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immortalise; immortalised; immortalising; immortalitate; immortalitie; immortalize; immortalized; immortalizing; immortall; immortally
  1. Very gloomy, for example, is the view of immortality recorded by Antiphanes (Aphrodisios, fr.

  2. Astydamas the elder achieved the same sad sort of immortality through the accident of having received the honor of a public statue before AEschylus.

  3. Not, therefore, are we at liberty to assume definite propositions concerning what is called the immortality of the soul.

  4. The very imperfect conceptions he had formed of immortality determined the course he pursued.

  5. Do you not at times yearn for immortality and pine to be among the angels where the light of a glorious eternity will enter upon your sightless vision like a beautiful dream?

  6. We are acquainted with a lady who came here with the light of immortality shining in her eye, and the music of the spheres was singing in her ears.

  7. Incidentally, it may be noted that the conception of eternal life for the human body being a more primitive idea than the conception of natural death, the idea of the immortality of the spirit would be the most natural of conceptions.

  8. Christianity was a stern reality to the men of the early and middle ages, who believing themselves to have been created nearer to God than woman also believed themselves to have lost earthly immortality through her.

  9. The immortality of the soul was the underlying principle of the Egyptian religion.

  10. An epistle of the First Presidency to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in General Conference, said: "The Gospel of the Son of God, brings life and immortality to light.

  11. They will be raised from the grave to immortality and eternal lives.

  12. When every earthly support fails him, he sensibly feels the eternal truths of the immortality of the soul.

  13. I am now tottering to the grave; but I am perfectly happy, because I look forward to a life of immortality with Jesus in heaven.

  14. Granted that 'he is all wings and pure imagination' can he hope to image the Incomprehensible Being 'who only hath immortality and inhabiteth light inaccessible, whom no man hath seen nor can see?

  15. He is so sure that posterity will confer immortality upon his work that he does not hesitate to make himself sixth among the greatest writers of the world.

  16. To those who can anticipate the vast dominions of immortality among men, what boots the sterility of the cabined and petty present?

  17. Ware--seemed a singular questioning of the personality of God, and his statements in reference to the personal immortality of the soul hardly indicated a strong Christian hope of this blessing.

  18. Besides, if the longevity, or immortality of man had depended only upon one tree, or its fruit, what if Adam had not sinned?

  19. For when immortality is not owned, there can be no ambition of posthumous glory.

  20. The second letter is "A History of the Soul's Immortality Among the Heathens.

  21. Our mother, who had been dead only three years, was often spoken of; we had learnt a quantity of funeral hymns, and at six years old I certainly thought more frequently of death and immortality than many youths, or even men.

  22. There is no immortality for dogs,' he answered, which made me indescribably sorrowful.

  23. Ceaselessly they begged to be strengthened in the conviction of immortality and of meeting again brotherlike in God.

  24. It was not only the emperors who disputed the privileges of immortality with the gods, but anybody who took it into his head, provided that he was rich or had any kind of notoriety.

  25. But Bacon, who had placed his name high on the scroll of immortality by his genius, was destined, like Lucifer, to become more notorious by his fall than by his standing.

  26. In Greece, in classic days, when there was no caste of priests, the belief in immortality was current and strong.

  27. Let it be remembered the immortality of the soul is one thing, the resurrection of the body another and quite different.

  28. I believed my immortality before I proved it; believed it just as strongly then as now.

  29. Immortality is a fact of man's nature, so it is a part of the universe, just as the sun is a fact in the heavens and a part of the universe.

  30. I mention this as absurd and impossible, because it is still, I fear, the popular belief, and lest some should confound the doctrine of immortality with this tenet of the Pharisees.

  31. The higher we advance in wisdom, goodness, piety, the larger place do God and immortality hold in our experience and inward life.

  32. The belief in immortality is one thing; the special form thereof, the definite notion of the future life, another and quite different.

  33. I think that immortality is a fact of consciousness; a fact given in the constitution of man: therefore a matter of sentiment.

  34. Yet I beg you to understand that I do not rest immortality on any reasoning of mine, but on reason itself; not on these logical arguments, but on man's consciousness, and the instinctive belief which is common to the human race.

  35. Since the dawn of history, man's belief in immortality has continually been developing and getting deeper fixed.

  36. Immortality is what philosophers call an ontological fact; it belongs essentially to the being of man, just as the eye is a physiological fact and belongs to the body of man.

  37. Johnson has indeed placed him on a Simeon Stylites pillar, an immortality of penance from which no good member of the writers' guild is likely to pray his deliverance.

  38. He professes himself a deist; believing in a general Providence, but doubting of, though by no means rejecting (as is commonly supposed) the immortality of the soul and a future state.

  39. The immortality of the soul is shown, by the learned but superstitious Warburton, never to have been mentioned in the Pentateuch; nor the notion of hell, or of future rewards and punishments.

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  41. Nor were the Greek gods eternal by nature; they secured immortality by feasting on nectar and ambrosia.

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  43. Virginity is like a spring flower, always softly exhaling immortality from its white petals.

  44. He argues that there is no passage in the canonical Scriptures which permits us to destroy ourselves either with a view to obtaining immortality or to avoiding calamity.

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  46. Even his own animal nature was regarded with contempt, the immortality of his soul being the only object of religious interest.

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  48. Wiedemann (Alfred), The Ancient Egyptian Doctrine of the Immortality of the Soul.

  49. If science succeeds in endowing spirits with memory it will have solved the great mystery, of which God has hitherto kept the key; souls will then remember, and immortality be laid bare to us.

  50. He missed the privilege of seeing Him who had throttled Death and hell and the grave and had brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel.

  51. The Egyptian princess is handing over the precious little bundle of immortality into the arms of a Jewish slave.

  52. The twofold nature of the process of development is a cardinal point in his theory, linked to his doctrine of immortality for unicellular organisms and germ-cells and mortality for somatic cells.

  53. The immortality of the unicellular forms depends upon their divisibility, upon a property which, according to the philosophical use of the word, is incompatible with immortality.

  54. From this point of view, the immortality of unicellular organisms and of the germplasm breaks down, and, above all, the artificial distinction between somatic cells and reproductive cells.

  55. This is the immortality of the germ-cells, the part of the theory which has laid so strong a hold on the popular imagination.

  56. I bow down before the greatness of the man who has worked out his own immortality and dwells now in Jehovah's glory.

  57. No indignities, no humiliations, could pluck from him the immortality of the martyr--the beautiful halo of a nation's homage.

  58. The Druids taught the immortality of the soul, and its transmigration from one body to another, till, by some extraordinary act of virtue or courage, it merited to be received into the assembly of the gods.

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