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Example sentences for "small garden"

  • In a small garden we have chiefly to aim at the gardenesque and in an extensive park at the picturesque.

  • Too many trees and too much embellishment of a small garden make it look still smaller, and even on a large piece of ground they produce confused and disagreeable effects and indicate an absence of all true judgment.

  • At the farther end of the stable-yard, through a narrow gate, the youth caught a glimpse of the green sward and the springing flowers of a small garden.

  • On a lawn or in a small garden a tank on wheels (Figs.

  • In small garden areas, this deep preparation will ordinarily be done by trenching with a spade.

  • A small garden may be as truly admirable as a perfect song or painting.

  • In a small garden there is less fear of dissipated effort, more chance of making friends with its inmates, more time to spare to heighten the beauty of its effects.

  • Nay, one would almost prefer a small garden plot, so as to ensure that ample justice shall be done to it.

  • One may, in a manner, toy with a small garden.

  • If you can only have a small patch in a small garden, we advise you to buy, ready-grown, every spring, the few biennials you need.

  • They should be sown in the centre of a small garden, and will make a great show in July.

  • If you have a small garden full of delicate flowers, we should advise you not to grow Sunflowers at all.

  • If no hot-bed is at hand, sufficient seedling plants for a small garden may be easily raised by sowing a few seeds in March in common flower-pots, and placing them in the sunny window of the sitting-room or kitchen.

  • One of the best sorts for a small garden or for family use.

  • It was on the skirts of the village, on a green bank a little back from the road, with a small garden in front stocked with kitchen herbs and adorned with a few flowers.

  • The chamber was remote and overlooked a small garden.

  • They had inhabited one of the neatest cottages, and by various rural occupations, and the assistance of a small garden, had supported themselves creditably and comfortably, and led a happy and a blameless life.

  • They passed through a wicket-gate into a small garden gay in summer with larkspurs, hollyhocks, and what children call "red-hot pokers.

  • It was set in a small garden, surrounded by a small holly hedge, and flanked on the north-east by a row of tall elms.

  • His widow bought a large house standing in a small garden, just outside Melchester.

  • Nine hundred pounds would have bought another Dream Cottage, with a small garden.

  • Asters=, the botanical name for Michaelmas daisies, are beautiful flowers for a small garden if the right sort are chosen; those that take up a great deal of room should be discarded where space is an object, and such kinds as A.

  • Always ornate, it is one of the easiest shrubs to grow, and =just the thing for a small garden=.

  • It is imperative that =a small garden=, such as one generally finds attached to suburban or small houses, should be made the very most of.

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