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Example sentences for "bordered"

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borax; bord; bordars; borde; border; borderer; borderers; bordering; borderland; borderlands
  1. Once again his accustomed self, with the steady, confident eyes and swing of shoulder, he drew aside to let her pass and followed her along the box-bordered path to the piazza.

  2. Below her the box-bordered paths showed in a sunken cross.

  3. The walls of stately date-palms that fenced the gardens and bordered the way, threw their shadows down and made the air cool and bracing.

  4. The road was smooth, it was bordered by trees, fields, and grassy meadows, and the soft air was filled with the odor of flowers.

  5. We have driven in the Prado--that superb avenue bordered with patrician mansions and noble shade trees--and have visited the chateau Boarely and its curious museum.

  6. The pedestals are two feet high, covered with pink cambric, and bordered with green leaves and flowers.

  7. Nevertheless I once more walked round the boundary wall which extended for some distance, and was bordered on the further side by some peasants' huts, and a few fields of maize, nowhere a living creature was to be seen.

  8. The river bordered with willows, and alders flowed smoothly by the road side, and small barges glided rapidly along the current.

  9. The square was bordered with an embroidered design of peacock's eyes.

  10. In front of the wide hearth on the inner wall was a rug of dyed sheepskin bordered with a strip of scarlet snippets.

  11. But Madame Olenska, heedless of tradition, was attired in a long robe of red velvet bordered about the chin and down the front with glossy black fur.

  12. From the high ground on which it stood a series of terraces bordered by balustrades and urns descended in the steel-engraving style to a small irregular lake with an asphalt edge overhung by rare weeping conifers.

  13. Mary's Lake was supposed to be a body of water such as a traveler dreams about, whose clear waters were bordered by meadows ever green, a place on whose shores he could pitch his tent and cast aside all thought or care of the morrow.

  14. From its upper end runs a canyon bordered on either side by the highest peaks in this region.

  15. Larnaude, who viewed membership as something sacramentally inalienable, seemed shocked, as though the suggestion bordered on sacrilege, and wondered how any government should feel tempted to take such a step.

  16. It is alleged that the Italian delegates were treated with an economy of consideration which bordered on something much worse, while the arguments officially invoked to non-suit them appeared to them in the light of bitter sarcasms.

  17. He started south the next day, riding down between the two mountain ranges that bordered the valley, stopping at each settlement, breathing more freely, resting more easily, as each day took him farther away.

  18. For the unspeaking Christina he had learned to feel an admiration that bordered upon reverence, finding in her silence something spiritually great.

  19. When asked what great lakes bordered on New York, he replied: "Lake Erie and Lake Superior.

  20. His conversation was low and profane, and he seemed to take special delight in relating sundry "scrapes," in which he himself figured in a character that was something worse than mischievous, and bordered on the criminal.

  21. The silver cake-basket was in the centre, plates of scones, macaroons, and biscuits bordered each side; while the interstices were filled in with bowls containing jam and fruit.

  22. Russia thenceforth bordered immediately on Prussia and Austria and became geographically a vital member of the European family of nations.

  23. The joy, the patriotic exaltation of the galleries bordered on delirium.

  24. Pauses were made at inns with walls thick as the ramparts of citadels, their interiors bordered by stables built in arcades, heaped up with travellers' packs and harness.

  25. In front of the basilica is a wide rectangular court bordered with terraces; a portico at the far end; and in the middle four large fountains to water the walk.

  26. The lot of Simeon, which was the second, included that part of Idumea which bordered upon Egypt and Arabia.

  27. They came out of the fringe of wood that bordered the river and crossed a farmer's fields.

  28. The trees that bordered it were white with dust far up their trunks and the leaves of their lower branches, too, were dust-covered.

  29. Colonel Jones failed not to show how anxious Sir Willmott had been that Zillah should escape, and the Rabbi's agitation bordered on madness when he contemplated the new crime into which his wretched daughter had been led.

  30. Upon her head was a veil of black gauze, that fell over her entire figure; and her dress was of black Lucca silk, hemmed and bordered with crape.

  31. In Washington Square, near where the tiny fountain jets its stream into a round, grassy-bordered basin, there sits a man of middle stature, apparently in deep study.

  32. They bordered on the Ubii, and were north of them.

  33. As the Aquitani bordered on the Pyrenees, it is not surprising that the like usage prevailed among them and the Iberians.

  34. Footnote 273: The Caspian sea or lake was also called the Hyrkanian, from the province of Hyrkania which bordered on the south-east coast.

  35. Becky was in a state of bewilderment which bordered on fear.

  36. They came to a green, bordered by elms in heavy leaf, on which a solitary donkey and a flock of geese were grazing.

  37. Fancy the river itself, flowing laterally through these gateways into an artificial canal, lined with trees, and bordered by lesser temples, which recede in long lines of diminishing columns.

  38. We had already alighted, and were standing on the portico of the temple, which was of crescent shape, and bordered by a row of elegantly veined alabaster columns from Alabastron, rich quarries of the Pharaohs near the Cataracts.

  39. Of all the sacred animals above named, I beheld images in stone upon the dromos which bordered the portico.

  40. Here, in a sumptuous chamber, the walls of which are intercolumnar panels, enriched by paintings on gold and blue grounds, tastefully bordered by flowers and fruit, I once more resume my pen to write to you about this wonderful land.

  41. Following the water sprites, came a troop of small boys tripping along, and dressed as little mermen, their green scales glittering in the warm sunlight, their caps of braided seaweed bordered with tiny scallop shells.

  42. Rose hurried down stairs to the hall, out onto the piazza, along the flower bordered path to the gate, then out and off down the beach.

  43. On they went, and it led them straight to a great open dell, covered with the loveliest flowers, bordered with banks of wild strawberries, and all overshadowed by one enormous oak, whose like had never been seen in grove or forest.

  44. In the midst of that grove was a clear spring, bordered with banks of lilies, and Fairyfoot sat down by it to rest himself and listen.

  45. All the morning the young Wistmores had been driving along roads bordered on either side by hundreds of apple trees.

  46. Nicolas turned without another word, and strode down the shell-bordered path to the road, and Jack closed the door.

  47. I haven't the faintest idea," replied Jack, bringing the wagon to a stop before a path bordered with clam shells.

  48. Desire had laid on the ground, in a shady spot, a red-bordered tablecloth, anchored it at each corner with a stone concealed by a pile of pine cones.

  49. As the Wistmores descended the low broad step on the park side of the gate-house, Rene, his eyes on the distant well of which he had heard his sisters talking, put one foot right into a very small flower-bordered pool at the left of the step.

  50. So they turned off the main road and drove down the hill, through the straggling village, its long street bordered by spreading trees and scattered white houses far back from the road.

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