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Example sentences for "boxcar"

Lexicographically close words:
bowstrings; bowt; bowte; bowys; box; boxe; boxed; boxelder; boxes; boxful
  1. And he had lived through hell--alternately beating his way in some boxcar such as this, and hiding in the woods, or where he could.

  2. Dave Henderson's laugh rang with a devil's mirth through the boxcar again.

  3. A woman I didn't know, a real old Boxcar Bertha, dragged herself over and began some kind of story about how her sister married a Greek, but she passed out before we found out what happened.

  4. Blackie Bauer had been sitting in a boxcar with his legs sticking through the door when the train started with a jerk.

  5. He could not hope for an open boxcar on the fast freight.

  6. I was sleeping in a boxcar and they put that boxcar on a tugboat and sent it across the river.

  7. When I looked out that window, I saw the policemen and the secret agents, the FBI men, searching the boxcar yard and the passenger train and things like that.

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