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Example sentences for "boxlike"

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  1. The lonely boxlike farm-houses on the ridges suddenly appeared to me like the dens of wild animals.

  2. Not only were my senses exceedingly alert and impressionable, my eyes saw nothing but the loneliness and the lack of beauty in the landscape, and the farther west I went, the lonelier became the boxlike habitations of the plain.

  3. Mr. Kit-ze was huddled down in his little boxlike apartment sound asleep.

  4. The straw roof along the ridgepole extended over all, even for a part of the way over the small, boxlike quarters of the two boatmen.

  5. Naka Machi gathered up the carcass of Keller and bore it swiftly to the boxlike hole in the wall of the ghastly room.

  6. Barter had Naka Machi cast the ape skin through the small steel door, beyond which Bentley could see a boxlike space large enough to accommodate two or three grown men, lying side by side at full length.

  7. The school was a boxlike white frame structure topped with a bell tower, and every town had at least one rectangular, white, gable roof church with windows in either side and a steeple and bell on the entrance facade.

  8. Boxlike beds for the master of the house, his wife or wives, and his children, were arranged along the wall on the other side.

  9. If we examine under the compound microscope a thin section cut across the leaf, we shall find that the veins as well as the other parts are made up of many tiny boxlike units of various sizes and shapes.

  10. In a single stamen the boxlike part at the end is the anther; the stalk which holds the anther is called the filament.

  11. It was well they did so, for not far from the top, and covered over with seaweed and leaves, was a boxlike structure, evidently some part of a wreckage.

  12. While at work the weaver generally squats on the floor in front of his loom, or he occasionally sits on a low, boxlike stool.

  13. In every house you will find, in a corner, a row of two, three, or four square boxlike compartments or bins of thin slabs of sandstone set on edge.

  14. Any boxlike inclosure or recess; a casing.

  15. He dove into their tiny cubicle, a boxlike contrivance between decks, to secure rifles and cartridges.

  16. They were lowered into a boat, and after a brief row were tossed on the beach like so many sacks of wool, placed in boxlike receptacles, and hurried inland.

  17. They had sold the farm with a fine profit and had taken a boxlike house on Franklin Street.

  18. Then came the turn of the coolies to be crowded into the boxlike carriages and to be whisked off to the east.

  19. To one side of the room, lead sheets lined a rough boxlike structure that Astro and Tom guessed was covering for the radioactive vein.

  20. Illustration] Kit and Astro immediately took charge of getting the bulky boxlike chamber back to Deimos where it could be opened safely.

  21. A screened door opened upon a boxlike balcony, cut into the angle of the roof; and Anthony, conscious of the warm weight of a guiding arm, found himself upon it.

  22. They entered the soiled and ragged outskirts of the city--isolated ranks of hideous, boxlike dwellings amid raw stretches of clay, rank undergrowth.

  23. And it began half to walk and half swim down what appeared to be a narrow boxlike ditch that contained other floundering sheep.

  24. The bed was a boxlike affair, raised off the floor two feet, and it contained a great, fragrant mass of cedar boughs upon which the blankets were to be spread.

  25. What he saw, in the chamber behind the space taken up by the drawer, was a little boxlike object, fastened in some manner to the under side of the bottom of the locker.

  26. The boxlike object was clearly a drawer of some sort, for, on closer scrutiny, there was revealed a tiny knob by which it might be drawn out.

  27. From the moment when he had himself answered the summons at the front door of his great, boxlike house on the hill, and found Young Denny standing there, Judge Maynard had sensed a sensation.

  28. The little boxlike shops, with flaps that served as shutters, were ill-adapted for private purchase; there was no room for more than the owner inside, and before we had been at one for five minutes the roadway became impassable.

  29. The latter opens in the afternoon, by which time every little boxlike shop is tenanted by its proprietor.

  30. The dilals have carried goods to and fro in a narrow path between two lines of True Believers, obtaining the best prices possible on behalf of the dignified merchants, who sit gravely in their boxlike shops beyond the reach of toil.

  31. Ku Sui pressed a button, and the side of the boxlike device nearest Hawk Carse's eyes assumed transparency and started to glow.

  32. Within the whole hung a plain square boxlike device, attached to the chair and so placed that it would be directly in front of the eyes of anyone sitting there.

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