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Example sentences for "comestibles"

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  1. These gemmed and enamelled comestibles food also, like Miss Addams's thin soups and strips of watery fish and semi-transparent slices of Argentine beef and New Zealand lamb?

  2. But the hippophagists avail themselves of other comestibles of a vegetable kind; seeds from the cones of the pinon, or edible pine, and beans of the algarobia--trees of both sorts growing near.

  3. On ivory tables they would spread hundreds of different kinds of raw, cooked, and preserved fruits, tarts and cakes, as substitutes for the more substantial comestibles with which the guests were satiated.

  4. This firm, however, does not confine itself to the lighter description of comestibles and dainties.

  5. Great cases of comestibles had been sent by rail from Fortnum and Mason's; and the science of the cook at the Towers had been taxed to the utmost, in the struggles which she made to prove herself equal to the occasion.

  6. The women, girls and elder men rushed forward and wildly thrust all sorts of comestibles into his hands.

  7. Under these conditions we had to go supperless to bed, unless we could procure something at the canteen or our more fortunate comrades came to our assistance by sharing with us the comestibles they had purchased.

  8. The monitresses swept all remaining comestibles into the baskets, stamped out the fire, emptied the kettles, and proclaimed the camping-ground left in due order.

  9. Two beds, pulled into the middle of the room, formed the table, and on these the comestibles were spread forth.

  10. Seeing this rotund monk with his shining face, his vast abdomen, standing on this pedestal of comestibles which he watched with the eye of a gormand, one would have called him the genius of good cheer.

  11. It is impossible to number and describe this mass of comestibles placed at the foot of the staircase.

  12. To render the Table of Contents more Intelligible, the mere translation of all Comestibles and Ingredients have been Introduced.

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