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immateriality; immature; immaturity; immeasurable; immeasurably; immediate; immediatelie; immediately; immediateness; immediatlie
  1. But since the undertaker first broke into economic theory, some change has also taken place as regards the immediacy of the relations of the common run of undertakers to the mechanical facts of the industries in which they are interested.

  2. Otherwise the whole world, when known, would merely be re-enacted in its blind immediacy without being understood or subjected to any purpose.

  3. At the opposite pole from immediacy lies intelligibility.

  4. Appearance, for a critical philosophy, is distinguished from reality by its separation from the context of things, by its immediacy and insignificance.

  5. A power of immediacy grows within the soul; it is now able to sift and winnow, to select and to reject; it is able to penetrate into the difference between first and second things, and to relegate all minor things to their lower sphere.

  6. Through the mighty expansion and the fissures which these changes bring about, the old immediacy and intimacy of the soul have become lost, and religion has now receded into the distance, and is in danger of vanishing more and more.

  7. It is sufficient for us to know that he overcame the world, that the Godhead dwelt in a form of immediacy within his soul.

  8. It is fused as perception into concept and carries its immediacy and concreteness of detail into the concrete universal as the complete organization of stimulation and response pass into the flexible habit.

  9. Both art and religion, we have seen, possess an immediacy and concreteness which philosophy lacks.

  10. If the reason for punishment is prevention, it is certainly true that punishment by society is more likely to be effective than the postponed pains of an hereafter, because of its immediacy and power of being repeated.

  11. The primitivist then attacks sober discrimination as an obstacle both to warm immediacy of feeling and to unity.

  12. True decorum satisfies the craving for immediacy because it contains within itself an element of superrational perception.

  13. Man will always crave a view of life to which perception lends immediacy and the imagination infinitude.

  14. The “reason” of a Plato or an Aristotle also satisfies the craving for immediacy because it likewise contains within itself an element of superrational perception.

  15. The farther it gets away from the warm immediacy of perception the less real it becomes; for that only is real to a man that he immediately perceives.

  16. We might risk gaining some external uniformity, but only to lose much of the freshness and immediacy and brilliancy of the first presentation.

  17. There was the first immediacy of my dream of ports and harbours and cities, railways, roads, and administered territories--the vision I had seen in the haze from that little church above Locarno.

  18. This flight is the immediacy of conviction and the ecstasy which follows.

  19. Not altogether through induction or deduction, but with an irrational immediacy of conviction, it feels and knows its object.

  20. A phrase, metaphor, or analogy conveys with an immediacy the quality or spirit of an event.

  21. Immediacy in labeling offers us the complacency and security of a wrapped up problem.

  22. The presence of instinctive activities is seen in stark immediacy and directness every now and then in civilized life.

  23. Since we are primarily creatures of action, we crave definiteness and immediacy of decision, and there is a constant temptation to rush to a conclusion.

  24. But although these determinations are true, the form of the immediacy of movement is at the same time neither sufficient nor satisfying for the Notion.

  25. As an immediacy of thought, absolute reality is immediate in self-consciousness, or only like an inward intuition, in the same way that we have pictures present in our mind.

  26. Knowing it only immediately means that to the World-spirit this reality as spirit is doubtless absolute self-consciousness, but in existent immediacy it is an individual man.

  27. Notice how much vividness is lost,--how much immediacy of emotion.

  28. A certain vividness--a certain immediacy of observation--are likely to be lost, because of the aloofness from the characters of the mind that sees them.

  29. All philosophers of immediacy hold Bergson as chief.

  30. Professor Perry’s analysis of the conception of immediacy (Present Philosophical Tendencies, Chapter X) has a result that is similar in principle to the above.

  31. Thus the only difference in this respect between us and the imaginary being is that for him all nature shares in the immediacy of our present duration.

  32. The fundamental distinction to remember is that immediacy for sense-awareness is not the same as instantaneousness for nature.

  33. This manifold has been obtained by the extension of thought beyond the immediacy of observation.

  34. There is no sharp distinction either between memory and the present immediacy or between the present immediacy and anticipation.

