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  1. Pardonable then was his wrath when edibles and potables disappeared unpaid for into parts unknown save to the Latin tongue, whence they could be recovered only by the gentle persuasion of a stomach pump.

  2. I know of several such feasts which were not held until nearly a year after the decease, the delay being due to inability to secure sufficient edibles for the death revels.

  3. For this reason, the trader keeps close observation upon all who owe him, almost daily visiting their houses and profiting by the occasion to help himself to whatever little fish or meat or other edibles he may find therein.

  4. Then, clustering in the doorway, grasping the edibles and the sixpence, and consulting with each other, they looked long after his big figure passing down the road.

  5. On the long sideboard covered with a white cloth reposed a number of edibles only to be found amongst that portion of the community which breeds creatures for its own devouring.

  6. Thou wilt be wise to plant all such edibles as thou mayest discover pleasing to the palate and agreeable to thy body, but be not rash in assuming that all things pleasant to the eye are grateful to thy inwards.

  7. Indeed, the knowledge of most things that we know to-day as edibles came down to us through the observation of animals by our earliest fathers.

  8. But even feasting has its limitations on a warm day in June, and as the edibles disappeared the hike spread came to an end.

  9. Taking a pencil and pad that always hung by the table with Nathalie's list of edibles to be served at each meal, she drew a chair up to the table and began to figure just how much Nathalie was saving her mother by doing the work herself.

  10. Saying which, his Lordship, tearing open the packages, and using his fingers as forks, began to devour the edibles with huge appetite.

  11. Then, while Peterby hastened to set the edibles before him, Barnabas drew up a chair and, with many bows and flutterings of the thin, restless hands, the little gentleman sat down.

  12. They beheld the extraordinary beauty of the shops full of various edibles and floral wreaths, and supplied with articles of every variety of various qualities that man can desire.

  13. And, O king, at the command of king Yudhishthira the just, mansions were assigned to all those monarchs, that were full of various kinds of edibles and adorned with tanks and tall trees.

  14. Stationed there I am daily worshipped with scents and flowers, with incense and edibles and various objects of enjoyment.

  15. Mr. Johnson Bland, who kindly sent to our bivouac an ample supply of edibles for our evening meal.

  16. Before long we met some of our Kashmir servants who had come back from the Diamirai to look for us, and, as was their most excellent custom, brought with them as many edibles as they could.

  17. Lined with opal glass, its well-filled shelves were weighted down with all sorts of delectable edibles that dolls are presumed to delight in.

  18. Sally saw that its body was composed of large, puffy doughnuts, while his head and limbs were formed of the same edibles in smaller sizes.

  19. There is a kind of ugly scrutiny which many women apply to the inspection of vegetables, meat and other edibles that is most unattractive.

  20. One may have everything in the way of edibles prepared for the meal in the morning except perhaps one article to be made on the chafing-dish.

  21. Unkempt and unshaven waiters dropped food from the platters onto the floor, and clumsily running to serve a guest would slip in the spilled soup and drop plates of unsavory and indescribable edibles to the din of broken dishes.

  22. Having shipped my valise to Lima from Tacna, I was unencumbered save for the blankets and a few edibles which I carried.

  23. A peculiarity about Linares is that on the streets, especially that one on which the railroad station faces, native women are seated in front of portable stoves offering for sale cooked edibles which should be eaten on the spot.

  24. The rat uses his nest too as a storehouse, and here he lays by quantities of edibles for a rainy day.

  25. The Phosphoric Paste, the "Sure Pop" brand of which is very carefully manufactured by the present writer, is free from all of these objections, as it is in salve form and very hard to be accidentally mixed up with edibles of any kind.

  26. The rapidity with which that spirit crowded all manner of edibles into his neck was simply shocking!

  27. The Administrador, or steward of the estate, had evidently done his best to entertain his patron the Don with becoming magnificence, nor were potables as dainty as the edibles wanting to furnish forth the feast.

  28. To one of his sensitive temperament, with a muse strictly nourished on sugar and water, such gross edibles as pork and cheese and onions were peculiarly offensive.

  29. She brought us the Continental mail, she served us with home newspapers, she sometimes brought us roast fowl and other home-like edibles to enhance our soldier food.

  30. We'll not tramp--we'll stay right here and build a cupboard to hold our edibles as they should be kept.

  31. We will like some edibles at camp to-night, and the garden is so near, we may as well see what we can find.

  32. She was famished for food, so she took all she wanted to eat and threw the rest out in the pool where the current soon carried the bread and lighter edibles away, but the heavy particles sunk to the bottom.

  33. The guests hand the nuts, cheese, fresh fruits and other edibles about, doing away with the services of the maid.

  34. All edibles are on the table at once, there is no removing of courses.

  35. And, O beautiful lady, of food and edibles and drinks of the very best kind, I have as much as the Lord himself of the celestials!

  36. It was that sly rascal, George, who had managed to get possession of the ear of Rufus, and gain his consent to make out the list of edibles they would likely want while away.

  37. He rather imagined that they could be fairly capable thieves if occasion arose, making off with the edibles he had bought without a twitch of a feather.

  38. His eyes glanced over the stock of goods and he selected a few edibles to give him strength for the walk.

  39. During the reign of C├Žsar and Augustus severe laws were passed, fixing the sums to be spent for public and private dinners and specifying the edibles to be consumed.

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