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Example sentences for "construes"

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constructor; constructors; constructs; construe; construed; construing; construxit; consubstantial; consubstantiality; consuetudine
  1. The public prosecutor construes section 100 to the effect that the legislator has therein intended to prohibit the use of reason and proscribe the moral nature of man.

  2. Every church member construes the Scriptures to please his own individuality; sometimes he construes literally but when the passage does not coincide with his appetite or manner of living he invariably finds a figurative meaning.

  3. It is as such a mechanical intermediate term that the stricter hedonism construes human nature.

  4. Therefore, for the sake of brevity, the older preconceptions of the science are here spoken of as construing human nature in inert terms, as contrasted with the newer, which construes it in terms of functioning.

  5. If I did it at all, it would be because I deny that this decision properly construes the Constitution.

  6. Great Britain so construes the convention as to maintain unchanged all her previous pretensions over the Mosquito Coast and in different parts of Central America.

  7. They find themselves hampered by a statute, which the Attorney General construes as applying to them, prohibiting their appearing for private clients before any department.

  8. Meier, in his Commentary on Lykurgus, construes this passage of Plutarch differently, so that the person therein specified as exile would be, not Aristodemus, but the grandfather of Lykurgus.

  9. The United States so understands and construes Article I.

  10. As the gentleman construes it, it is an authority for him.

  11. The assurance required from him, that he had no wish to attack the Pope personally, he construes in its literal terms, apart altogether from the official character and acts of Leo.

  12. The one reduces the primitive animistic world to the lower end of its scale, the other construes it in terms of a purposive utility commensurable with that of human action.

  13. By Subjectivism is meant that system of philosophy which construes the universe in accordance with the epistemological principle that all knowledge is of its own states or activities.

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