  35. These are the events which share the immediacy of the immediately present discerned events.

  36. Thus (on this theory) the immediacy of perception is of an instantaneous present, and this unique present is the outcome of the past and the promise of the future.

  37. The distinction between memory and the present immediacy has a double bearing.

  38. A new immediacy has arisen; it is the facts of the spiritual world that now appeal to him as urgent and immediate.

  39. The mystic experience had come overwhelmingly to him and his mind was never to lose the effect of that immediacy of consciousness, untransmissible, unspeakable, ineffaceable.

  40. Such translation is as essential to an idea that is to enter into the religious experience, as translation into terms of immediacy is essential to an idea that is to enter into the appreciative consciousness of the poet.

  41. They also require the greatest attainable immediacy of connection between cause and effect; whereas the causes of social events may accumulate during hundreds of years.

  42. The order of the phenomena and the immediacy of their connection is a matter for observation, aided by whatever instruments and methods of inspection and measurement may be available.

  43. Further, these material existences are known with the same immediacy as the subjective states.

  44. The earlier proof sought to show that, as regards immediacy of apprehension and subjectivity of existence, outer appearances stand on the same level as do our inner experiences.

  45. As Kant argues later in the Critique,[551] inner processes are not known with any greater certainty or immediacy than are outer objects; the reality of time as subjective proves its unreality in relation to things in themselves.

  46. Existence and discovery are conceptions which the malicious criticism of knowledge (which is the psychology of knowledge abused) pretends to have discarded and outgrown altogether; the conception of immediacy has taken their place.

  47. For a real fluidity and an absolute immediacy are not compatible.

  48. In this way that content is (1) an image or picture, liberated from its original immediacy and abstract singleness amongst other things, and received into the universality of the ego.

  49. But in like measure I cannot be recognised as immediate, except so far as I overcome the mere immediacy on my own part, and thus give existence to my freedom.

  50. In this its immediacy it is an awaking to itself, a recollection of itself.

  51. Intelligence(135) finds itself determined: this is its apparent aspect from which in its immediacy it starts.

  52. And so too the particularity is, as now regarded, equally formal; it counts only as the particular being or immediacy of the soul in opposition to its equally formal and abstract realisation.

  53. All it has now to do is to realise this notion of its freedom, and get rid of the form of immediacy with which it once more begins.

  54. As this consciousness of the Absolute first takes shape, its immediacy produces the factor of finitude in Art.

  55. With the perception of the necessity, the last immediacy still attaching to formal thought has vanished.

  56. But with the stigma of immediacy upon it, the subject's liberty is only a manner of life, without the infinite self-reflection and the subjective inwardness of conscience.

  57. But this immediacy is at the same time the corporeity of self-consciousness, in which as in its sign and tool the latter has its own sense of self, and its being for others, and the means for entering into relation with them.

  58. This objective totality of the divine man who is the Idea of the spirit is the implicit presupposition for the finite immediacy of the single subject.

  59. Was it credible that there had ever been such a vision in a life so entirely dictated by immediacy and instinct as his?

  60. The alienation of immediacy The term alienation requires a short explanation.

  61. A giant cognitive step bridged the immediacy of the surroundings-where magic forces were rumored to exist, waiting for humans to free them-and the notion of space.

  62. In a universe of immediacy and proximity, change other than that experienced in natural cycles is not anticipated.

  63. In this process, they come to share values beyond the immediacy of plants, fruits, and a piece of meat.

  64. Cooking was inspired and supported by the sequence of seasons, local stock, and relative immediacy of needs, affected by weather conditions, intensity of effort, and celebration pertinent to seasons or special events.

  65. It takes place in an experiential context that moved away from the object, away from immediacy and from co-presence.

  66. Design projects this sense of immediacy and ephemerality not only through T-shirts or the Internet.

  67. Beyond immediacy The birth of languages and the establishment of sex codes, as primitive as they were, are related to the moment of agriculture, a juncture at which a certain autonomy of the species was reached.

  68. The appeal to our knowledge of the brain facilitates the conception of the immediacy of our feelings of relation; but that immediacy would be apparent to a sharp introspection.

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