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Example sentences for "astir"

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  1. At the break of day on Monday, April 7th, all was astir in both camps on the field of Shiloh, and the dawn was greeted with the roar of cannon.

  2. For the next two days all was astir in Atlanta.

  3. Life was astir again in the deserted and silent baths and taverns, for there was no further fear of rapine from insolent soldiers, or the treacherous ears of spies and delators.

  4. The sap had scarcely begun to swell the forest buds when Vergennes, eight miles upstream, where the first fall bars navigation, was astir with the building of other craft for the Champlain navy.

  5. It could be seen that the castle was astir with excitement, subdued and pregnant with thriving hopes and fears.

  6. The sap is all astir in me, and I'm ready for my chance.

  7. The great hotel was all astir one evening with bustle, light, and music; for the young people had a hop, as an appropriate entertainment for a melting July night.

  8. The thoughts and imaginings which the story set astir within him led him to seek for a supplement to the action in the tale of Gloucester and his sons, which he took from Sir Philip Sidney's Arcadia, a book not yet twenty years old.

  9. He started at seven o'clock in the morning from in front of the Lord Mayor's house, and half London was astir to see the beginning of the great exploit.

  10. However late it may have been when we finally sought rest, we were early astir the next morning.

  11. Many of the sleeping Pottawattomies are again astir without, and you could not hope to gain the council lodge undiscovered.

  12. We must all be astir early on the morrow.

  13. The members of the advance guard were astir early Tuesday morning; and while they breakfasted, rations for three days were made ready for each man.

  14. The morning of the twenty-fifth saw the men awake and astir early in the preparation of a breakfast that failed to satisfy.

  15. He presently went back to Burgstead and into the House of the Face, where all men were astir now, and the day was clearing.

  16. The dawn of that morrow promised as fair a day as heart could wish for so important a ceremony; and the three men were early astir and busy upon the final preparations.

  17. The following morning accordingly found him astir bright and early, eager to put his ideas into immediate execution.

  18. The remainder of the night passed, however, without further incident, and at daybreak the occupants of the tent were once more astir and preparing breakfast.

  19. They were astir at once, and called to Royce to wait for them; but he was already gone.

  20. The next morning he was astir early and entered Neapolis.

  21. I rested ill last night, and was astir earlier in consequence,' said Sejanus.

  22. Not a living soul was to be seen; it was, doubtless, before the usual hour for any one of the Imperial household to be astir about the duties of the day.

  23. Early as the hour still was--seven had but just rung merrily from some chiming church clock--the faithful fellow was already astir and prompt to answer his master's summons.

  24. Meanwhile I have slept like a log and she--I see is astir before me.

  25. Bethlehem is astir with the Breeze of God.

  26. Mount Sinai is astir with the joy of beholding Our countenance.

  27. At dawn, Quebec was all astir with the beating of drums and the ringing of bells.

  28. They returned on the twenty-first of August with the report that the French were all astir with preparation, and that eight thousand men were coming to defend Crown Point.

  29. We were astir betimes, and much enjoyed the beauty of the outline of coast.

  30. We were astir early and had service at 8:30.

  31. And we were astir with the light, preparing for our journey into the unknown country.

  32. She was astir with the birds of a morning, and near the last to retire at night, and happy as the days were long.

  33. The whole woodland is astir with life and movement and sweet sounds of song.

  34. And however bare and voiceless these sombre slopes, each hollow that wanders away into the hills is filled to overflowing with a sea of mingled foliage, all astir with life and movement.

  35. In a little while the camp was all astir with preparation for departure.

  36. The camp was astir with life; nearly all had finished their morning meal, and the various employments and diversions of the day were begun.

  37. The camp was all astir at dawn, for sunset must see them far on the way.

  38. Friday was a busy day, but all the household except the baby were astir at five, and often earlier.

  39. Then early next morning the travelers would be astir again, and so day after day through lonely uninhabited wildernesses the caravans moved on.

  40. Arriving at the house in the dusk of early morning, before any one was astir he would knock softly at the door.

  41. The early dawn had set the towers of the city glittering; already the low wharf-sheds along the water-front were astir with life.

  42. The campus was astir with the movement of a Friday night.

  43. The blood of her great ancestor, the sea king, Thomas Cavendish, who was second only to Sir Francis Drake, was astir within her.

  44. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "astir" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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