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Example sentences for "constructs"

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constructive; constructively; constructiveness; constructor; constructors; construe; construed; construes; construing; construxit
  1. As in England, this bird constructs under the eaves of roofs its nest of mud lined with feathers.

  2. This species constructs its tiny saucer-shaped nursery entirely of its own saliva.

  3. It constructs a nest of grass on the ground, into which the common cuckoo, of which more anon, frequently drops an egg.

  4. Although the caterpillar constructs its gall-like cocoon on a leaf or in the fork of a twig in the autumn, it does not change to a chrysalis until late in spring, sometimes not until June.

  5. Philosophy constructs the constitution of the deity and the relation of divine elements to the world.

  6. If it constructs it, it simply elaborates a Utopia.

  7. In the spring a solitary female emerges from the crevice where she has hibernated and resumes active life; she feeds for a time to renew her strength and then she constructs a simple nest of mud or masticated wood-pulp.

  8. Palæontology searches everywhere among the deposits of earlier ages for links to be fitted into their proper sequence of time, from which it constructs the chain of diverse types leading down to the species of the present.

  9. As it becomes larger it constructs a larger nest and feeds more freely upon the leaf tissues.

  10. Here also the second moult commonly takes place, after which the caterpillar migrates to a new leaf and constructs its third nest.

  11. In numerous cases the male constructs a rough nest, which he defends against all intruders, against the female as well as against outside enemies.

  12. With greater precision, we may compare the process by which nature constructs an eye to the simple act by which we raise the hand.

  13. Science cannot do otherwise than express it in terms of intelligence; but in so doing it constructs an imitation of instinct rather than penetrates within it.

  14. The female generally constructs her nest in a hollow tree, the materials employed, in addition to the remains of their food, being very scanty, consisting in fact of a few dried grass stalks and feathers.

  15. The female constructs her nest in holes at the roots of trees, in hollows of dry banks, and other similar places.

  16. A, within a year, constructs the house according to the plans and specifications.

  17. If a wall stands wholly upon the land of one owner, and another constructs his house using a part of the wall as a foundation, he is a trespasser and is liable in damages, or may be compelled to remove his house therefrom.

  18. A constructs the house with variations, subjecting him to a reduction in price of five hundred dollars ($500.

  19. We arrive at such a cause only, when the faculty of thought uses concrete causes for its raw material and constructs out of them the "pure" concept of the cause in general.

  20. The mind merely constructs them, because it has not only the faculty of generalization but also of distinguishing.

  21. He constructs fetishes, intentionally giving them a striking form resembling that of a man or of some animal.

  22. In order to capture the larger game, for example, the Bushman digs large holes in the ground, in the middle of which he constructs partitions which he covers with brush.

  23. This caterpillar constructs for itself a small tent by fastening together several of the leaves of its food-plant.

  24. About three days after leaving the egg, the little caterpillar constructs a minute, conical-shaped, silken case, which it carries almost in an upright position on its posterior segments.

  25. Later on in its life, but probably some time before its transformation into the pupa, the caterpillar of this insect constructs a far more complicated burrow than the above.

  26. For since the subject fully understands and constructs them out of itself, independently of all object, they must be dependent upon existence as idea as such, not upon that which becomes idea.

  27. When the state constructs no law which is not right, then will Lord Denbigh’s famous sentence have lost its meaning.

  28. His Advent sermons had dwelt on the near approach of punishments—a coming deluge of calamities—and he now constructs a mystical ark in which all may take refuge.

  29. It constructs in England all Farman types at its own works.

  30. Constructs in England Breguet models, some of which are beginning to vary in detail from the originals (see France).

  31. Soon, however, the understanding disturbs the tranquillity of this belief, and constructs a rival creed.

  32. He builds bridges, and he constructs aqueducts.

  33. There, crouching by the rocks, with her children by her side, sat our mysterious stranger.

  34. Take everything ye'll want wid you; I suppose ye can buy food fit for a Crischun in the bazaar in Geergeh; and never wan penny do ye touch for it all till ye've landed us on the bank again, as safe as ye took us.

  35. In his heart he knows that underneath the theories that he constructs there lie contradictions which he cannot reconcile.

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