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Example sentences for "huddled"

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  1. Then the crew, with a deal of shouting and many casual blows, were assembled in the long well forward of the mast, where they huddled abjectly.

  2. Two bodies lay huddled on the steps they had left but a few moments earlier.

  3. While she watched they climbed down, shouted at the huddled crew, fired a careless shot or two into the mass of them that brought down at least one.

  4. For the man suddenly huddled down and rolled over on his side.

  5. As soon as the tents were up the men huddled disconsolately about the fire, but we started out with a bag of traps while Heller went in the opposite direction.

  6. In the half light we would see them huddled on a "kang" over tiny yellow flames sucking at their pipes.

  7. For it was not always the floor of the cart that they touched, but sometimes the board that I had put above my body as I lay huddled against the planks.

  8. Hertha tore off her clothes, slipped into her nightdress, and lay, a little huddled mass of shame and woe, upon her bed.

  9. The woman cleared a space by piling the things together in a more huddled mass than they were already, and bringing several sacks out of the confusion, threw them down on the floor to form a bed.

  10. Duncan sat huddled up in a corner, with a face that might have served for a Dutch doll, it was so blank and wooden.

  11. What must become of them they scarcely dared think, as they huddled together in the dark holes in the rocks, their sunken-eyed wives wringing their hands in despair, and their hungry children crying for bread.

  12. A call for recruits with this result--a huddled group, all new, unproved, ignorant of the ignorant.

  13. But the day before my little squirrels died, I saw them both huddled together on the floor of the cage.

  14. Illustration: I saw them huddled together on the floor of the cage.

  15. And that, although the shawl was huddled round her shoulders, and the eyes were red with tears.

  16. Above it, huddled shapes of mountains, dying fast into the darkness.

  17. They brought him tales of the locked rooms, of the passages huddled and obstructed with bric-à-brac, of the standing feuds between Melrose and his tenants.

  18. And, fairly beside himself, Melrose struck a carved chest, standing within reach, a blow which made the china and glass objects huddled upon it ring again.

  19. She went along with up-turned nose, making her way carefully between cabbages and other vegetable refuse, sidling up against a house to avoid a dead cat which lay huddled up in the middle of the way, with a great red wound in its head.

  20. Robert Griffith sat in the corner with his head bent down, huddled up, his rough face speaking in all its lines the terrible humiliation; his hair was all dishevelled.

  21. I am glad of my heavy wraps, and inclined, indeed, to envy the huddled figure, whose coverings are still heavier.

  22. Gripping the rail, I make my way forward, and, peering through the mirk, distinguish a huddled figure in a sou'wester.

  23. The prompter sat huddled under his wooden hood with his prompt-book in readiness for the raising of the curtain.

  24. Pierrot huddled upon a bed of straw, his poor white face turned towards the wall.

  25. As the early morning drew in, Johnson, sick at heart and shivering in every limb, sat with his great-coat huddled round him, staring at the grey ashes and waiting hopelessly for some relief.

  26. Brown lay huddled up on the other side of the packing-case.

  27. He saw a group of men huddled around a larger fire than had been permitted near the front.

  28. No fires were allowed, and the men huddled together on the wet ground, to get what comfort they could from the warmth of each other's bodies.

  29. The others were huddled together on the bear skin, quietly sleeping, while he kept off drowsiness by pacing slowly back and forth over the brief space within.

  30. After flinging down the few bits of wood he looked across the cavern to where the friends were huddled together, but did not speak.

  31. It was not to be supposed that he would leave the comparative comfort he enjoyed when huddled close to his friends without good cause, and in that case he would have notified them of his intention, to save them from alarm.

  32. For some time the three huddled together, under the protection of the friendly projection, and no one spoke a word.

  33. The chance, however, was so exceedingly slight that they made preparations for spending the night as before--that is, huddled together against the projecting ice.

  34. They huddled together, and, though the cold made their teeth chatter and their bodies shiver, they found considerable relief and were willing to hope on.

  35. Tugs dashed up and down and across the river with the disquieting quickness and inconsequence of taxi-cabs in the narrow space between the barges and the big steamers huddled against the wharves.

  36. As he drew near, he noticed a huddled figure at the head of the steps, and coming up made it out to be Himes himself, sitting, elbows on knees, staring straight ahead of him.

  37. There was a mysterious charm about the great, incongruous, huddled city, picturesque in its very defiance of symmetry and beauty.

  38. The portiere fell from her hands, and lay in a huddled mass at their feet.

  39. I huddled against the wall as well as I could.

  40. After they had done this, they sauntered out and walked through the huddled clusters of houses, examining each one as they drew near it and passed.

  41. The Rat was sitting huddled on the floor near it with his back against the wall.

  42. Rothgar sat gazing at the wooden door as though he could see through it the huddled groups outside.

  43. I waited till they were all still, and then I crept into the women's room, and found the bondmaids huddled in their beds.

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