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Example sentences for "edging"

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edged; edgeless; edges; edgeways; edgewise; edgings; edible; edibles; edicated; edication
  1. His eyes followed mine to the green patch edging the entrance to the bay and then ran along the tree-lined avenue to the parked section extending almost from the center of the city to the Pacific Ocean.

  2. Lotta's fountain, we lingered before the gay flower stands edging the sidewalk.

  3. He was always edging over the plate, trying to get hit.

  4. He frightened her, edging so close, a seemingly hungry stranger.

  5. Here and there in the passing crowds one might see, now and then, a loiterer edging interestedly near.

  6. I'll try to," said Bob smiling, and edging closer to Carrie.

  7. Even at a distance, edging his way to the familiar, loved stall, Lichonin heard the sounds of music.

  8. Roly-Poly neatly caught in its flight the thrown fifteen-kopeck piece; made a comical curtsey and, pulling down the uniform cap with the green edging at a slant over his eyes, vanished.

  9. Then my old friend Doctor Wise, the new coroner at Hoodsport, came edging through the crowd to take my hand.

  10. Golden sheets of daffodil and white narcissus bordered the dark evergreen shrubberies; edging the old lawn were clumps of violets and primroses.

  11. The miniature train, edging its way along the track, appeared no more than a mere speck as it crept tortuously up towards the top.

  12. The Indian was edging back toward the ledge.

  13. When he passed off the ledge Rojas was edging farther and farther along the wall.

  14. But when she added, without meeting my eye, that she was really fond of the boy, I couldn't escape the impression that she was edging out on very thin ice.

  15. I suppose you're trying to make me feel like the Wicked Uncle edging away from the abandoned Babes in the Woods?

  16. Adult female: Brownish rather than gray above; bay edging lighter; no chestnut, unmarked below.

  17. Immature males in first winter plumage resemble adults but have some edging of pale grayish brown.

  18. Adults in fall and winter: Upperparts washed with buffy; brownish on sides; some white edging on forehead and superciliary stripe broader.

  19. Young birds exhibit some rusty edging of the feathers above, especially on the wings, and lack the peculiar, recurved hooks on the edge of the outer primary.

  20. Young birds have the middle and greater coverts tipped with buffy (forming two not inconspicuous bars), and some buffy edging on rump and upper tail-coverts.

  21. She shrank at that, edging back into her corner, holding out a quick, protesting hand.

  22. At that moment she saw him coming, edging his way along the sloping deck, with the sure foot, the calm, deliberate movements, which were so emblematic of his strength.

  23. Edging in, they crowded the Second from their course, and in order to avoid a collision, the luckless Codfish steered his crew widely to the left.

  24. In cottage gardens delightful pebble walks with an edging of tiles can be sometimes seen, but unless plants having a mossy or cushion-like growth are allowed to fall over the tiles, this arrangement is rather stiff.

  25. The coarser sizes will make this edging an inch and a half deep.

  26. Illustration] This edging may be worked either in Ardern's crochet cotton No.

  27. The skirts of their garments are ornamented with an edging of ivory pieces cut into a pear-shape, having a small hole pierced through the smaller end.

  28. The wind after some time again shifting to the southward, both the schooner and her pursuer once more set studding-sails, the former somewhat edging in towards the land, behind which the bright sun was rapidly sinking.

  29. At first the change in course was hardly perceptible, but presently she noticed that they were getting closer to the outskirts of the herd, working gradually to the extreme right, edging inch by inch, ever so warily, toward safety.

  30. Then sharply to the young braggart, who had risen and was edging away with a face of chalk: "Sit down, y'u!

  31. Meanwhile Mac had fastened the handkerchief of his mistress on the end of a switch he had picked up and was edging out of range.

  32. Instead of working in-shore, the canoe was edging further into the stream, and ever presenting a more dangerous angle to the tearing current.

  33. The line held the canoe slightly broached to the current, thus the pressure of the current itself kept him from edging ashore.

  34. Meanwhile I noticed they were edging between me and Imbrie, and presently Imbrie stood up, unbound.

  35. All set," I replied, getting a firmer grasp on my bar and edging toward one of the insects.

  36. I picked it up and toyed with it idly, meanwhile edging around to get behind the insect which I had marked for my first attentions.

  37. As we were slowly edging through the crowd, after the curtain had fallen, I noticed a tall fellow in front of us, who turned around to look back.

  38. I was going to put something like that to him myself, only I couldn't think of it,' says Doc Martingale, edging up and looking quite restrained and nervous in the arms.

  39. The boy could act in a crowd of tea-drinking women with a finish that made his father look like some one edging in to ask where they wanted the load of coal dumped.

  40. Dan Hicks sent a man forward to heave the lead under the nose of the Aphrodite, which was edging in gingerly toward the voice.

  41. I wish she was a schooner," McGuffey complained, edging over to the weather rail.

  42. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "edging" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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