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Example sentences for "immortalised"

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immorality; immortal; immortales; immortalibus; immortalise; immortalising; immortalitate; immortalitie; immortality; immortalize
  1. This young gentleman was unfortunately lost at sea, an event immortalised by Mary's Dream.

  2. Scarcely less eminent in his way was Ned Ward, the "Publican Poet," immortalised in the "Dunciad.

  3. History records the names of generals and dates of battles, but what chronicler has immortalised the genius who first enclosed tomatoes in an omelet?

  4. Poets sang its wonders and immortalised its charms.

  5. Heliogabalus (Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Verus), son of Antoninus Caracalla and Semiamira, immortalised himself by his follies, and merited the name of the Sardanapalus of Rome.

  6. The fame of Isidor Pils, who immortalised the disembarkation of the French troops in the Crimea, the battle of Alma, and the reception of Arab chiefs by Napoleon III, has paled with equal rapidity.

  7. Even in these days one takes pleasure in his sketch-books, in which he immortalised the joy and sorrow of youth in such a delicious way.

  8. The river Rothay, however, does not rely entirely upon this immortalised brook, but it can fairly reckon upon what can be spared from the tarns when the other gills fail in their shrunken currents.

  9. All know the great railway junction, immortalised by Charles Dickens, and the famous school, with its memories of old Laurence Sheriffe the founder, and Dr.

  10. Others, somewhat more removed from the centre of his enchantments, have been immortalised in a line or two of exquisite characterisation.

  11. Even some Italian poets and comic writers have adopted a favourite dialect; but no classical English author could have immortalised any one of our own.

  12. The commentating printer therefore met with the fate of the immortalised cobbler who ventured to criticise beyond the right measure of his last.

  13. For by the beauty of his character, by his knowledge of the Cause, by the conspicuous achievements of his book, he has immortalised his name, and by sheer merit deserved to rank as one of the Hands of the Cause of God.

  14. An event which occurred in this short reign immortalised a roadside inn.

  15. He too has been immortalised in a poem which you all ought to have read, one of Robert Browning's earliest and one of his best creations.

  16. Shakespeare has immortalised him once for all in his reply when Sir Toby boasts that Maria adores him (ii.

  17. Its map is dotted with names immortalised in the Arabian Nights.

  18. Jonathan Wild, whose name has been immortalised by Fielding, was no favourite with the people.

  19. Butler has immortalised this scamp in the following lines of his Hudibras: "Hath not this present Parliament A lieger to the devil sent, Fully empower'd to treat about Finding revolted witches out?

  20. Lilly, whom Butler has immortalised under the name of Sydrophel, relates, that he proposed to write a work called An Introduction to Astrology, in which he would satisfy the whole kingdom of the lawfulness of that art.

  21. The Ainu at Frishikobets took very kindly to sitting for their portraits, and one after the other--all the best types--were immortalised either in oils or in pencil.

  22. Lucilius, the young Epicurean procurator, who has been immortalised by the Letters, is only one of a large class of spiritual inquirers.

  23. Pope had no great love for gimcrackeries, and we can in some measure imagine the tenor of the lines in which he would have immortalised the tea merchant could he have foreseen the change a century would bring about.

  24. In the Bankside, Southwark, was situated the Bear Garden, of which we read so frequently in old English writers--a place where Shakespeare must have seen the bear Sackerson which he has immortalised in the Merry Wives of Windsor.

  25. Considerable resistance was made to this gigantic swindle, and the celebrated John Hampden immortalised himself by the part he took in the struggle.

  26. He is immortalised in the Spectator, No.

  27. Possibly this was the Trumpet in Shire Lane, immortalised in the Tatler, and one of the favourite haunts of merry good-natured Dick Steele.

  28. There is one on the outskirts of Hainault Forest, immortalised in "Barnaby Rudge," which has all the regulations of the house laid down in rhyme; part of these have been quoted on p.

  29. Charles Dickens has immortalised the White Hart Inn, by a most lifelike description in his "Pickwick Papers.

  30. He was about five and twenty when the attachment began between him and the lady whom he has immortalised under the name of Lesbia.

  31. Another of his characters is connected with this period, for during his father's imprisonment the boy lodged with an old lady subsequently immortalised as Mrs Pipchin.

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