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Example sentences for "astoundingly"

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astonishment; astonisht; astound; astounded; astounding; astounds; astra; astrachan; astraddle; astragal
  1. The bus had become celebrated within the Division in an astoundingly short time, and on this, the last day preceding the trek, the various units had burdened the good-natured Major with a multitude of commissions.

  2. He suddenly and most astoundingly cried out, "Cambridge!

  3. She is not to be imagined as a pundit excavating from within herself slabs of profound wisdom, nor yet as a pupil astoundingly instructing her masters, nor even as one of Mrs. Sturgiss's blue stockings, packed with surprising lore.

  4. Miss Prescott took it, did it, astoundingly and instantaneously, and handed it back with no word.

  5. To the American these trains would seem astoundingly slow, even for a land that is never in a hurry.

  6. He either gives no earnest thought to improvement, or hatches astoundingly mad projects for making the world happy.

  7. At the head of these stands the astoundingly chaotic nature of his thought.

  8. Crude, fierce men like the Vindictive leaders of Congress, seeing this miracle take place so astoundingly soon, leaped at once to the conclusion that he could, if he would, follow it by another miracle.

  9. It is remarkable that matter so astoundingly crude should have seen the light of print.

  10. Proudest of all was his waistcoat, saved for, begged for, plotted for; a real Fancy Vest of fawn with polka dots of a decayed red, the points astoundingly long.

  11. A dinner two weeks off, even a family dinner, never seems so appalling, till the two weeks have astoundingly disappeared and one comes dismayed to the ambushed hour.

  12. He astoundingly grunted, "I'd like to beat it off to the woods right now.

  13. Worse still is the case when astoundingly incorrect maps such as are generally manufactured in England are in the hands of people unfamiliar with the real topography and resources of a country.

  14. Frequently a miserable little tumbling-down gate gives access, after going through similarly miserable, narrow, low passages, to magnificent palaces and astoundingly beautiful and luxurious courts and gardens.

  15. Part of his charm from the beginning had been that he was so astoundingly young, part of his interest that he could be, at times, so amazingly old.

  16. Even the lightly wounded men were astoundingly cheerful, resolute, and unbroken.

  17. Yes, he had done marvels; and fate was astoundingly kind to him also.

  18. His life seemed to him once again astoundingly romantic.

  19. In another day, doubtless, he would be again the harsh employer astoundingly concentrated in affairs and impervious to the emotional appeal of aught else.

  20. After years of muddy inefficiency, of contentedness with the second-rate and the dishonest, that flame astoundingly bursts forth, from a hidden, unheeded spark that none had ever thought to blow upon.

  21. They wrote in the ledgers, and on the membership-cards, in a hand astoundingly regular and discreetly flourished; the pages of the ledgers had the mystic charm of ancient manuscripts, and the finality of decrees of fate.

  22. In the mass they seemed astoundingly cheerful.

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