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Example sentences for "astonishment"

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astonish; astonished; astonishes; astonishing; astonishingly; astonisht; astound; astounded; astounding; astoundingly
  1. Your astonishment is justifiable, but it will cease when I tell you that more than twenty years have elapsed since the time I speak of.

  2. It may be supposed I had taken every possible precaution to insure success, for an experiment which must excite astonishment if it succeed, in the event of failure is ruin to the operator.

  3. The astonishment his neighbors felt permitted the inventor to profit by his discovery, which is unfortunately a rarity.

  4. The astonishment then gave way to a more expressive feeling, which was soon evinced by noisy outbursts.

  5. The paper was burned, and nothing could depict the Pope's astonishment on finding it in the centre of a large number of sealed envelopes.

  6. Many of our readers may recall the feelings of astonishment with which they viewed that large assemblage.

  7. His manners were so gentle, and even polite, without any seeming effort, as to excite astonishment in those who knew how short a time he had enjoyed the advantages of education.

  8. This note dispelled all of astonishment that had enveloped with something like incredulity my own feelings and perceptions in my unexpected presentation and reception.

  9. Page 214 Another astonishment I experienced equally pleasing, though not equally important to my ease; I saw innumerable pretty women and lovely children, almost all of them extremely fair.

  10. The astonishment of the newly married couple, who were on their honeymoon, was not so much at the arrest as at the discovery that they had both deceived each other.

  11. When he discovered that I could understand everything he said to me, although I could not speak myself, his astonishment was great.

  12. They had been transported in the twinkling of an eye, and, when the Efrite had set the couch down at Aladdin's feet, they were both stupefied with astonishment at this proceeding.

  13. The Sultan's astonishment was now greater than ever, that Aladdin had accomplished in so short a space that which he himself could command neither workmen nor jewels sufficient to accomplish in many months.

  14. When I reached it I found to my astonishment that it was a gigantic dome, white and shining.

  15. The time may come, when the mouldering remains of a folio will attract as much philosophical astonishment as the bones of the mammoth.

  16. Although the nest was known to contain eggs, which were seen through the interstices from below, his astonishment was undoubtedly heightened, when he discovered it to be empty.

  17. It struck Imrie that it would have been more pleasant to him had she shown less astonishment at the course he had taken.

  18. There was an excellent imitation of astonishment in her voice.

  19. But as the significance of the lesson he was drawing from the text became clear to them, astonishment gave place to an almost ominous, certainly an unsympathetic, attention.

  20. McLean gazed in sardonic astonishment upon the two young creatures with such misguided humor that they found something funny in this appalling business.

  21. His astonishment would be so horrific that she flinched even from the thought.

  22. There was such well-assumed astonishment in the exclamation that she raised her eyes quickly to his face.

  23. Laodice gasped under the pressure of astonishment and indignation.

  24. Confused and for the moment without plan, he looked at her frowning, and with cold astonishment the woman gazed back at him.

  25. Almost before the sentry's astonishment shaped itself into exclamation, the legionary was tumbled aside as if crushed and the old figure hobbled on.

  26. The glimpse of her face, for ever a delight and an astonishment to him because of its extraordinary loveliness, swept him out of the half-serious air into which he had fallen.

  27. The Roman's face had cleared of its astonishment and discomfiture.

  28. What was his astonishment when, drawing nigh, he beheld the beautiful princess Angelica!

  29. Here they landed, and to their astonishment learned that certain Trojan exiles, who had been carried there as prisoners, had become rulers of the country.

  30. Rogero, at the first accents of this voice, turned his eyes promptly on the myrtle, hastened to it, and stood fixed in astonishment when he perceived that the voice issued from the tree itself.

  31. While he stood gazing in silent astonishment the scene slowly melted away and disappeared.

  32. Who can describe the astonishment and joy of Marphisa!

  33. But what was his astonishment when he examined that intended for Ogier!

  34. Zerbino and Isabella stood in astonishment and grief, not knowing what to think, but little imagining the true cause.

  35. Rodomont, not used to have his commands disobeyed, laid hands on the madman, and would have thrown him into the river, but to his astonishment found himself in the gripe of one not so easily disposed of.

  36. So filled was gentle Leo with astonishment at these words that for a while he stood silent, with lips unmoved and steadfast gaze, like a statue.

  37. The moon saw with astonishment her brother's chariot running beneath her own.

  38. Imagine their astonishment when they saw that the tumult was caused by a single man, perfectly naked, and browned with dirt and exposure, but of a force and fury so terrible that he overturned all that offered to lay hands on him.

  39. Rogero expressed his astonishment at this recital.

  40. Muskwa perceived no signs of enmity, and then to his increased astonishment Thor began eating a fish within three feet of the interloper!

  41. He called her Oachi, and to Roscoe's astonishment spoke in French.

  42. In some astonishment I drew up to him to see what it could be in the way of an apple to command such a price and be in such evident demand.

