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Example sentences for "astigmatism"

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  1. The latter defect was corrected by altering the angles, and then astigmatism was corrected by a cylindrical lens near the slit.

  2. There was astigmatism of the prisms; and false light reflected from the base of the prisms, causing loss both of light and of definition.

  3. If the oblong image does not turn round with the eye, but does turn when the eyepiece is twisted round, then the astigmatism is in the latter.

  4. Place the card for astigmatism at the distance marked upon it.

  5. Outside of this point astigmatism may be reckoned as absent and marked 0 in the report.

  6. One of my glasses is broken, and I, who have astigmatism in one eye, cannot get it mended in a hurry.

  7. I have astigmatism in one eye, and have therefore to wear special spectacles.

  8. The phenomena of irregular astigmatism as exhibited by a normal eye are exceedingly curious, and perhaps I may be allowed to refer briefly to one or two experiments which I have myself made on the subject.

  9. When this form of astigmatism is excessive, it may be corrected by the use of spectacles fitted with cylindrical lenses.

  10. Irregular astigmatism is commonly demonstrated in the following manner.

  11. But there is a different kind of astigmatism--irregular astigmatism it is called--to which every one is more or less a victim, and which cannot be relieved by any artificial appliances.

  12. In the first place, it is questionable whether the peculiar form of astigmatism mentioned is indeed as common as he supposes.

  13. For these reasons we cannot conclude that the kind of astigmatism described can really increase the horse's acuity in the perception of movements.

  14. In not one of the nine cases did we discover anything like the curved deflection which is supposed to be the sign of the form of astigmatism in question.

  15. But if this appearance is not present then irregular astigmatism cannot be proved.

  16. The ophthalmoscope shows a slight degree of irregular astigmatism of the cornea, which in no way explains the defective vision; the image of the fundus is perfectly clear and quite normal.

  17. This is usually attributed to the presence of an irregular astigmatism situated near the asymmetric meridian.

  18. In defective vision with astigmatism proved by means of the ophthalmoscope, how frequently it is the case that not even the slightest improvement can be obtained with cylindrical glasses.

  19. Astigmatism To Ezra Pound With much friendship and admiration and some differences of opinion The Poet took his walking-stick Of fine and polished ebony.

  20. Marked astigmatism has never been noticed by me, but I should think that the whole lens surface would require to be repolished or perhaps reground in this case.

  21. If the oval fringes still persist and the longer axis follows the lens, astigmatism may be inferred.

  22. Astigmatism is detected by rotating the object glass or object glass cell.

  23. The lesser degrees of astigmatism often give more trouble than the greater.

  24. Eye-strain is caused by astigmatism in the same manner that it is brought about in the simple farsighted eye, i.

  25. Astigmatism is corrected by a cylindrical lens, which is in fact a segment of a solid cylinder of glass.

  26. There is a disease called astigmatism of the conscience, and I have been sorely afflicted with that.

  27. His brain loses its equilibrium, no matter how strong-minded he may be, and he acquires astigmatism of the mind, as well as of the conscience.

  28. They are astigmatism and curvature of field.

  29. Where this difficulty begins the astigmatism begins, and the greater the difference there is between the focal planes of the radial lines and the circles, the greater is the astigmatism.

  30. By the use of these newer glasses the limitations that had previously restricted opticians were removed, and it became possible to correct astigmatism and secure a flat field at the same time.

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