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  1. The tails are also valued as an article of food in China; and, apart from their edible qualities, have a further value as a base for clear varnishes, &c.

  2. They are edible and sweet though not without a trace of bitterness, resembling the fruit of crab-apple trees.

  3. When the fruit ripens the juice no longer has this quality; it becomes edible and has a pleasant taste.

  4. The usual food of the Hottentots was milk, the flesh of the buffalo, hippopotamus, antelope or other game, and edible roots and bulbs or wild fruits.

  5. The importance of sun heat to the general well-being of plant life, its influence on the production of flowers and the ripening of edible fruits, has long been appreciated in horticulture.

  6. Cornelian cherry, a native of Europe and Northern Asia, bears a pulpy and edible fruit, which when unripe contains much tannin.

  7. Before retiring they become very fat, and at such times the edible dormouse is a favourite article of diet on the Continent.

  8. The drupe is obliquely oval, and about the size of a goose egg, containing a large kernel which is edible when roasted, but is not especially palatable.

  9. The succulent, edible pulp of its hollow center has an agreeable sub-acid flavor, and contains many flat seeds.

  10. When ripe, it is a bright yellow, and its juicy, edible pulp has the flavor of apricots.

  11. Specimens of this sweet, edible fruit have measured 5 inches in length.

  12. A cross-section of the fruit shows the edible pulp with its numerous black seeds, and the star-shaped core, from which the fruit derives its common name of Star Apple.

  13. It has a medium-hard shell or skin, and the edible pulp is whitish-yellow, and contains many flat, black seeds.

  14. It is purplish-black in color, and is edible only when thoroughly ripe.

  15. It is an edible berry, and is the principal food of the rare Hawaiian goose, now to be found in only a few localities.

  16. The edible pulp surrounding the seeds is firm and cream-colored.

  17. The crisp, sweet, watery pink pulp enveloping each seed is the edible portion of the Pomegranate.

  18. The fibrous pulp contains numerous large seeds, which are edible when cooked.

  19. The edible pulp is reddish-purple and contains numerous seeds.

  20. The orange-colored edible pulp is very fragrant, and is filled with small seeds, which germinate readily.

  21. Cardium rusticum] The edible species referred to lives in banks of sand or mud, buried just below the surface, and frequently in spots that are exposed for several hours between the tides.

  22. The last family of the Lamellibranchs is the Ostreidae or Oysters, of which the edible oyster may be taken as a type.

  23. Another abundant and well-known species is the Edible Crab (Cancer pagurus), which is as familiar an object in town as on the sea coast.

  24. We now pass on to the family of Mussels (Mytilidae), of which the common Edible Mussel (Mytilus edulis) is a typical species.

  25. Alaria esculenta] Alaria esculenta is an edible species known as the Badderlocks in Scotland, and also locally as the Henware, Honeyware, and the Murlins.

  26. It is a roast of drumsticks fashioned into an edible crown by baking them upright around a coffee can.

  27. If you peel the tough end with a potato peeler, you'll get down to the tender, edible part underneath and can use that portion also.

  28. While it seems an enormous waste that out of a bushel of scallops only 2½ to 3 quarts of edible meats are obtained, it is not all absolute loss.

  29. In the first place, a monopoly of a raw edible product, such as shellfish, is hardly possible.

  30. The edible part of the scallop is the large adductor muscle.

  31. But most serious of all is the fact that all the edible mollusks, notably the clam, quahaug, oyster and mussel, act as living filters, whose function is to remove from the water the bacteria and other microscopic plants and animals.

  32. The influx of summer people to the seashore not only causes an additional summer demand, but also widens the popular knowledge of these edible mollusks.

  33. Necessary as this act may have been, the closing of 5,000 acres of flats for the production of edible shellfish made valueless an important source of revenue, and threw a large number of clammers out of employment.

  34. AGAR-AGAR, a sort of edible seaweed, or tripe de roche, is found growing on the rocks about the eastern islands that are covered by the tide.

  35. There are also several kinds of edible roots growing in the ponds or small lakes, which are gathered by the Indians for food.

  36. As an edible root the buck yam, especially when grown in a light soil, is equal to the potato, if not superior to it.

  37. The pignons or edible seeds of Pinus Pinea are consumed occasionally in Italy.

  38. Schomburgk, during his travels, found a large species of edible plantain far in the interior.

  39. Nostoe eduli is used in China as food; Gelidium corneum enters into the formation of the edible swallows' nests of the Japanese islands.

