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Example sentences for "gauged"

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gaudium; gauds; gaudy; gaue; gauge; gauger; gaugers; gauges; gauging; gaulois
  1. The extent of this tax can be gauged only by the enormous difference between the temperature of the body and that of the air.

  2. The temperature, gauged by a spirit thermometer, was 37.

  3. Each tie should be carefully gauged as spiked and, as before indicated, the ties with the broadest faces being selected for the joints.

  4. His gaze was deliberate and in the handling of the boxes he accurately gauged distances.

  5. He gauged the moment to call for good cheer.

  6. Dwight Herbert, recovering, gauged the moment to require of him humour, and observed that his wedded wife was as skittish as a colt.

  7. Angus had gauged her fatal habit of conceited anxiety to help other people when he cabled to her not to marry a drunkard whom she had merely put to him as a hypothetical case.

  8. I believe he'd gauged you right, and me too.

  9. She looked hard at her brother; for Dorothy had long ago gauged him, and had recently gauged Mrs. Vansittart with a facility which is quite incomprehensible to men and easy enough to women.

  10. It is no real paradox to affirm that a man's love of his country may often be gauged by his disgust at it.

  11. For a week he no more than kept in sight of her in the inevitable summer round; he did not dance and the game of cards he could play was gauged to what Ellen could manage in an occasional quiet evening at the Lessings'.

  12. It had surprised him in the telling, to see how accurately his sister had gauged the worldly advantage of his marriage.

  13. Thus well had Wilhelmine gauged the Prelate's character, his incapacity for detecting the play-actress in the passionate, imploring woman.

  14. Wilhelmine herself realised that a battle's importance is generally gauged by its difficulty, and the ultimate victory more highly prized if hardly won.

  15. Those eyes of hers must have gauged a vast variety of men; her forehead told of experience and meditation thereon.

  16. The admirable control under which our infantry fire was kept may be gauged by the fact that the average expenditure of ammunition was under seven rounds per man throughout the day.

  17. The stupendous task placed before Colonel Kelly, moving at this time of year, could therefore be fairly gauged beforehand.

  18. He it was who gauged to a quarter of an hour the time for grazing, and so reaching a favourable corner in time to camp.

  19. His condition of mind was, doubtless, closely gauged by his relatives.

  20. If the quantity of storm water is gauged throughout the year it will probably be found that, on the average, only from 70 per cent.

  21. The reliability of the wind for pumping purposes may be gauged from the figures in the following table, No.

  22. The social calibre of the people a century or so ago may be gauged by a local illustration of the custom of Wife Selling.

  23. And in that fight to defeat the narrow-gauged railroad, the people of Garrison County learned something of Barclay as well.

  24. Mrs. Smith suggested a simpler entertainment, fearing contrast, and any appearance of ostentation, but the general gauged his neighbors better.

  25. She had never gauged his nature with the understanding born of sympathy, never seen the real man.

  26. Extraordinary as was his success, Wou Sankwei had rightly gauged its nature when he declared that it had no solid basis.

  27. Buck had gauged them all in that one glance.

  28. He pulled out a battered brass watch and gauged where the broken hands would be if they were all there to point.

  29. He and Mary were very good friends, Buck long ago having gauged her sterling worth and become aware of her mischievous propensity for teasing.

  30. Pickles had gauged the distance perfectly and his hand had not even quivered when he pulled the trigger--but he had yet to learn of windage and how to figure it.

  31. To have attained it once or twice is to have proved such gift and grace as a true history of literature would show to be above price, even gauged by the rude measure of rarity.

  32. Mr. Elverson, seems, in fact, to have gauged the taste of the average child of our day with wonderful accuracy, as there appears to be but one opinion as to the universal popularity of this excellent periodical.

  33. Mr. Elverson seems, in fact, to have gauged the taste of the average child of our day with wonderful accuracy, as there appears to be but one opinion as to the universal popularity of this excellent periodical.

  34. To give stability the sides of the voussoirs are gauged out hollow and grouted in Portland cement, thus connecting each brick with the next by a joggle joint.

  35. Grout is thin liquid mortar, and is legitimately used in gauged arches and other work when fine joints are desired.

  36. Gauged brickwork is set in lime putty instead of common mortar; the finished joints should not be more than 1/32 in.

  37. Gauged arches are composed of specially made soft bricks, which are cut and rubbed to gauges or templates so as to form perfectly fitting voussoirs.

  38. The same fault occurs when a gauged arch is inserted in an old wall, on account of the difficulty of filling up with cement the space behind the bricks.

  39. Gauged work has very thin joints, as shown at H, formed by dipping the side of the brick in white lime putty.

  40. This practice tends to make the work bulge outwards; it should rather be inverted if it be done at all, though the best work is that in which the bricks are gauged to exactly the same thickness at the back as at the front.

  41. The moto-excitability of Mimosa was gauged every hour of the day and night, by the amplitude of the response to a testing stimulus.

  42. One of these shows the relation between the hours of the day and temperature; the other exhibits the relation between the hours of the day and the excitability as gauged by the amplitude of response (Fig.

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