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existed; existence; existences; existencia; existent; existere; existeth; existing; exists; exit
  1. Inference then, so far as it starts from categorical and existential premises, causes conclusions, or inferential judgments, which require conceptions, but are categorical and existential judgments beyond conception.

  2. All these are beliefs in being and existence, and this existential belief is first in sense, and afterwards transferred to memory and inference.

  3. Modal, impersonal, existential judgments are all accounted for.

  4. No existential form suits a judgment such as "A centaur is a fiction," when we do not believe that there is a centaur, or that reality includes a centaur.

  5. Again, since sense is the origin of memory and experience, memorial and experiential judgments are categorical and existential judgments, which so far as they report sensory judgments are always true.

  6. He brought existential propositions, indeed, within a rational system through the principle that it must be feasible to assign a sufficient reason for them, but he refused to bring them under the conception of identity or necessity, i.

  7. Yet it cannot be conceived as a potentiality in anything actual: except indeed in the actually existing essence which is the composite result of its union with the existential act.

  8. But they explain what they conceive subsistence to be without any reference to existence, and without distinguishing between the essential and the existential order of reality.

  9. It is an existential engagement directed toward nurturing human potential.

  10. The existential literature dealt with substantive themes encountered in nursing experiences.

  11. The existential literature, descriptions of what man has come to know and understand in his experience, has evolved from the use of the phenomenological approach.

  12. From this existential perspective of nursing as a living human act, the meaning of nursing is found in the act itself, in nursing's relation to its human context.

  13. Concisely, humanistic nursing practice theory proposes that nurses consciously and deliberately approach nursing as an existential experience.

  14. In the existential sense, each of these persons is his choice, each is his history.

  15. Hesse, an existential novelist, in Steppenwolf, {40} describes each man who has become in family and community as like an onion with hundreds of integuments or a texture with many threads.

  16. Anyone familiar with typical hectic nursing situations could justifiably question the actual attainability of such an existential involvement.

  17. To inspirit its constructs the search must return again to the existential source, to the nursing situation as it is lived.

  18. It strives for as adequate conceptualization of the existential experience as possible.

  19. To this end, humanistic nursing process echoes existential themes related to a person's becoming through choice and intersubjectivity.

  20. The closeness of the conditions of gestation is never again possible, hence existential loneliness.

  21. The data for the development of the constructs "comfort" and "clinical" were gathered from my clinical nursing practice and while I was deeply engrossed in existential readings.

  22. We later coined the title "humanistic nursing" as being more suitable for it encompasses our general existential bent.

  23. Call experience in its existential and immediate aspect, if you will, the sole reality; that will not prevent reality from having an ideal dimension.

  24. Plato had already found the eternal in the form which the temporal puts on, or, if the phrase be preferred, had seen in the temporal and existential nothing but an individuated case of the ideal.

  25. The existential elements, their situation, number, affinities, and mutual influence all have to be begged before calculation can begin.

  26. The existential element in mental facts is not so remote from matter as Descartes imagined.

  27. This might sound too broad to afford any meaningful inference from the condition of literacy to the condition of human sexuality, but it is an existential premise.

  28. You see that the existential facts by themselves are insufficient for determining the value; and the best adepts of the higher criticism accordingly never confound the existential with the spiritual problem.

  29. The answer to the one question is given in an existential judgment or proposition.

  30. But now, I ask you, how can such an existential account of facts of mental history decide in one way or another upon their spiritual significance?

  31. Do they deduce a new spiritual judgment from their new doctrine of existential conditions?

  32. What is nowadays called the higher criticism of the Bible is only a study of the Bible from this existential point of view, neglected too much by the earlier church.

  33. It appertains to a different "-ology," and inhabits a different dimension of being altogether from that in which existential propositions obtain.

  34. Combining it with our existential judgment, we might indeed deduce another spiritual judgment as to the Bible's worth.

  35. Bent as we are on studying religion's existential conditions, we cannot possibly ignore these pathological aspects of the subject.

  36. Still, you may ask me, if its results are to be the ground of our final spiritual estimate of a religious phenomenon, why threaten us at all with so much existential study of its conditions?

  37. It is evil because it signifies the negation of life--a condition which is non-existential, and not existential like the conditions indicated above.