  40. The several varieties of the edible plantain which are known and cultivated throughout the West Indies, Africa, and in the East are all reducible to two classes, viz.

  41. The edible farina is the central pith, which varies considerably in different trees, and as to the time required for its attaining proper maturity.

  42. There is a difference even in this fruit: on some bushes the peggles consist mainly of the internal stone, the edible coating being of the thinnest.

  43. This went on some time; then a wren came too; she likewise looked to see if anything edible could be found in the window first.

  44. This shows the tremendous adaptability of the pecan, and it is hoped that this ability to adapt itself to soil and climatic conditions will eventually cause it to produce small but edible pecans here in the north.

  45. Then, after a summer of furnishing the finest shade from the summer heat, fall would bring an abundant harvest of highly desirable edible nuts for the household and perhaps a few more for a city neighbor who may not have been so fortunate.

  46. The murder took place near the gorge, on the mesa north of it, whither she had gone to collect the edible fruit of the piñon tree.

  47. Among these, there was one producing a sweet berry, the dillydilly, from which excellent jam is made, the only edible wild product of the country.

  48. When the artichoke is very young and tender the edible parts may be eaten raw as a salad.

  49. The edible portion consists of the thickened portion at the base of the scales and the receptacle to which the leaf-like scales are attached.

  50. The differences in the kernels are such as could easily be brought about by selection, some peach-kernels being sweet and edible and some almond-kernels being too bitter to be palatable.

  51. Fruits of round-elongated form; skin covered with a heavy down, no edible flesh; stones of elliptical shape, grooves longer than in A.

  52. As if to complete its worthlessness as an edible product, it begins to shrivel as maturity approaches and soon decays.

  53. Picked green and allowed to ripen in the markets, Elberta is scarcely edible by those who know good peaches.

  54. Quite commonly two botanical varieties of edible peaches are split off, as shown in the synonomy, to separate the nectarine and the flat peaches from the pubescent and globular peaches.

  55. The shells, some of them exceedingly minute, and not of edible species, occur in layers in a siliceous stratified sand, overlaid by a bed of bluish-colored silt.

  56. The poison is chiefly contained in the red root, which, when eaten by children, who mistake it for an edible root, nearly always causes death, unless medical aid is immediately at hand.

  57. Originally, no doubt, they were wild plants which attracted attention owing to the comparatively large quantities of foodstuffs they yielded, the ease with which they could be collected, and their edible qualities.

  58. Its leaves and tender shoots are not only edible but form one of the most useful green vegetables.

  59. It is a favorite article of food, and one of the most useful of the edible fungi.

  60. It is cultivated in the Southern States for its sweet, edible nut, which forms an important article of commerce.

  61. It is valued on account of its beef-like flesh, abundant oil, and edible eggs, but is unfortunately being destroyed with too great carelessness.

  62. A kind of edible mushroom that grows underground.

  63. There are two varieties of narcotic fungi whose properties are so mild that they are edible in small quantities.

  64. Nothing can be more erroneous than such an opinion; even edible berries are scantily supplied by the wild shrubs and trees, and these, in lieu of others of superior quality, are sometimes dignified by the name of fruit.

  65. Experiments in these varieties of fungi are highly dangerous, as many of the most poisonous so closely resemble the edible species that they can with difficulty be distinguished.

  66. If grubs are scarce there are always edible berries and seeds to fall back on.

  67. In fact, nothing fleshly and edible comes amiss to them.

  68. The root has been mistaken several times for parsnip and other edible roots, and has thus led to poisonings.

  69. A few cases of poisoning by the fly-blown agaric from time to time have occurred in Europe, where it has been eaten in mistake for the edible fungi, or taken by children allured by the bright attractive colours.

  70. Mwesa stuffed into his wallet all the edible fruits he could gather, and after cooking the last meal, took his pot to the lake, and washed it thoroughly.

  71. There was game in the forest, no doubt plenty of vegetable food in the shape of berries and nuts, though only a native could distinguish the edible from the poisonous.

  72. As for the pigs, they were still in the crater rooting, as it might be for life or death, though nothing edible had as yet rewarded them for their toil.

  73. Nature Library on the sheets and bind 'em up in edible cassava covers.

  74. Arthur recognized the cabbage-palm, the slender stem sixty feet in height, with the round tuft of edible leaves at the summit.

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