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Example sentences for "boxwood"

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  1. Wiser than their masters they had crawled beneath the shade, scanty as it was, of the boxwood trees, and stood there patiently waiting--For what?

  2. It was still very hot, but the shadows of the boxwood trees had grown longer, and there was just a promise of the coming night in the air.

  3. Through the sand-covered paths between the flowerbeds they walked to the boxwood hedge which bordered the park on the southern side.

  4. At the last turn of the boxwood hedge, Therese and Jacques saw the triple black mass of the castle, and through the wide bay-windows of the first story distinguished moving forms in the red light.

  5. I have culled a branch of the boxwood at which you looked.

  6. Close by rose a pile of beechwood clogs, tops and boxwood flutes.

  7. He takes a knife and makes the briar root grin into all sorts of entertaining masks; he carves boxwood in the semblance of a horse or sheep; he engraves the effigy of his dog on sandstone.

  8. He had just seen lying flat on the mantelpiece a paper-bound volume, a modern work, the boxwood paper-knife which had served to cut its pages still thrust between the leaves.

  9. He wore a white cravat, spotless as snow; and two triangles of short, thick beard, cut like the boxwood at Versailles, ornamented his cheeks.

  10. She did not heed the line of the hounds, but turned straight down the boxwood ride; and, after that, led as I followed.

  11. The true boxwood (Buxus sempervirens) attains to some size in Europe and Asia, but remains a small shrub in America, where it is seldom if ever cut for wood, but is placed as a decoration along the borders of walks and gardens.

  12. Boxwood is, as stated, the name applied to several woods, all noted for their fine compact structure, rendering them suitable for very fine carvings such as are required in wood-engraving.

  13. American boxwood is chiefly derived from the Flowering Dogwood, the Mexican Persimmon, and the Rose Bay.

  14. The shadows hanging loose and thick on the high, boxwood hedges.

  15. He stood there looking down at the huge boxwood hedges looming in thick gray bulks up from the smudging reach of the heavily matted shadows.

  16. He ran quickly through the garden; over the rosebeds; crashing through the high boxwood hedge at the farther end; and then into the forest.

  17. By the clump of protecting boxwood at the end of the Marine Parade she had come upon him.

  18. Through the boxwood maze and barren urns it swept.

  19. Then, just as a strange figure turned from the big boxwood bumper into the lane, Jane escaped.

  20. They were almost in the little grove and it was between there and the boxwood that touched the side porch of Lenox that this hidden thing must be.

  21. Too good to keep; too funny to spoil," and the blue serge skirt that fanned the boxwood a moment later never swished a swish.

  22. The pines have been succeeded by boxwood that brings in a certain revenue.

  23. Here formerly dwelt a hermit, who maintained himself by selling tooth-combs of boxwood that he had made.

  24. If Boxwood Hall could win the game it meant that she would have an even chance for the local championship, for a third game with Kenwell would have to be played.

  25. This the boys in the Boxwood Hall gymnasium proceeded to do, lining up and taking turns.

  26. The worst of it is,” said Bob, “we may be all out of date with our clothes when we get to Boxwood and see what the fellows there are wearing.

  27. But I dare say they will dry out on the ride to Boxwood Hall.

  28. Only for a few minutes did it look bad for Boxwood Hall.

  29. The next was a ball, and the next--well, they talk about it yet at Boxwood Hall.

  30. You mean to hang the sacred Boxwood Hall picture on the pole?

  31. But in spite of this Ned, Bob and Jerry were finding life at Boxwood Hall very much to their liking.

  32. The Boxwood picture was one of the treasures of the institution; not because of its intrinsic worth, but because of the associations.

  33. And when Jerry knocked a three bagger, bringing Charlie in, and adding to the slender score of Boxwood Hall, there was a riot of cheers on the stands opposite those occupied by the military lads.

  34. Now full-fledged members of the Bang-Ups, a name which was well in keeping with the initiatory process, Bob and his companions found that they had many more friends, and they began to enjoy life more fully at Boxwood Hall.

  35. Just outside the college grounds was a long hill, most excellent for coasting, and it was the custom at Boxwood Hall to have impromptu bobsled races for class and school championships.

  36. But it makes me mad to think we’ve gotten on the wrong road, and we won’t get to Boxwood until after supper.

  37. Then out on the diamond swarmed the Boxwood Hall rooters.

  38. But before embarking on this phase of my subject it may be interesting for a moment to go a little deeper into the earlier stages of this marvellous change from boxwood to zinc.

  39. At the last of the boxwood trees he stopped, and then, in an agony of horror, beheld the roofless ruin of the old house as Ah Ben had shown it to him.

  40. French window opening upon a garden with boxwood borders and a few belated blossoms.

  41. His appetite had quite departed, so he turned his chair around and looked out of the window at the boxwood bushes and the trees beyond.

  42. She led the way through the back of the house out into the old-fashioned yard, where boxwood bushes and chrysanthemums, together with other autumnal flowers, adorned the beds.

  43. Boxwood for Combs, also Brazill or Farnumbuck wood Braziletto or Gemeaco wood Ebony Fusticke Lignum vitae Plankes of Ireland Red or Guiny wood Speckled wood Sweet wood of West India Wool.

  44. At the farther extremity is an ebonite or boxwood collar ending in a rather wider metal ring.

  45. She had felt a sort of uneasiness, and she did not know, when she walked along the boxwood bordering the terrace, whether she desired to see him every day or never to see him again.

  46. She approached beside the boxwood hedge, holding a parasol and dressed in a straw-colored gown.

  47. Before separating we stopped a moment on the parapet along which runs a thin boxwood hedge.

  48. They went into the little room to make the sign of the cross and sprinkle some holy water with the boxwood sprig.

  49. In practically no time the tiny room presented quite another appearance; on a little table a candle was burning beside a glass full of holy water into which a sprig of boxwood was dipped.

  50. You may be sure there was joy in the household when the nest in the boxwood contained baby chippies one morning--not a trace of eggshells which had been carried away early.

  51. How we hope they will find their way back to the boxwood tree from the Gulf States next April!

  52. Every member of the family parted the twigs of boxwood that enclosed the nest to look upon her pretty little reddish-brown head with a gray stripe over the eye and a dark-brown line running apparently through it.

  53. He had an almost empty knapsack on his back, and carried in his hand a boxwood cane, cut from one of the high, broad hedges formed by that shrub around most of the estates in Lower Normandy.

  54. In front of the house is a small garden bordering the river, in which the boxwood borders of the paths, once neatly trimmed, now grow at their pleasure.

  55. I had not been inside the professor's grounds since the occasion when I had gone in through the boxwood hedge.

  56. There was a high boxwood hedge in front of us.

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