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Example sentences for "bombshell"

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  1. A bombshell was simply a hollow, cast-iron sphere.

  2. Widow cautiously, and Wiley knew that the bombshell was ignited.

  3. She was an uncertain quantity, like a stick of frozen dynamite that will explode if it is thawed too soon; and there was a bombshell to come which gave more than even promise of producing spontaneous combustion.

  4. Had a bombshell exploded in their midst the four villains could not have been more astonished.

  5. Had a bombshell exploded, Van could not have been more astounded.

  6. Said the Evening News: Mr. Asquith's bombshell will blow the Conciliation Bill to smithereens, for it is impossible to have a manhood suffrage for men and a property qualification for women.

  7. The House met on the following afternoon to debate Sir Edward Grey's permissive amendment, but no sooner had the discussion opened than a veritable bombshell was cast into the situation.

  8. If a bombshell had dropped into Sellersville, consternation could not have been more complete.

  9. His appearance in the fray was like that of a bombshell timed to explode in its midst.

  10. In accepting the presidency, Mrs. Stanton made a powerful speech, certain parts of which acted as a bombshell not only at this meeting, but in press, pulpit and society.

  11. A bombshell would not have created greater commotion.

  12. He produced the bombshell on a slip of paper as he spoke: "A.

  13. Thus abruptly and reluctantly ends the second Argus bombshell, and this same last bombshell had been a very different thing to handle.

  14. It was quite true, that bombshell of Mrs. Hopkins'--Sybil Lamotte was coming back.

  15. Ramona is a bombshell that all unknowingly to its creator turned out to be not a bombshell at all, but an exquisite work of art.

  16. A bombshell on the floor could hardly have made a greater sensation.

  17. This was check again for the captain, who had counted upon this discovery as an effective bombshell for his side.

  18. Charles has brought me the bombshell which burst at his side,” writes the Princess.

  19. The first bombshell flew over the battery of Carol I.

  20. The bombshell had struck, and had brought ruin in its path.

  21. There was a bombshell scheduled to fall into the midst of the "alliance" the next day.

  22. And with this, the indignant captain turned upon his heel, and strode off, leaving the yearlings as if a bombshell had landed in their midst.

  23. He had no more soul than a brickbat, and without a doubt had heaped abuse upon his father, had berated him for not burning the will, and for permitting me, by his weak fears, to be a bombshell in their path so long.

  24. You insist on keeping the whelp here, when you know he is a bombshell in your path and mine.

  25. I was a vagabond, and a bombshell in the path of both of them.

  26. I need not tell you that this undoubted, this fully proved, alibi was a positive bombshell in the stronghold of the prosecution.

  27. It was as if a bombshell had exploded in the court.

  28. I found out afterwards that they'd been on the lookout for the bombshell for half an hour.

  29. Both of us had jumped as if somebody'd touched off a bombshell under our main hatches.

  30. A second potato burst like a bombshell on the shingles behind him.

  31. Like a flash his alert mind saw the full purport of the bombshell Cologne had so carelessly tossed between himself and his henchman.

  32. Even though his bombshell had not exploded, and the two other Electors were apparently greater friends than ever, Cologne had achieved his immediate object, and was satisfied.

  33. We can watch, and see just what effect that bombshell has on the skunk!

  34. He rode with speed now because of his eagerness to get back home and look up Thad, upon whom he meant to let loose a bombshell that must fairly stagger him.

  35. A blond bombshell was drumming box chords on the ivories, and grouped around her on side chairs were four young men, playing with her.

  36. I was getting as bad as Renner--looking lecherously at the raffish display of shapely leg as the blond bombshell beat it.

  37. A bombshell bursting among them all would not have created a greater sensation than the knowledge that the girl's thoughts were following a Yankee, one whom she herself, by daring stratagem, had released from captivity.

  38. He burst like a bombshell into the kitchen, a small building in the rear of the house.

  39. This statement, I was told, fell like a bombshell among the conspirators at Ufa, and soon after General Bolderoff returned to Omsk.

  40. Though no one besides ourselves realized it, Carton had thrown a bombshell that had demolished the defence.

  41. Such was the state of things at Penfold Hall when its owner's sudden announcement that he had invited young Ralph Conway to come to stay there had fallen like a bombshell upon his sisters.

  42. The announcement was a simple one, but it fell like a bombshell in the midst of the party at breakfast at Penfold Hall.

  43. At this question, which fell like the first bombshell of a besieging army into a doomed town, Louise started.

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