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Example sentences for "astonishing"

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astir; astonied; astonish; astonished; astonishes; astonishingly; astonishment; astonisht; astound; astounded
  1. From this time dates the astonishing development of the population of Ceara, who during this century have furnished nearly all the labour for the gathering of rubber.

  2. To the municipalities was largely due the astonishing vigour shown by the Portuguese people in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

  3. No such astonishing migration of the human species in so short a time, and to settle on so small a space, is on record in the whole annals of the world.

  4. And now commences the astonishing working of God's Revelation.

  5. We have already spoken of his astonishing memory, a trait regarded of such importance to the poet by the ancients as to have led them to call the Muses the daughters of this mental faculty.

  6. In the great scene where Zara surprises Almeria in the cell of Osmyn, it was astonishing how the flaxen-haired representative of the Captive Queen managed to turn her fiery rain of curses into a little pattering shower of womanish reproaches.

  7. He recognized the astonishing power of passion.

  8. There was an astonishing contrast between these two girls, MacRae thought, his mind and his eyes busy upon them while his tongue uttered idle words and his hands coped with a teacup and cakes.

  9. It was an astonishing experience for the trolling fleet.

  10. Most of them hated her with an astonishing bitterness.

  11. A silence, astonishing after the day-long uproar, greeted his ears.

  12. After a while the astonishing girl rose and said calmly: "I tak you to shore in my canoe now.

  13. The astonishing news spread up and down the road like lightning.

  14. New counties were organized from year to year, and towns, cities, and villages were incorporated in astonishing numbers.

  15. The product of the Vermilion range increased with astonishing rapidity.

  16. It was astonishing what friendly sociability and confidential intimacy were established by the sale of blue suspenders and pink soap.

  17. The day after the accident in the road, Mrs. Hollis had sent him to inquire how old Mrs. Nelson was, and he had returned with the astonishing report that she was sixty-one.

  18. Another astonishing experience in which the reality at least equals the descriptions, is a visitation of locusts.

  19. A whole herd is sent out to graze under the care of a small boy; they are in astonishing subjection to his despotic rule.

  20. But on the whole one is led to think that the brilliant colours are suited to the country, and that they are blended with astonishing taste, considering the extreme difficulty of blending happily hues of such a pronounced character.

  21. Innumerable examples have been published of the astonishing letters addressed by Indians to Government officials and others.

  22. The titles belonging to Indians of real or imaginary importance take up an astonishing amount of space on paper.

  23. The rapidity with which they collect from all parts and swoop down upon the dead carcase of an animal is astonishing to witness.

  24. He developed astonishing skill in throat and chest operations, succeeding in some which older and more experienced men refused to attempt.

  25. As soon as Brian was able to be moved, the doctor wanted him to go to Paris to an American brain specialist who had lately come over and made astonishing cures.

  26. The newly qualified aviator had, indeed, fallen in his first battle: but according to the writer it had been a battle of astonishing glory for a beginner.

  27. An entire page was devoted to it--and an astonishing story it was, written with verve and vividness, complete in every detail, and illustrated with photographs and sketches of all the scenes and characters.

  28. After a very astonishing breakfast he went with Mr. Polk to church.

  29. To what an astonishing height you have grown," said she with naive charm, looking up at him.

  30. Steve managed to say, "No," and then the children told him all the astonishing things about railroads.

  31. Then Mrs. Follet slowly grasped the astonishing thought that little ignorant Steve and the fine-looking young man before her were one and the same, and gave him gentle, motherly greeting.

  32. It's an astonishing thing, then, that a woman should leave her husband just to come and live like an old alms-house woman in a tumble-down cottage fifty miles farther than nowhere!

  33. It was a lean, powerfully built brute, with an astonishing reach to even the leisurely stride with which he paced the oval.

  34. The number of his solitary hours may be to a certain extent measured by the astonishing range of his reading.

  35. What protestations of love soever the king of Persia made the fair slave to oblige her to speak to him, she continued her astonishing reservedness, and keeping her eyes still fixed on the ground, would not so much as open her lips.

  36. It is curious to remark that even with the astonishing proofs of their bravery and devotion which the army had shown, Lopez could never bring himself to repose any real confidence in his troops.

  37. This astonishing being, as a matter of fact, was by no means one of the first of these tyrannical Dictators.

  38. The force of the convulsion was doubled from the mere fact of its astonishing suddenness, and the religious and political earthquake, once started, went rumbling and roaring ceaselessly the length of the startled Continent.

  39. When it was judged that the highway was sufficiently repaired, the portrait set out upon its astonishing journey.

  40. In financial matters, moreover, the Republic made astonishing progress, paying the interest on the loans raised abroad with a praiseworthy regularity, and thus maintaining her financial credit unimpaired.

  41. Many of their aqueducts, indeed, showed an astonishing degree both of ingenuity and of labour.

  42. The Astonishing Flight of the Gump When the adventurers reassembled upon the roof it was found that a remarkably queer assortment of articles had been selected by the various members of the party.

  43. Charles received the news of that victory with astonishing humility.

  44. The clergy were prohibited from holding pluralities, except in certain cases, but the act was drawn with astonishing moderation; it did not apply to benefices acquired before 1530, unless they exceeded the number of four.

  45. This sight attracted him the more, as the supposition occurred to him, that this wounded youth might probably be that Martin of whose astonishing fearlessness the doctor had spoken.

  46. The whites supposed he would continue down the current, but, to their surprise, he headed straight against it, and sped upward with astonishing speed.

  47. It was astonishing to see the speed he was able to force out of the unwieldy structure.

  48. The soil in the vicinity is renowned for its great fertility and astonishing crops of oats, hay and grass.

  49. The yield from both is astonishing to people from the eastern prairie states, and even in western Washington, with its humid atmosphere and cool nights, tomatoes, squashes and sweet corn are being generously furnished the city markets.

  50. Nevertheless, could they have known just then of the astonishing experiences through which they were shortly fated to pass, possibly their pulses must have quickened under the strain.

  51. Of course there was a hustle in both tents, and it was astonishing how quickly each scout managed to get some of his clothes on.

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