  38. Thus, instead of an existential world that is "a network of relations whose intersections are called terms" (p.

  39. But if one does not regard movement toward possible consequences as genuine, wholesale denial of existential validity to all these distinctions is the only logical course.

  40. One passes at will from existential connexions of things to logical relationship of terms.

  41. One source of the misunderstanding is suggested by the fact that "cashing in" to James meant that a general idea must always be capable of verification in specific existential cases.

  42. He does not present their observations apart from their theories as material which has existential value, independent for the time being of any hypothesis.

  43. Existential Import" of Propositions, the use of a negative Copula, and the theory that "two negative Premisses prove nothing.

  44. These matters are as follows:-- The "Existential Import" of Propositions.

  45. It is a form of therapy related to existential analysis (see Chapter 10), but it is specific in its concern for helping clients find what it is that really matters to them, that makes hardships and pain worthwhile.

  46. Instead, existential psychotherapy is a point of view, a general philosophy that attempts to describe what it means to be human and to live meaningfully in the world.

  47. To understand existential therapy, then, we ought not to expect to encounter a set of specific techniques.

  48. Existential therapy often shows its psychoanalytic origins: as in analysis, existential psychotherapy focuses largely on anxiety and the suppressed issues that anxiety veils.

  49. They lead to a feeling of existential frustration: a person's will to find meaning is blocked.

  50. As we have already seen, existential therapists very commonly regard anxiety and depression as promising symptoms because they can shake clients out of unfulfilling patterns of living.

  51. There is, nevertheless, a consensus among existential therapists concerning the objectives of the approach.

  52. The causal nexus, the existential and objective relation between lightning and thunder, the firing of powder and the explosion, are altogether different from the logical nexus, i.

  53. But it may proceed in the reverse fashion, analytically developing the implications supposed to be involved in the "I think," viewed as an existential judgment, i.

  54. This raises again the original question as to whether the sense-content, the quality, the existential quality, of an image has a logical function.

  55. But if the real test of the validity of a judgment is the act in which it issues, then the existential aspect of the idea must have logical value.

  56. Far from being ignored, therefore, the existential aspect is essential to the logical, the determinative, value of an idea.

  57. The existential aspect of the idea is the "my" side of it.

  58. The denial of the generality of a denial is the form of all existential propositions, while the assertion of or denial of generality is the general form of all non-existential or universal propositions.

  59. Shiki's verse is an interesting example of how similar in external appearance the godless austerity of Zen is to the existential atheism of our own century.

  60. There were no scriptures, no sacred incantations, no soul, no cycle of rebirth, nothing beyond one's existential life.

  61. What is here said of the general applicability of the existential form holds good only with the one manifest limitation, in respect of judgments which are really completely simple.

  62. Special attention must be paid to this in seeking to convert judgments otherwise expressed into the existential form.

  63. In criticism of Sigwart’s theories of the existential and negative judgments 55 24.

  64. In such a case the existential form may certainly be the expression of a simple judgment equivalent to the compound one, but cannot be the expression of the judgment itself.

  65. These are therefore one and all convertible into the existential form (cf.

  66. The rose is a flower” with respect to its convertibility into an existential proposition.

  67. But no; the existential proposition asserts just this: “that the existing also exists, apart from its relation to me and to another thinking being.

  68. I also believe that the existential and impersonal forms have, by a change in function, proceeded from this form.

  69. That the existential propositions and other analogous forms, which may be found, are all to be reckoned as subjectless propositions may serve to confirm what we have sought to show above, i.

  70. The former, having isolated the primitive facts, suppose them to have a superior logical and existential value.

  71. That projective Geometry must have existential import, I shall attempt to prove in Chapter IV.

  72. This establishes the à priori axioms of Geometry, as necessarily having existential import and validity in any intelligible world.

  73. Value judged is not existential quality noted, but is the influence attached by judgment to a given existential quality in determining judgment.

  74. The meaning may be the conception or definition of an object; it may be the denotative existential reference of an idea; it may be actual value or importance.

  75. They are too rigid, too "objective" in their own existential status.

  76. If we decide that the snake is but a hallucination, our reflection is not, in purport, complete until we have found some fact just as existential as the snake would have been had it been there, which accounts for the hallucination.

  77. This distinction of indication as existential and implication as conceptual or essential, I owe to Mr. Alfred Sidgwick.

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