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Example sentences for "construing"

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constructors; constructs; construe; construed; construes; construxit; consubstantial; consubstantiality; consuetudine; consuetudinem
  1. His nails were bitten to the quick, for while some trembling boy was construing he would sit at his desk shaking with the fury that consumed him, and gnaw his fingers.

  2. When he asked Eldridge, his cleverest boy, what was the meaning of this the answer came sullenly: "Mr. Perkins never gave us any construing to do.

  3. His eye rests on Arthur, and he calls him up to finish construing Helen's speech.

  4. Arthur proceeds to read out the passage in Greek before construing it, as the custom is.

  5. Pizarro bounded after him as if construing the by-play into a challenge, and frisking in all sorts of fantastic shapes to win the savory prize.

  6. Let me see," and she leaned on her elbow musingly, as if construing his words literally, and quite unaware of the tender intent of his prayer.

  7. In obeying and construing these rules due regard shall be had to all dangers of navigation and collision and to any special circumstances which may render a departure from the above rules necessary in order to avoid immediate danger.

  8. There was no misunderstanding the honest wonder in her eyes, as she asked the question, and no possibility of construing it into a desire for flattery.

  9. At the hasty disappearance, Olive looked up with a bitter little smile, that would have instantly disclosed to an observer, how she was construing the act, and how she was hurt in spite of herself.

  10. The educational writer Charles Hoole tells us that masters frequently taught languages by using interlinearies, "not to speak of their construing the French and Spanish Bible by the help of an English one.

  11. We are compelled to ask, in all earnestness, Would such construing as this be tolerated from a boy of the sixth form in any public school in the kingdom?

  12. But where do we see in nature, in the universe, phenomena which we are similarly warranted in construing as the effects of volitional energy, or of constructive intelligence?

  13. It was rumored that Mr. Stanbery's previous course as Attorney-general "in construing the Reconstruction Acts" had given offense to certain senators.

  14. They are constantly construing our constitution from a coördination of a general and a special government, to a general and supreme one alone.

  15. From Washington to Jackson the process of construing the Constitution had gone on, intermittently by the executive and legislative, steadily by the judiciary.

  16. Uncle John would lead them between the trees and down to some forest dingle, the boy on his right hand construing aloud or parsing very slowly, the little spark at his left all glowing to explode at the first mistake.

  17. You remember how you took me down for construing ‘pugnis’ wrongly, when we were at Sherborne”?

  18. The notary agreed to attend, and thus, still construing appearances according to the assimilating bent of her mind, she departed for home.

  19. This she could also notice; but as for rendering a true reason for it, she couldn't, even with the great ability she possessed in construing conduct and character.

  20. President's idea of the obligation of his oath in construing the constitution for himself.

  21. The senators from Kentucky and Massachusetts have not only attacked the President's idea of his own independence in construing the constitution, but also the construction he has put upon it in reference to this bank.

  22. The religious convictions of the donor may be shown for the purpose of construing an ambiguous provision of a deed or will.

  23. Our day is past, I suppose, and for all I know they may be construing the Breviary and playing dominoes at X.

  24. Some of them struck me as muddlers, if you know what I mean: there was a sort of vagueness, for example, about their construing in that chorus.

  25. Since the Terror French judges, under every government, have shunned politics and have devoted themselves to construing impartially the Code.

  26. It was not the intent then to admit women, but to admit men only, and the intent must govern in construing a Constitution.

  27. We went into the work of construing pronouns.

  28. Now, then, in admitting women to our General Conference, we are simply construing the Constitution, and not changing the Constitution.

  29. The Supreme Court of the United States gives decisions on the construing of the Constitution, and who ever heard of a decision of the Supreme Court being sent down to be ratified by the State Legislatures?

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