood and espousal husbandry that barren Noppawan had conceived, but none could have foreseen the denouement.

  26. The Church, however, favored an interval between the espousal and the marriage.

  27. Mr. Ferbrass congratulated him on the heartiness of his espousal of the Tory cause.

  28. Cecilia's wealth, too, had gone over to the Tory party, with her incomprehensible espousal of Tuckham.

  29. We had been disgraced by two Florida wars, caused by the unconstitutional espousal of slavery by the General Government.

  30. They were anything but political fanatics, and history will record that their sole offense was the espousal of the truth in advance of the multitude, which slowly and finally followed in their footsteps.

  31. The mission of Earl Athelwold, his deception of the King and his own marriage with Elfrida follows, next the King's discovery, the murder of Athelwold by the King, and his espousal of Elfrida.

  32. At her first espousal of Melchior she lost much of her influence, as it was considered a degradation; but she was then very young, and must have been most beautiful.

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