  43. Gramp turned half around on the wagon seat and looked at me in astonishment for an instant; he then burst out in a hearty laugh.

  44. Of course there was astonishment and questions.

  45. To the astonishment of all present, he very fortunately succeeded, after three hours' unwearied application of the means usually employed on such occasions.

  46. The Emperor of Russia often expressed both his astonishment and his approbation at the fortitude of our young hero.

  47. Then she left them in great astonishment before Titian's picture, and seated herself by the bedside of the king, who delighted to watch the children.

  48. The astonishment became general throughout the country, for the pair remained in bed for nine days, eating, drinking, and embracing in a marvellous and most masterly manner.

  49. Then the servant expressed her astonishment that all had made the same vow.

  50. I'll light a big fire to warm him when he returns;" and the good shepherd ran into the room where the canon generally sat, and to his great astonishment beheld him seated in his chair.

  51. He bought a splendid house in Rue St. Montfumier, which is still to be seen, and is the astonishment of the passers-by, because it has certain very queer round humps fashioned upon the stones of the wall.

  52. This good fellow had for his wife in legitimate marriage, and much to the astonishment of everyone, the prettiest little woman in Bourges.

  53. I never in my life beheld utter astonishment so completely depicted on a human countenance as on his.

  54. Her astonishment at what Fausch had said, overcame her so, that she was quite bewildered, and the motion of her head was the mechanical expression of her great satisfaction.

  55. So they looked up in considerable astonishment at their boarding-mistress, who seemed entirely unmoved by their ill-humor, and was very calmly putting away her hat and cape in the lavender-perfumed chest of drawers.

  56. The young girl woke up, uneasily conscious of a stranger's gaze, and looked at her with astonishment and momentary alarm.

  57. Then there was excitement and astonishment in the whole country round!

  58. No words could express our astonishment on finding, a few days afterward, that what seemed to us so timely, so rational, and so sacred, should be a subject for sarcasm and ridicule to the entire press of the nation.

  59. I believe that the astonishment of Prussia was quite sincere.

  60. To the profound astonishment of Prussia, this reasonable offer was refused!

  61. When I had finished some hundred rifles and prepared balls suitable for them, I made a trial of my project to the astonishment of all.

  62. In great astonishment I asked, "How is it, that a land inhabited by pure philosophers, should appear like the abode of wild animals and ignorant barbarians?

  63. No idea can be formed of the wonder and astonishment with which the Quamites witnessed our entry into the city; some were so frightened that they ran far into the country.

  64. His simulated astonishment when the young fellow claimed community with them was remarkably well done.

  65. To our astonishment he told us he intended to take her for a voyage in the Priscilla.

  66. I have heard to-night, I confess with as much astonishment as grief, the name.

  67. It struck me with astonishment to see the vigilant watch she kept over the princess this day, after having left her almost uninterruptedly to my care.

  68. I remember to this day my astonishment at her not moving.

  69. The modest little fellow went along a double line of attentive observers on the pier, and came back, asking me in astonishment who he was supposed to be.

  70. Ride behind, then,' said my father, and to my astonishment Edbury obeyed him, with laughter.

  71. The Meer made his appearance the following morning, and, after the usual compliments, to our great astonishment himself touched on the subject.

  72. The thread of my narrative now guides me to an event which cannot be contemplated without astonishment and regret.

  73. But when they found that Nan and Phillis went about as usual, taking orders and fitting on dresses, their astonishment knew no bounds.

  74. Mr. Mayne was wide awake now; his astonishment knew no bounds.

  75. As he pronounced the name slowly and with marked emphasis, a low cry of uncontrollable astonishment broke from Phillis: it was so unexpected.

  76. Mattie's eyes grew quite round and fixed with astonishment at the sight.

  77. She stopped short as Nan regarded her with some astonishment from the threshold.

  78. Hence they were filled with astonishment at seeing the voluntary submission of their master to this mere handful of Spanish soldiers.

  79. These were lowered overboard and swam ashore, which occasioned much surprise and astonishment among the natives, who viewed these strange animals with both fear and distrust.

  80. How I endured the humiliation of that scene has often been a source of utter astonishment to myself; but I did endure it.

  81. Canadian, holding up his hands with feigned astonishment "Me league myself with de savage.

  82. This daring action, which had been viewed by the leading troops with astonishment not unmingled with alarm, occasioned a temporary confusion in the ranks, for all believed they had fallen into an ambuscade of the Indians.

  83. When Captain de Haldimar, full of astonishment at finding himself once more at liberty, again unclosed his eyes, they fell on the not unhandsome features of the young chief, the brother of Oucanasta.

  84. As they were in the act of depositing it on this temporary bier, the plumed hat fell from the head, and disclosed, to the astonishment of all, the scalpless crown completely saturated in its own clotted blood and oozing brains.

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